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May 6, 2008

FBB Ten Cent Plague Convo Pt. 3: Burnin’ Bright



The accounts of the book burning were easily the most chilling aspect of the book. For me, it really undermined the moral authority claimed by comics critics of the time. Although it’s hard to ignore the legitimacy of some of the arguments, namely that comics of the time weren’t very good, were often made in bad and exploitative working conditions, I wonder why Dr. Wertham, Senator Estevauer and other critics paid so little attention to the actions of some of the people that adopted their cause. This was particularly the case with the extra-governmental wing of the anti-comics movement.


April 24, 2008

FBB Ten Cent Plague Convo Part 1: Bring Us Out A Bottle, We’ll Have Some Laughs

The Spirit, by Will Eisner.

David Hadju’s Ten Cent Plague is likely to be the most talked about cultural studies book of this year that discusses the art form that we all love. At some point in the future (i.e., when Joe and Chris read the book), we plan on having a Very Special Podcast dedicated to a discussion of the book. But I’m a very impatient man. So, I’m jumping the gun a bit with the first in a series of posts that will discuss some of the themes, and interesting things in the book. So far, it’ll be between me and Pedro. The idea is to do something like those Slate conversations about the Wire, except, you know, good.


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