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March 24, 2009

FBBP #95 – Wednesday Comics and Iron Fists

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A new team on Immortal Iron Fist! A new weekly publishing initiative from DC! Somehow Jeph Loeb still writes comics!

It’s a roller coaster ride of emotions this week, as we review The Mortal Iron Fist, the latest Iron Fist volume by new creative team Duane Swierczynski, Travel Foreman and Russ Heath. Can this book hold up against its forefathers?

Across town, DC has announced its new weekly series, Wednesday Comics! There’s an impressive talent pool working on the project, but does anyone care? Will people buy this? Will a tree fall in the woods?

And first (but certainly least), Jeph Loeb’s inflicted the public with a new issue of Ultimatum. Lots of people die! Some of them on-panel even!

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