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January 2, 2013

Jamaal’s Day of Reckoning With Judge Dredd

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Welcome to 2013. Hope everyone’s had a safe, fun and relaxing holiday.

I was recently invited by Douglas Wolk to discuss Tour of Duty: Backlash, the impressive first part of a lengthy Judge Dredd storyline in 2000 A.D. by John Wagner with art by Carlos Ezquerra, Nick Dyer, Pat Goodard, Colin MacNeil, Kevin Walker and Carl Critchlow (with a fantastic fill in by Al Ewing). If you’re not familiar with Wolk, you should be – he’s a talented pop culture critic who reviews comics for the likes of the New York Times. He’s also the proprietor of Dredd Reckoning, a very cool blog reviewing all Dredd books.

Backlash and its sequel, Mega City Justice, focus on the consequences of Judge Dredd’s decision to advocate for the elimination of Mega City One’s ban on mutant emigration. In the world of Dredd, mutants are treated as outcasts forced to live in the radioactive Cursed Earth on the outskirts of the city.


I think we had a pretty nice discussion. I probably should’ve spent more time discussing Al Ewing’s brilliant parody of our favorite mutants and the corruption of the judge council, but c’est la vie. As a longtime reader of superhero comics from Marvel and DC, I was impressed by how Wagner and his collaborators dealt with an aging Dredd. I’m eager to read more latter day Dredd (I’m even considering a 2000 A.D. subscription).


Tour of Duty: Backlash is incredibly good. Highly recommended. You can pick it up directly from 2000 A.D., Amazon or at your local retailer.

Go check out our conversation here.

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