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March 31, 2008

Is this really Truth, Justice, and the American Way?

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The most significant and common error that people make when discussing legal decisions is to apply traditional notions of morality to outcomes. As I’m sure that you all read it, a court recently ruled in favor of the heirs of Jerry Siegel, one of the co-creators of Superman, and granted them co-ownership of the material contained in Action Comics #1. This material includes some of the most recognizable aspects of the Superman mythos. Although this does not include some specific details that have been developed over the decades, the material is the core of the character we all know and love. This decision was a clear victory for the Siegel family, and all those who support creator rights are elated.

Since the Siegels are the victors, and the heroes in the eyes of some, does that mean that DC Comics was the villain? Historically, that may have been true. As Dirk Deppey points out in his most recent column, publishers have never treated creators equitably. Abhay Khosla has referred to this as the ‘original sin’ of the comics industry.


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