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July 30, 2008

Text Messaging Is Destroying the Con Report as We Know It

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the Web 2.0 juggernaut as much as the next fellow, and I don’t want to go all Neil Postman/Luddite on everyone but:

The ready access to your text messages, twitters, mobile liveblogging and everything else has deleteriously affected convention reporting. Maybe I’m yearning for a bygone era that never existed, but it’s nearly a week later, and most of the big news sites still have little besides hastily cobbled together “liveblogs” from the San Diego Comicon floor, mixed with a few press-release type interviews. Many intriguing panels, like a creator spotlights on Geoff Johns and Keith Giffen or panels dedicated to imprints like DC’s Minx have apparently been passed over completely. The panels that have been covered have only been given cursory treatment, with on-the-fly reportage lacking context or any apparent copy editing. If congoers did any actual old-fashioned reporting, the type where you take notes and then compose a report that is fact-checked and carefully written, I have yet to see them.


July 29, 2008

FBBP #65 – Universal Resurrections

With Pedro risking his Dominican ass in Boston drinking Incredible Hulks, Chris, Jamaal and Joe discuss The Dark Knight. Seems like we miss having Pedro’s unabashed enthusiasm around, because we don’t really convey how much we all seriously enjoyed this excellent movie.

We also discuss news from the San Diego Comic Con, including two and a half superhero universes getting revived. So, keep your pants on as Chris tries to explain to me what is going on with Milestone, Impact and Image. Ill-informed idle speculation about the current careers of Christopher Priest, Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Marc Silvestri and Robert Kirkman included!

July 28, 2008

SDCC Link Blog News Round Up Extravaganza – What Should You Look Forward To?

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Even though the San Diego Comic Con is the closest any of us will see to nerd nirvana, there’s also an overwhelming flood of product announcements. Some of these announcements, such as Neil Gaiman on Batman, or Kevin Smith . . . on Batman, have been amply covered by the ‘Big Two’ Comics News sites. Out of all the material that will be released, these are the upcoming releases that I’m most excited about.

BPRD 1947: Joshua Dysart/Mike Mignola (Hellboy), Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon (Umbrella Academy, Casanova) – This miniseries was announced by Dark Horse during the SDCC Horror Panel, riding on the crest of the success of the sequel to the Hellboy movie and the BPRD 1946 miniseries. According to Scott Allie, the Dark Horse editor overseeing the project, the series will mix some of the themes of the BPRD 1946 series with 19th century gothic horror fiction.

Creepy Magazine: Dark Horse hasn’t announced much about this series, save to note that it will be 48 pages, quarterly, and will basically have the same aesthetic as the classic magazine published by Warren in the 1960’s. This will come out in 2009.

Umbrella Academy 2: Same creative team (Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba), continuation of the popular mini that was released in 2007. I still have to catch up with the first Umbrella Academy, but this seems like something to look out for.

Electric Ant: I’m really excited about this. An adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick classic, it will be written by David Mack, with covers by Paul Pope, and art by Pascal Elixe. I’ve never seen any of Elixe’s work, but the outtakes I’ve seen look very cool. On an upcoming podcast, we express some concern about an overly literal interpretation of the story, which may be somewhat allayed by comments Mack made in a recent interview with Newsarama.

War Machine: This will replace the Iron Man: Director of SHIELD book. Does this mean that Tony Stark will no longer be the Director of SHIELD? I dunno, but it seems to mean that the subtly different perspective on Iron Man in Invincible Iron Man (which seems to be closer to the film version) will become the primary comic-book version of the character. Greg Pak will be writing, which I think is pretty cool, with pencils by Leonard Manco. At the Mondo Marvel panel, this was described as a ‘hardcore’ book, which should be pretty interesting to see, even though I’m more interested in it as a counterpoint to the whole Adam: The Legend of the Blue Marvel crap. Was that too judgmental of me? Time to move on.

Flash Rebirth: The story of Barry Allen’s return and continuing adventures, as told by Geoff Johns and Ethan van Scier. Will it be as good as the Sinestro Corps or will it be as mediocre/navel gazing as Green Lantern: Rebirth? Will Pedro’s assertion that Johns is a rapidly improving writer be proven right? Or will my cynicism/skepticism win out? As Joe loves to say, time will tell.

N: A web 2.0 version of an unpublished Stephen King story. This will be written (or adapted) by Marc Guggenheim, with art by Alex Maleev. This is a joint project between Marvel Entertainment, Scribner, Simon and Schuster Digital, CBS Mobile, and the letter M. N will either be a brilliant strategy to maximize revenue through multiple platforms, or a clusterfuck. I can’t wait to see which it will be.

War of Kings: Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, Black Bolt and the Inhumans, and a big space crossover. I’m sold (even though Vulcan’s involved). Read an interview here.

Filthy Rich: An intriguing entry from the Vertigo Crime line of titles, Filthy Rich is written by Brian Azzarello, with art by Victor Santos. I hate 100 Bullets with the passion of a thousand suns, but I like many of Azzarello’s other hard-boiled fiction titles. Azzarello describes it as a story “all about the celebrity culture of wealth and why people find that so fascinating and how people get sucked into it.” Sounds cool.

Daytripper: A new Vertigo project by the prolific Ba/Moon brothers, Daytripper is “the story of a guy who wants to be a writer, and about how the things you do everyday can determine what you’re going to do for the rest of your life.”

I’m sure that there are some titles that I’ve overlooked that look interesting, but this is what initially caught my eye. If you’ve been following SDCC coverage (or if you were an attendee), what new projects are you looking forward to?

July 26, 2008

Harshest Countdown Criticism Ever Caught on Podcast

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There’s apparently a hell of a quote that the panel reports for Final Crisis Management missed, that you can find if you look at the recordings on In the interest of public education, I’ve transcribed it for you all:

Um, I love what you do with your storylines, I found out this year that I was HIV+ and so working with Speedy means a lot to me. As hard as that news was, it was harder to get through Final Crisis – er – the Countdown to Final Crisis, so I’m hoping that – I know this will be better. And if I had one wish, besides a cure, it would be that the women of the DC Universe get their heels back.

Didio’s response was a bewildered “o-kay.”

SDCC Day 2: 2008 Eisner Award Winners!

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Thanks to the wonders of the Web 2.0 Crowdsourcing Social Networking Personality Spam Zeitgeist, FBB is getting Eisner Awards results as they happen thanks to Matt Fraction’s iPhone! And we’re passing the savings onto you! I am going to go out on a limb and guess that every link in this information chain has been drinking, so apologies if there are any errors. There are tons of other people twittering from the Eisners, but most of them seem to be talking to each other. Only Fraction has the resolve just to report the winners. My hat’s off to him!

Winners after the jump:

SDCC Linkblog News Round-Up Extravaganza: Day 2, Evening Edition!

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I guess everyone is out drinking tonight, so not a lot of news trickling out of San Diego. Here’s what we have, though. Eisner results and grousing coming soon!


July 25, 2008

SDCC Linkblog News Round-Up Extravaganza: Day 2, Morning Edition!

Yes, I know that it’s practically quitting time here on the East Coast. But out in San Diego, our decadent western cousins are barely done with lunch right now. To keep the lists from becoming leviathan-like, here’s a rundown of what people have said this morning.


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