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July 30, 2008

Text Messaging Is Destroying the Con Report as We Know It

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Don’t get me wrong, I love the Web 2.0 juggernaut as much as the next fellow, and I don’t want to go all Neil Postman/Luddite on everyone but:

The ready access to your text messages, twitters, mobile liveblogging and everything else has deleteriously affected convention reporting. Maybe I’m yearning for a bygone era that never existed, but it’s nearly a week later, and most of the big news sites still have little besides hastily cobbled together “liveblogs” from the San Diego Comicon floor, mixed with a few press-release type interviews. Many intriguing panels, like a creator spotlights on Geoff Johns and Keith Giffen or panels dedicated to imprints like DC’s Minx have apparently been passed over completely. The panels that have been covered have only been given cursory treatment, with on-the-fly reportage lacking context or any apparent copy editing. If congoers did any actual old-fashioned reporting, the type where you take notes and then compose a report that is fact-checked and carefully written, I have yet to see them.


July 26, 2008

Harshest Countdown Criticism Ever Caught on Podcast

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There’s apparently a hell of a quote that the panel reports for Final Crisis Management missed, that you can find if you look at the recordings on In the interest of public education, I’ve transcribed it for you all:

Um, I love what you do with your storylines, I found out this year that I was HIV+ and so working with Speedy means a lot to me. As hard as that news was, it was harder to get through Final Crisis – er – the Countdown to Final Crisis, so I’m hoping that – I know this will be better. And if I had one wish, besides a cure, it would be that the women of the DC Universe get their heels back.

Didio’s response was a bewildered “o-kay.”

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