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January 23, 2009

FBBP #88 – Happy Birthday, Sam Kieth!

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Reviewed in this podcast: Four Women by Sam Kieth (2001, Homage Comics)

In honor of Sam Kieth’s recent birthday, the FBB gang dusted off one of his more recent miniseries, Four Women. While most people remember his comic/cartoon The Maxx, fewer seem to realize that he’s been steadily producing short comic works in the same dreamy psychoanalytical vein
as his signature work.

You can probably guess the cast list of Four Women, but we get into pretty serious spoiler territory on the podcast; if you want to read the book “clean”, hold off on listening to this. Four Women has something of a “revelation” ending, though it’s the way the story’s told that is ultimately more compelling than any “twist”. But forewarned is forearmed!

The spoiler free review: Kieth’s expressionistic artwork and storytelling is top-notch, but this might’ve been better served by being longer. Or shorter. Definitely worth a read though, a shame it’s out of print but it’s not too hard to find on the secondary market.

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