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October 17, 2009

John Oxendine *IS* Norman Osborn!

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Okay, maybe not, but look at his hair. Look at it!

Oxendine is running for governor in Georgia, and was brought to my attention thanks to this amazing cartoon campaign ad, which is well worth watching. If a follow-up ad depicts a political opponent as a spider, somebody track down Mark Millar and shoot him for making Marvel 1985 real.

May 13, 2008

FBBP #57 – Iron Man and Our Wives

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The original FBB Trio come together for Round One of “Summer ’08 Funnybook Blockbusters” and discuss Iron Man. The opening discussion of Clinton/Obama and Jimmy Carter’s potential as a supervillain informs the rest of the chat, responding to political readings of the movie out in the media. Is Tony Stark a Neocon? A Goldwater Conservative? A Blame America Firster? An Iron Cabin Republican? Listen and learn!

Iron Man the movie satisfied the FBB crew, but what of people who don’t know Tony Stark from John Starks? Pedro, Joe and Jamaal all saw the film with their galpals, and discuss their views.

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