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April 20, 2011

FBBP #134: EisnerWatch: Nick Spencer

Welcome to the New Look, New Technology Funnybook Babylon Podcast, powered by Skype and an overenthusiastic Chris editing the show so we all sound like we’re hopped up on amphetamines!

We’re taking a look at the Eisner nominees, starting with Nick Spencer. We read Morning Glories and Jimmy Olsen and… we apologize to his fans in advance.

Admittedly, we’ve been harsh to early works by creators like Jason Aaron, Matt Fraction and Jonathan Hickman before, and later came around to appreciating their talent. Why is this a pattern? We discuss that, pick apart Jimmy Olsen’s musical taste, try to remember what Rules of Engagement was, and much, much more!

December 17, 2010

To Those That Served: Funnybook Babylon Salutes the Creators of Supergirl #1-59

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Sterling Gates’s about-to-conclude Supergirl run — twenty six issues plus two annuals — is a respectable tenure on any Big Two comic these days, but for Supergirl this is an achievement comparable to Dave Sim’s 300 issues of Cerebus! In the thirty three issues prior to Gates’s run, the Girl of Steel had to put up with ten writers, thirteen pencillers, and seventeen inkers!

Gates, alongside the art team of Jamal Igle and Keith Champagne did five consecutive issues as a unit, the first time since the start of the series any team accomplished such a feat. And sure, the remainder of his run featured a handful of co-writers, seven extra artists and a dozen inkers, it was still a good run. And now that Gates, Igle, and friends are off to new projects, who better to follow this “character-defining run” than rising star Nick Spencer, who’s been wowing people with his Jimmy Olsen backup?

Well, James Peaty apparently. It looks like Bernard Chang is sticking around to work with Peaty, after drawing the last of Gates’s run as well.

I wish Peaty and Chang the best of luck, and who knows? Perhaps they’ll do six consecutive issues together, and really carve their place in the history books!


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