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October 11, 2013

Why Don’t We Know More About Superhero Eating Habits?

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I’ve been reading a lot of Incredible Hulk comics by Len Wein (with Herb Trimpe and Sal Buscema). I’ve been reading a lot of everything really; sitting by a sporadically ringing telephone has literally been my job description for the past nine months . At first I read books that glared at me from my mountainous “To Read” pile, but as the weeks wore on I started just letting whatever was sitting around my local library (or my own bookshelves) guide me.

Which brought me to these issues of Hulk. My dad had a ton of them, and they’ve since been handily collected in a big Essential phonebook. One particular issue held a totemic place in my youth: Hulk #182 directly follows Wolverine’s Collector’s Item First Appearance, and he appears on the first page, jumping onto a helicopter and leaving Hulk to wander through the forest. That’s pretty much all Hulk does in these stories, wander from place to place getting confused and angry.

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January 18, 2009

DC Doesn’t Care About People Who Care About Creative Teams

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Justice League of America #29

Justice League of America #29

Why? Because they don’t!

A couple of weeks ago or so, I read an interview with Len Wein that involved his upcoming work – the Final Crisis: Secret Files, which I knew about, and the Superman/Batman Annual, but Justice League of America #29? That’s odd, a straight-up writer change? Why wouldn’t they announce that?

A few days after that, I saw a thread at ComicBloc posted by ubiquitous Internet message board ball of enthusiasm General Grievous about a MySpace post made by ChrisCross that he was doing JLA #29. Which excited me at first, since JLA’s in the middle of a Milestone story and that’s where he got his start, and it’d be nice to see them drawn properly by a dude who has a concept of how to draw non-white people with various-sized asses and different faces. Pantazis’ll probably color them all white, but I guess you take what you can get at this point.

Then I realized, that’s the Len Wein issue. Surely there’s some mistake, why the Hell would DC bring ChrisCross into JLA for a fill-in if it isn’t to work with Dwayne McDuffie on some Milestone stuff? I mean, not that he isn’t an exceptional penciller and a fantastic storyteller, but it’s an obvious fit.

And seriously, does DC think people aren’t going to notice when they do stuff like this? That they won’t care? This was kind of ignored with Supergirl, but Justice League of America is their strongest-selling ongoing right now (possibly excepting Batman) and to completely change the entire creative team without announcing it so that it’s only discovered by me on eBay when somebody puts up a cover scan is just pretty damn douchebaggy. Come on, DC, Marvel communicates all their creator changes via the Diamond update service – is it really that hard to let us know? Is it that dangerous?

Retailers, do you guys find out about this stuff? It just seems incredibly irresponsible. I’m fine with picking up, say, an issue of Immortal Iron Fist or something and finding out a few pages are by Russ Heath, but a completely different writer/artist team than solicited, without a single update sent to the comics press or readers that this is happening, on one of your top-selling titles, is just really, really, really shitty.

August 28, 2008

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1

Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1Hh. Spoilers within. This is actually the first thirty pages of a sixty-page script; I imagine Morrison still did a bit of work to modify it, though, since it ends on a pretty satisfying cliffhanger (if that makes any sense). I assume the second issue won’t hit until at least December, either along with or in place of Final Crisis #7.

The 3-D “gimmick” isn’t really used for any particular narrative purpose just yet, it just looks cool (or distracting/annoying, depending on your outlook). Still, it does distinguish the extradimensional elements from the mundane ones.

After these annotations, I’ll include a few observations regarding FC: Rogues’ Revenge #2. In the absence of Granddaddy Wolk I don’t know if anyone will be covering this issue, but I really haven’t read Johns’s Flash run recently enough to do a full annotation. Last Will and Testament is out too, but it pretty much totally fails to match up in any way with Final Crisis and is really just a vehicle for Brad Meltzer to do his Meltzer Thing. Something else regarding that might be in the works, though…


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