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January 28, 2009

Final Crisis #7 – “New Heaven, New Earth”

Final Crisis #7

Final Crisis #7

Not much preamble to make here – it’s the last issue, I enjoyed it a lot, a lot of people probably think it’s confusing drivel. Maybe I can help you out.

December 17, 2008

Map Appreciation Day

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I’d just like to take a moment for us all to recognize the best thing ever.

Earth A.D.: A Map of the World of Kamandi!

Earth A.D.: A Map of the World of Kamandi!

Man, why don’t they ever do it like this anymore? Millar’s doing his best with the new map of America in Old Man Logan, but that’s nothing in comparison to this creative masterpiece. Everything you need to know about why Jack Kirby and Kamandi are awesome is right here, right in this map. Also in this map: legions of amazing band names that for some reason haven’t been used (come on! THE HORRIBLE HUNG-UPS, THE DEATH WORSHIPPERS!).

This was in the back of the first issue of Kamandi. It relates and emanates a sort of vibrant creativity and holistic vision that envelops you in a world, purely by these teasers. Kirby’s use of cartooning and design elements here is, as always, impeccable – look at those creepy eyes on the Island of the God-Watchers! What are the God-Watchers? Why haven’t I read that far in Kamandi yet? Is there *anybody in the industry* at this point (other than, of course, our patron saint Mr. G. Morrison) creative enough to pull a Kamandi revival off? I know Busiek’s been itching a go at it for years, but… really, can anyone do it?


*KANGARAT MURDER SOCIETY!* And look on the upper right, they even have toques and domino masks like burglars from DuckTales! Christ, this is why I love comics.

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