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July 24, 2009

FBBP #104 – Two Greeks and a Cry for Justice

Technical difficulties and summer vacation put this recording through the wringer, leading to compromised sound quality and a lack of timeliness. BE FOREWARNED!

Since we recorded this podcast, Justice League: Cry for Justice has been dogpiled by an all-star cast of bloggers. It was relatively fresh news when we recorded, but it’s still a pretty bad comic!

Additionally, we look at two books about Greek emigres, David Mazzucchelli’s Asterios Polyp and Peter Milligan & Davide Gianfelice’s Greek Street #1. One of them is an easy lock for Book of the Year, while the other is the latest in a line of disappointing first issues from Vertigo. Which is which? Listen and find out!

February 14, 2009

FBB Valentine’s Day Weekend: 25 Things Pedro Loves about Comics

On the worst day of the year for single people and absent-minded married men, Team FBB stood back and thought of the things that we love about comics. We capped it at 25 so that this series of articles would be completed sometime this year. One interesting thing that I came across while compiling my list was how many of these selections were based on visual storytelling moments. I’m starting to realize that I enjoy the art side of comics more than the writing.

January 18, 2009

DC Doesn’t Care About People Who Care About Creative Teams

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Justice League of America #29

Justice League of America #29

Why? Because they don’t!

A couple of weeks ago or so, I read an interview with Len Wein that involved his upcoming work – the Final Crisis: Secret Files, which I knew about, and the Superman/Batman Annual, but Justice League of America #29? That’s odd, a straight-up writer change? Why wouldn’t they announce that?

A few days after that, I saw a thread at ComicBloc posted by ubiquitous Internet message board ball of enthusiasm General Grievous about a MySpace post made by ChrisCross that he was doing JLA #29. Which excited me at first, since JLA’s in the middle of a Milestone story and that’s where he got his start, and it’d be nice to see them drawn properly by a dude who has a concept of how to draw non-white people with various-sized asses and different faces. Pantazis’ll probably color them all white, but I guess you take what you can get at this point.

Then I realized, that’s the Len Wein issue. Surely there’s some mistake, why the Hell would DC bring ChrisCross into JLA for a fill-in if it isn’t to work with Dwayne McDuffie on some Milestone stuff? I mean, not that he isn’t an exceptional penciller and a fantastic storyteller, but it’s an obvious fit.

And seriously, does DC think people aren’t going to notice when they do stuff like this? That they won’t care? This was kind of ignored with Supergirl, but Justice League of America is their strongest-selling ongoing right now (possibly excepting Batman) and to completely change the entire creative team without announcing it so that it’s only discovered by me on eBay when somebody puts up a cover scan is just pretty damn douchebaggy. Come on, DC, Marvel communicates all their creator changes via the Diamond update service – is it really that hard to let us know? Is it that dangerous?

Retailers, do you guys find out about this stuff? It just seems incredibly irresponsible. I’m fine with picking up, say, an issue of Immortal Iron Fist or something and finding out a few pages are by Russ Heath, but a completely different writer/artist team than solicited, without a single update sent to the comics press or readers that this is happening, on one of your top-selling titles, is just really, really, really shitty.

August 16, 2008

Fun with Solicitations: DC Spoils the Crap Out of Their Books

A message board several FBBers frequent has been embroiled in a debate about what constitute “spoilers”: many posters feel like if something is revealed by official company promotional material (Nick Fury’s “Secret Warriors” will survive Secret Invasion and receive their own book, Darkseid successfully takes over Earth in Final Crisis, Character X will be appearing soon in Title Y) then those plot points don’t really constitute “spoilers”. Usually this sort of thing doesn’t constitute a “twist” or whatever, and so these topics are fair game for discussing upcoming comics. But DC seems determined to test this assumption with their November solicitations, as seen on Newsarama. So be warned, “spoilers” after the jump:


April 8, 2007

FBBP #6 – With a Vengeance

Hey folks! Episode five got mangled in the recording so we’re back with a longer episode to make it up to you. We talk news as usual, Joe deconstructs The Immortal Iron Fist, Jamaal laments the planet of Planet Hulk, and Pedro “generously” reviews Justice League of America #7…

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