Funnybook Babylon

December 8, 2008

FBBP #82 – A Podcast of Northern Aggression

This week: Two podcasts! Two first issues! One long Astonishing X-Men dissection!

Previous “Yes, This is Being Published” subject The Haunted Tank is now amongst the ranks of Has Been Published, and we discussed whether or not “A Racist-Ass Old Confederate Ghost teams up with a multi-ethnic group of wisecrackers to murder a lot of Iraqis” is everything it promised to be.

We also checked out the David-approved debut of X-Men Noir, one of Marvel’s latest iteration of Don’t-Call-Them-Elseworlds titles. X-Men Noir seemed better thought out than a lot of “Justice League Pirates” type stories, but is that enough?

Finally, this is so weird we want to throw it out here for people who don’t listen to the podcast to the end: it looks like Adam Felber, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me panelist, is writing a Skrull Kill Krew mini-series for Marvel. Why? We’re not upset. We just want an explanation.

Check back on Wednesday for an in-depth look at Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. Two podcasts! Both under an hour! Will this trend continue? Will spring see dozens of podcasts, each a few minutes long? Stay tuned!

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