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June 10, 2010

DC’s Cover Designs: Actively Antagonizing James Burke

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Sometimes the Internet sends you down a rabbit hole. This past weekend, after the latest round of Ridiculous DC Convention Panel Statements (from RDCPS stalwarts Ian Sattler and Bill Willingham) I began to wonder: what exactly does Ian Sattler do as DC’s “Senior Story Editor”, besides make bizarre statements on panels? I never found a job description or even what he did before he became Senior Story Editor — though it seems like he wrote for Comics Alliance under the name Ian DeLaurentis a few years back — but I did stumble upon a post Sattler made on the DCU Source Blog a year or so back.

It concerned Brian Stelfreeze’s covers for Final Crisis Aftermath: Ink. They were designed to form an interlocking portrait of the Tattooed Man, and frankly the design is pretty awesome:


May 19, 2009

FBBP #99 – Three Number Ones

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Just one episode until the momentous Episode 100! This week we take a look at three first issues fresh off the rack:

Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #1 by Ivan Brandon & Marco Rudi
Astro City: The Dark Age: Book Three #1 by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson
Unwritten #1 by Mike Carey & Peter Gross

At least one of these is probably worth your time!

February 8, 2009

UPDATED WITH SCORECARD: No Really, DC Still Doesn’t Think You Care About Creative Teams

I’ve said it before! Are they trying to make each book seem soulless and artistically uninspired at this point?

This weekend DC announced ten new titles, exactly one of which (Keith Giffen’s new Doom Patrol) was announced with a creative mind in tow.

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