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June 3, 2008

FBBP #60 – Attack of the Scots

This week’s podcast featured more Scotsmen than a Mel Gibson fight scene!

  • Grant Morrison! (All-Star Superman! Batman! Final Crisis!)
  • Frank Quitely! (All-Star Superman too!)
  • Mark Millar! (1985!)

Joining us on the podcast is FBB’s own David Uzumeri, an expert on this exotic species.

Back in America, Marvel is pushing Fred Van Lente and the Periscope Studios Crew. Under Mark Paniccia, they’ve been all over the Marvel Adventures line, Incredible Hercules and the newly announced Marvel Zombies 3 and The Age of the Sentry, We talk about the different style they bring to the Big Two, and what kind of fans that might be attracted by their books.

Finally, FBB proudly announces a new sister corporation, FBB Publishing! Listen to learn the terms of our “pact”, and its advantages over our competitor’s contracts who want to take advantage of impressionable youth! Deviant Art creators, join us! We pay $20.25 for a finished page: just enough to keep your self-respect.

July 3, 2007

Anti-Trust Law and the Comics Industry

Love & Rockets Anthologies, Wave 2
Do these guys benefit more than Marvel from Leegin?

As has been widely reported, last week marked the close of the current session of the United States Supreme Court, which was marked by important decisions addressing abortion, free speech, campaign finance, employee rights under employment discrimination statutes, and racial desegregation in urban school systems. However, there are a broad range of decisions made by the Court which are less provocative, but have a powerful impact on how we all live our lives and conduct our business. One of those decisions could have a significant effect on the comic book industry, and on many industries that are experiencing turbulence due to the growing power of online commerce. In Leegin, the Court reversed a ninety year old case, holding that manufacturers are no longer necessarily barred from entering into retail price maintenance agreements with distributors and retailers.


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