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December 7, 2008

This Blog is Cancelled!

Torches? Check. Pitchforks? Check. Two-gallon drum of Haterade? Check. Looks like it’s time for Internet rage about comics getting cancelled again.

What’s up on the chopping block this time? One Marvel book (She-Hulk) and a whole lotta DC books (Nightwing, Robin, Birds of Prey, Manhunter and Blue Beetle). Why are they cancelled? Well, that’s a bit more complicated.

Conventional wisdom might tell you that these cancellations are due to today’s harsh economic realities. Other sectors might tell you that it’s about sexism, or subtle racism against minority characters, or a general unwillingness on the part of the publishers to give these books a shot. I’ve seen blame passed around, from the nature of the periodical medium to the willingness of the reader base to accept new characters, a lot of arguments from people who either weren’t reading the books or admitted they didn’t like them. What’s up with that?

Blue Beetle had an astounding 25-issue run that was a slow-starter and is forever kind of hurt by the fact that the opening stages are greatly affected by, and have to refer to, the events of Infinite Crisis where Jaime made his first appearance. As much as I hate to say it, this’ll always hurt its ability to sell in trades. Once you hit issue seven (which is, ironically enough, the most Infinite Crisis-linked of all the issues), it really kicks off, though, and Rogers turned it into what was probably one of DC’s strongest books during the time it was coming out. I’m sure somebody will comment about how that’s damning with faint praise, but this was during 52 and the start of Morrison’s Batman and back when Busiek/Pacheco Superman was cool and it looked like DC might actually keep its momentum.

November 22, 2008

FBBP #80 – I Don’t Need Your Civil War

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This week, the gang pours one out for the late, lamented Blue Beetle and takes a look at Marvel’s Civil War in the context of a big hardcover artifact. Both conversations pinwheel into the predictable larger “issues” like transmedia synergy and the marriage of James Carville and Mary Matalin

No podcast recording this weekend, but we hope to reconvene after Thanksgiving to kick off the Holiday Podcasting Season! Why not take this brief interlude to consider all that we have done right and wrong this year, and offer constructive criticism?

Do you prefer:
Longer or shorter shows?
Epic digressions or concision?
More Reviews? Fewer Reviews? Different Types of Reviews?

Should we try to have guests? What do YOU think? Let us know!

September 30, 2008

Pull List Analysis for October 1, 2008

I figured we might try doing these again. Here are some potentially interesting books hitting the shelves tomorrow!


March 4, 2008

FBBP #47 – A Date with Doctor Doom

Caution: The Funnybook Babylon Podcast contains mature language and content.

[00:00] :
Chris Eckert’s open letter to the New York Comic Con. He advocates the new FBB con dress code. – For further details view this educational clipmirror.

[03:50] :

This is the greatest idea that this podcast has formed.

Image provided by 4th letter‘s Hoatzin.

We expose the next big Marvel book spinning out of Secret Invasion. You better get your duct tape, Internet, cause we broke you like we were Iverson.


February 28, 2008

Hits Off the Source, Part Three: ¡Lucha Libra!

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There have been a lot of new clues since the last time I rapped at y’all, so I’m here to set the record straight and share some insights I’ve had during the March on Road to Countdown to Final Crisis. What have we seen?

For those who missed them:
Hits Off the Source, Part One: Kirby, Evil and the Invisibles
Hits Off the Source, Part Two: Hyper-Crimes in Hyper-Time with Superboyman-Prime

1. The Source exposed in Death of the New Gods #5
tdotng-04-030.jpgWell, a lot of my thinking on Morrison’s faux-manichaean outlook is confirmed in this issue, which basically consists of the world’s first Bond villain speech conducted by a MAYA 3D effect. Good Source is a fickle God and wants to reunite with Bad Source, who’s out there somewhere in the Bleed, to regain full power, unmake the New Gods, and usher in the Fifth World, because he thought the Old Gods were backstabbing douchebags (which, well, they were, but Source doesn’t seem to have a magnetic personality) and the New Gods were kind of pussies. In the comic it’s way more complicated than this, but as far as I can tell, this is the real skinny. It’s also revealed that the Source and the Bleed are two totally separate things, and that the Source Wall always was a total misnomer and actually just ‘holds back’ the Bleed. This isn’t as offensive a retcon as it seems at first because, despite how important to the mythology it’s become, the Source Wall actually isn’t a Jack Kirby invention; believe it or not, you can blame Walter Simonson in, of all things, the Teen Titans/X-Men crossover. It surprised me, too.

We also discovered, despite all logic and silhouettes inserted by artists, that Infinity-Man was not the killer of New Gods; it was, in fact, kindly old Himon! This doesn’t make any sense, and kind of stinks of an Armageddon 2001-esque retcon, but maybe Starlin’s got a fakeout planned. Meanwhile, over in Countdown, Brother Eye ate Apokolips, everyone’s getting iced and I have no idea how this fits in with what’s going on in DONG. There’s a semi-believable theory running around that Solaris from DC One Million is an older Apokolips/Brother Eye hybrid, and I kind of buy it, but it doesn’t seem consistent with established history. (more…)

July 20, 2007

FBBP #20.5 РBlue Beetle & La Ara̱a Reviews

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We review Blue Beetle and La Araña. Which new Teenage Latin Superhero is worth reading?
blue beetleArana

The short version, we loved Blue Beetle and didn’t like La Araña. We have a really fun discussion about it, listen in…

P.S: Blue Beetle really should be held as a proof of design on how to introduce and work in continuity characters without alienating new readers.


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