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April 9, 2010

Avenging the Week, pt. 1 – The Origin Story

Do not imagine yourself a caretaker of any tradition, an enforcer of any party standards, a warrior in an ideological battle, a corrections officer of any kind. Never, never try to put the author “in his place,” making him a pawn in a contest with other reviewers. Review the book, not the reputation. Submit to whatever spell, weak or strong, is being cast. Better to praise and share than blame and ban. The communion between reviewer and his public is based upon the presumption of certain possible joys in reading, and all our discriminations should curve toward that end.

-John Updike

Hello. The quotation above is reflective of what I’d like to do with this column. It’s an idealized view of criticism that I plan to strive for in this this column. I expect to fail on a pretty regular basis, but it’s always important to have a goal. The plan? A weekly review and potpourri/linkblogging with commentary column. Warning: Spoilers below.


July 29, 2009

FBBP #106 – Blackest Night Reviewed

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The Dead Shall Rise!When there is no more room in Hell, the Summer Crossover will walk the Earth! DC’s Blackest Night has begun, the culmination of Geoff John’s multi-year run on Green Lantern. It’s everyone who’s alive fighting everyone who’s dead! Plus some people with different colored rings fighting too! Does it deserve a less reductive description? Listen and learn!

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