Funnybook Babylon

November 8, 2007

FBBP #34 -The Vertigo is Fallin’

While Joe’s away, the cast of Funnybook Babylon is left to their own devices and where does it lead them?

Back to the age old (2 weeks) question of whether or not Vertigo is falling apart. With Jeph Loeb and Brian Michael Bendis’ help, they reveal the secret ultimate origin of the Vertigo U, hint: Sandman has black hair and Lucifer is a blond, and only one can lead the pack. Spider Jerusalem is really from a race of humans evolved from bastards instead of apes.

Kyle Baker’s Special Forces is vaguely discussed since Chris didn’t read it. Jamaal gives the nod to ABC (which is apparently not this), and what does Jerry Siegel’s Spectre and Shigeru Miyamoto’s Link have in common? If you said ghostridin’ the whip, you’re only half right.

This episode has been screwed, chopped up and remixed by Swishhouse (Pedro’s an intern there under Slim Thug) so forgive the 36th Chambers level of production. This is part 1 of a seriously long ass podcast, since the podcasts were too small to fit on Dirk Deppey’s Nano.

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