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January 3, 2009

FBBP #84 – Best of the Year

In the waning hours of 2008 the gang got together to discuss some of their favorite comics of the year.

Our official picks are a little skewed since we were trying to pick out books we hadn’t already discussed to death: sorry Ed Brubaker, Eddie Campbell, David Lapham, Grant Morrison and the rest!

August 7, 2008

Ambush Bug: Year None Annotations: Part One

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People complain about needing a DC Encyclopedia in order to understand Final Crisis. I really don’t see what’s so inpenetrable about it, though our own David Uzumeri and Douglas Wolk provide some invaluable context, background and observations. I still think you could go into FC blindly and follow and enjoy the story.

Ambush Bug: Year None, not so much. Maybe it can be enjoyed in the same way I enjoyed old Looney Tunes cartoons back before I knew who Peter Lorre or Carmen Miranda were, but the lion’s share of the jokes (and plot) seem heavily steeped in DC Comics nerdery. So for the perplexed:

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