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November 1, 2011

More Girl Talk: It Could Be Worse

Filed under: Blurbs — Chris Eckert @ 11:33 pm

Last time I probably spent too much time rebutting Colin Smith’s review of The Ultimates and extrapolations about its creators and publisher made from a single comic book. I said people needed to look at things in context. I want to make something clear: no one can tell anyone else what to be offended by. If Smith or anyone else was bothered by the Boys’ Club atmosphere in The Ultimates, that’s their reaction and I can’t tell them not to be bothered. Recently commenters across the people across the Internet have been bothered by a plethora of things in the Superhero World: the prolific use of “bitch” in Arkham City, the New 52’s depiction of characters like Catwoman and Starfire, overall representation of women in comics, and probably several issues I’ve forgotten. People are entitled to be bothered by whatever they want, and I’m inclined to join them in their dismay at all of these things. But to the collected Internet Team Comics Blogosphere, I want to say one thing: It Could Be Worse. (more…)

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