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June 24, 2011

I Am Pretty Sure Marvel Mislabeled Fear Itself: Immortal Weapons #2 as Iron Man 2.0 #6

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Iron Man 2.0 #6 came out this week, the second part of the book’s tie-in to Fear Itself. And by tying into Fear Itself, I mean that Nick Spencer really wanted to write an Iron Fist/Immortal Weapons series, and I guess all of the editors were so busy coordinating a summer crossover that he snuck it into a book ostensibly about James Rhodes/War Machine/Iron Man 2.0. If you’re looking for some Rhodey action, you should probably look elsewhere! Not to spoil things, but here’s the sum total of his dialogue in this issue:

“The middle of Beijing, it looks like.”

“Didn’t work. Where are these reinforcements you were telling me about?”

“We all did.”

“I figure I’m clear either way.”

“What the hell is she talking about? That’s not the Titania I’ve dealt with before–”


June 9, 2011


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It’s Thursday morning and DC is still parceling out its Big Relaunch News, with 48 of 52 books officially announced. I’ve been keeping track of them in a Google Spreadsheet! The only books left unannounced as those in the Superman Family, which is obviously being saved for tomorrow. Given their weird press junket (USA Today, Ain’t It Cool News, Entertainment Weekly Popwatch, IGN) I fully expect the exclusive “Superman Is No Longer Married” interview to be with either Jezebel, Big Hollywood, or Suicidegirls.

But not everyone at DC got the memo about holding off on Superbook info until Friday — someone at DC’s Source Blog uploaded some of the Super #1 covers this morning. They were at these addresses, and presumably will be again in 24 hours or so:

Enterprising fans quickly discovered these images, and within minutes they were all over Twitter, tumblr, message boards, etc. Within a few more minutes, someone at DC realized their error. An hour or so later, these images appeared watermarked as part of a certain site’s EXCLUSIVE SCOOP!

Well shucks, why should one guy get to have all that fun?


June 6, 2011

DC Editors Say the Darndest Things

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DC has been issuing press releases left and right lately, hyping up their Big Overhaul in September. I’m sure their press department is working like mad, but some really goofy things have slipped out as a result. For instance!

On the subject of the oft-delayed Batwoman #1:

It’s very important in several different ways […] this is also the first time that we have a superhero title from a major publisher that features a lesbian protagonist.

You know, except for this lesbian Batwoman being the star of Detective Comics in 2009-2010. Or Rene Montoya being a main protagonist in Gotham Central, 52, The Crime Bible, and Final Crisis Revelations from 2003-2010. Or Holly Robinson taking the title role in Catwoman in 2006. Or Maggie Sawyer taking center stage in the 1994 mini-series Metropolis S.C.U. That’s not even counting team books: X-Men Legacy, Darkhold, Young Heroes in Love, Runaways, New Mutants, Dark Avengers, Shadow Cabinet, Heroes, Blood Syndicate, Legion of Super Heroes, Guardians of the Galaxy all featured (or feature currently) lesbians in their ensemble. (more…)

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