Funnybook Babylon

February 26, 2010

FBBP #123 – DC Editorial Shake-ups, Event Fatigue & iPad Prognostications

Filed under: Podcasts — Chris Eckert @ 12:14 pm

Just what it says on the tin: this episode, we put on our Speculation Stocking Caps and wonder aloud what the new DC Entertainment Executive Team announcement portends for the humble funnybook reader, and then add a pair of Wild Guess Earmuffs to the ensemble and wonder how we might one day read their output on the iPad!

Plus, we address a Mystery Listener’s concern about Event Fatigue! Does it exist? Do we suffer from it? Can it be solved by a Vitamin B12 supplement? If you have a cure for Event Fatigue or any other helpful advice, call into 347-AUNT-MAY and let us know!

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