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January 28, 2010

Batman and Robin #6 and #7

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Batman and Robin #6

Batman and Robin #6
Batman and Robin #7

Batman and Robin #7

The #6 annotations are so late partly because the issue seemed rather sparse to me and partly because Gavok over at 4thletter! just completely demolished the landscape of any of my commentary, so what’s below regarding that issue is heavily indebted to his realization about the nature of the story. Then, below, commentary on today’s #7, which is detailed and byzantine and littered with references and basically my wet dream as an annotator.

January 27, 2010

FBBP #122 – 2009 in Review

In our first podcast of 2010, FBB looks back in love, not in anger at 2009. For regular listeners, our favorite books are pretty easy to guess, but we try to throw some praise at some unsung funnybooks too.

Will we remain so positive all year? Are there still ring giveaways coming up? The two are likely related in some diffuse way.

January 26, 2010

Please Just Tell Us

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DC Comics creative changes on stories from solicitation to publication for the month of January 2010, not including material released tomorrow morning (January 27) that has not had the credits page released in preview form.

Let me know if I missed any announcements that weren’t postings of preview pages.

Catwoman #83 – Fabian Nicieza & Julian Lopez replaced with Tony Bedard, Fabrizio Fiorentino, Ibraim Roberson and Marcos Marz
Batman: Streets of Gotham #8 – writer Paul Dini replaced with Mike Benson
Gotham City Sirens #8 – writer Paul Dini replaced with plot by Guillem March and script by Marc Andreyko
Blackest Night: JSA #2 – Tony Bedard added as co-writer with solicited James Robinson; Marcos Marz added as co-penciller with solicited Eddy Barrows
The Question #37 – Denny O’Neil added as co-writer with solicited Greg Rucka (announced)
R.E.B.E.L.S. #12 – artist Claude St. Aubin replaced with Geraldo Borges
Warlord #10 – artist Mike Grell only does two pages; bulk done by unsolicited Chad Hardin
Justice League: Cry for Justice #6 – artist Mauro Cascioli replaced with Scott Clark
The Web #5 – artist Roger Robinson replaced with Talent Caldwell (announced)
The Brave and the Bold #31 -artist Jesus Saiz replaced by Chad Hardin and Justiniano
Blackest Night: Wonder Woman #2 – Eduardo Pansica added as co-penciller alongside solicited Nicola Scott
The Atom and Hawkman #46 – Fernando Pasarin added as co-artist alongside solicited Ryan Sook
Titans #21 – Chris Batista added as co-artist alongside solicited Angel Unzueta
Superman: World of New Krypton #11 – Ron Randall added as co-artist alongside solicited Pete Woods
The Outsiders #26 – Don Kramer added as co-artist alongside solicited Philip Tan

Edited to add: For the sake of comparison – I don’t mean to turn it into a DC/Marvel shitfight, but it’s worth noting – here’s Marvel’s track record for January 2010 solicited titles. It’s better, but it’s far from perfect, and Previews apparently taking down their Product Changes archive (why would they do this? who does that knowledge hurt?) has made tracking down the announcements a bit more difficult than I expected. As above, let me know if I missed any announcements.

New Avengers #61 – Daniel Acuna added as co-artist alongside solicited Stuart Immonen (announced unofficially on Twitter)
Avengers: The Initiative #32 – artist Rafa Sandoval replaced by Mahmud Asrar (announced)
Amazing Spider-Man #617 – artist Javier Pulido does unsolicited backup (unannounced)
Web of Spider-Man #4 – Eric Canete draws third story originally solicited as “More” (announced)
Doctor Voodoo: Avenger of the Supernatural #4 – Alessandro Vitti added as co-artist alongside solicited Jefte Palo (unannounced)
Iron Man vs. Whiplash #3 – Andrea Mutti added as co-artist alongside solicited Phil Briones (unannounced)
Incredible Hulk #606 – unsolicited Red She-Hulk backup by Harrison Wilcox & Ryan Stegman; solicited for 607 on (unannounced)
Ms. Marvel #49 – Ben Oliver added as co-artist alongside solicited Sana Takeda (announced)
Avengers vs. Atlas #1 – artist Takeshi Miyazawa does unsolicited backup (unannounced)
Punisher #13 – Mike Hawthorne added as co-artist alongside solicited Tony Moore (unannounced)
Thunderbolts #140 – Sergio Arino added as co-artist alongside solicited Miguel Sepulveda (announced)
Realm of Kings: Inhumans #3 – artist Pablo Raimondi replaced by Wellinton Alves (announced)
X-Men Forever #16 – solicited mystery artist is Graham Nolan (unannounced)

January 15, 2010

Final Crisis Annotations Epilogue: The Hardcover

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Yeah, this is incredibly anal, but after the ridiculous amount of time I spent studying this book, I’d be remiss not to cap this off with a look at the collected edition.

But first, since I don’t think I’ve ever linked them at once like this: here are all of the original annotations/articles I wrote upon the book’s initial release.
Final Crisis #1
Final Crisis #2
Final Crisis #3
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #1
Final Crisis #4
Final Crisis #5
Final Crisis #6
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond #2
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond – On Mandrakk
Final Crisis #7

So: a catalogue of, as far as I can tell, every single change made to Final Crisis from single issue to collected edition. A lot of them are pretty interesting, and clear up stuff that I remember myself or other annotators pointing out. I’ve bolded the ones that are major, or of special interest (the one about the Anthro painting being in Gotham rather than NYC has rather interesting potential repercussions for the Return of Bruce Wayne storyline).

January 3, 2010

Bruce Wayne: A Man of Wealth and Taste (Batmannotations Gaiden)

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What if there were an ultimate villain out there, unseen? An absolute mastermind, closing in for the kill? What if there existed an invisible, implacable foe who’d calculated my every weakness? Who had access to allies, weapons and tactics I couldn’t imagine. An adversary whose plots and grand designs were so vast, so elaborate, that they went unnoticed… until it was too late. How could I prepare for a challenge like that? Would I have the resources to deal with it? I’ve often wondered. If my hypothetical ultimate enemy can be imagined, I can’t help considering the possibility that he actually exists. Breathing… feels like drowning. And if he exists… if the king of crime is real… is he telling me his name?

– Bruce Wayne, Batman #674

From Batman #666

From Batman #666

By the time we were about halfway through Batman R.I.P., and our esteemed British colleagues the Mindless Ones were divining hints from ancient Chinese wisdom, and I was still rambling on and on and on about goddammit no seriously they WILL reveal Alfred as the villain, there’s one thing we all agreed on: whether or not Simon Hurt was actually supposed to be the literal Devil, he certainly was a metaphorical one.

The question is – what’s the significance of that? If Simon Hurt is the Devil – or, as our li’l buddy Damian states there to the left, “may as well be” the Devil – then what does that mean? What, for all practical purposes, is the Devil?

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