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August 2, 2009

FBBP #107 – San Diego Timewarp

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Last year, we devoted a podcast to the raft of announcements coming out of the San Diego Comic Con. There was a lot of “Big News”, the likes of which never materialized at this year’s show. And so we take time out to look back at 2008’s Big Announcements and how they panned out. Did the books live up to their hype? Did they even come out in the ensuing twelve months?

Special attention is given to IDW and Darwyn Cooke’s 2008-announced, 2009-released Parker: The Hunter, an adaptation of Richard Stark’s 1962 crime novel. Are we in for a renaissance of graphic adaptations? Will we soon see Frank Cho tackling Apuleius’s The Golden Ass? Questions persist!


  1. One thing in regards to hyping things too far in advance, I’d give DC a little (just a little, don’t get too crazy here as they are still doing things like publishing Teen Titans) credit as they had entire panels about Blackest Night and the JSA stuff going on in the next month or so, they had that going for them.

    As far as the spectacle of the Con, yeah it’d be nice if it was all comics, but I can’t even get out there from here in Minnesota anyway, so I’m not too concerned. The 2 “big” conventions we have aren’t even big enough to get the major comic companies to show up to much less any peripheral nerdery. We get a suprising amount of comics talent here though. I was pretty happy last year to finally get to meet an all time favorite artist from the Batman books during my first several years reading comics, Norm Breyfogle. Zander Cannon’s usually there too, but he shops at my local comic shop, so seeing him isn’t as big a thrill(no offense). But I digress(you can’t really say that and not sound pretentious, can you?), Wizard World in Chicago was probably the closest I’ve gotten to seeing that kind of spectacle I suppose and I haven’t been there in about 3 or 4 years now with the wife and kid taking up my time. Last time I did go there however it was pretty comics centric with not TOO much else. I’d be curious to see how that convention has gotten to be in the last few years in comparison with San Diego’s inflation lately.

    Comment by Fearing — August 3, 2009 @ 7:01 pm

  2. Fearing, you’re right that both DC and Marvel tend to have smaller panels that discuss less BLOCKBUSTER announcements, and while it’d be nice if those were given more attention both on the floor and in the press, I can understand why they’re not. It could be argued this is because the companies push those to the side while choosing to hype up the ANNOUNCEMENT THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD FOREVER IN NINE TO EIGHTEEN MONTHS, that’s probably the nature of the beast at this point.

    Comment by Chris Eckert — August 4, 2009 @ 2:48 pm

  3. I agree whole heartedly with Chris about the Miracleman/Marvelman announcement. Sometimes these “blockbuster” announcements fall flat because there are no pages to show off or any intended plans for the said property, just prospective what-ifs or “intended” ideas for release.

    For me, if Marvel announced Miracleman along with a tag of “we’re going to be restoring the pages soon” or “we have plans of an omnibus” or “Gaiman’s talked with us,” that would make the news more memorable. Hell, Marvel could lie to us and tell us they have all sorts of plans. I don’t mind being placated, I just want to know there is an initiative to do something on time or produce a product in a timely manner say within that year. And with the Mircaleman news, it would be nice if we could at least look forward to some kind of omnibus.

    If you go to Gaiman’s blog, he’s made it known the last issue of his run on Miracleman is somewhat done and he’s interested in finishing the run with Marvel. Seriously, that’s big news.

    The more Marvel waits the more of an audience will forget the announcement or no longer buy into the product because of the hype.

    Marvel could have thrown us some kind of bone.

    And the same principle goes with the Vertigo Crime series. I was searching for news bits online for awhile but I gave up looking for a proper release date than what is posted on It is good to know there is some kind of finished product made. My thought: if a publisher doesn’t capitalize on their news from a con they would lose more of a buying audience.

    For instance, if you announced the Vertigo Crime book at con and you were able to give a tentative date of within three months you’ll have the product, more people would remember it and you might pull in more revenue by persons swept up in the hype of getting something new from Vertigo.

    But as that news byte gets replaced with more news I would think Vertigo would lose money on pulling in a bigger crowd.

    That could be me. I don’t know. Maybe too much “tell and then show” at a con would have a comic buyer on overload.

    It would be nice if DC and Marvel would have things to show for their announcements.

    Comment by Pausilypon — August 4, 2009 @ 8:43 pm

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