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August 28, 2009

Liveblogging Toronto Fan Expo 2009!

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The title speaks for itself. I’m here, and I’m going to be trying my hand at Newsrama/CBR-style liveblogging of all of the Big Two’s panels I can make it to. Wish me luck!


August 24, 2009

FBBP #109 – Nerds vs. Nerds, Cap vs. Interest, Loeb v. Readability

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A trio of topics are explored this week, spanning the world of Fandom!

First off, the continuing battle over San Diego panels, focusing on the kerfuffle between fans of Venture Brothers and Fables!

Then, we explore our muted reaction to Captain America Reborn, despite our longstanding enjoyment of Ed Brubaker and company’s Cap run.

Finally, we sink into the pit of despair that is the Jeph Loeb Happy Hour. This segment is not recommended for children under the age of twelve, women who are pregnant or nursing, listeners with heart conditions, or anyone wishing to maintain faith in the inherent goodness of humanity!

August 14, 2009


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It should also show up in iTunes

If anyone cares, we were using podPress to manage our podcasts. Its developers abandoned it over a year ago, and so we had no support when it refused to serve our new podcast to iTunes. We have switched to Powerpress from the fine folks at Blubrry. The only downside is the disruption of our totally awesome site design for the time being.

Everything should be up, but let us know if anything doesn’t work and keep listening!

August 11, 2009

FBBP #108 – The World’s Greatest?

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Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s Fantastic Four was meant to return “The World’s Greatest Comics Magazine” to a position worthy of such a lofty byline. The book’s sales didn’t reflect a return to glory — their first issue was the only one to crack the Top Ten, and by the end of their run it was selling less than Dwayne McDuffie and Paul Pelletier’s lead-in issues.

But none of that should matter to people not holding stock in Marvel. The real question is, was it a good read? This week we review Millar and Hitch’s full sixteen issue run. We also take a brief survey of Jonathan Hickman’s forays into the Marvel Universe, as he prepares to take over Fantastic Four later this month.

August 2, 2009

FBBP #107 – San Diego Timewarp

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Last year, we devoted a podcast to the raft of announcements coming out of the San Diego Comic Con. There was a lot of “Big News”, the likes of which never materialized at this year’s show. And so we take time out to look back at 2008’s Big Announcements and how they panned out. Did the books live up to their hype? Did they even come out in the ensuing twelve months?

Special attention is given to IDW and Darwyn Cooke’s 2008-announced, 2009-released Parker: The Hunter, an adaptation of Richard Stark’s 1962 crime novel. Are we in for a renaissance of graphic adaptations? Will we soon see Frank Cho tackling Apuleius’s The Golden Ass? Questions persist!

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