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May 27, 2009

Question Time!

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We’re quickly approaching the summit of the [Batmaan Death] March to One Hundred! This Momentous Occasion will be celebrated with Funnybook Babylon’s first Listener Mailbag segment! And like the British Parliament, no questions will be barred!

So whether you want to vent about how the gentleman from Bay Ridge is a simpering idiot for not liking Casanova, ask for clarification re: a wrestling joke, promote your new mixtape – all comments are welcome!

We’ll be recording some time this weekend, so get your questions in to EDITORS at FUNNYBOOKBABYLON dot COM by… let’s say Saturday morning! And then thrill to one of us mispronouncing your name on our epic ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE!

Funnybook Babylon: We’re at least 1/3 as dedicated as Dave Sim!


  1. 1. Please discuss some of the comics that sent chills up your spine or made you giddy.

    Please describe or analyze the when, the why, the how, and the what of these sense memories.

    Conversely, which comics did you first hate or were creeped-out by, did you later learn to love?

    2. Of the so-called “bad” writers of mainstream super-hero comics (the Jeph Loebs, the Chuck Austens, etc), which one deserves a second chance? Or rather, which of the “bad” writers might actually have something interesting to say (either by intention or by random accident and “outsider” obsession).

    Comment by Adam Aaron — May 27, 2009 @ 1:05 pm

  2. Can Chris highlight some of the items that made up his bad experiences of the Warren Ellis messageboard?

    Will we ever get the missing podcasts back up for download that are not showing up anywhere on the website?

    How did you all meet?

    Comment by vince — May 27, 2009 @ 2:20 pm

  3. What single issue, if any, have any of you happily revisited on multiple/many occasions (I suppose that issue could be contained in a trade)?

    What are some of your favorite “bad” comics that you still own?

    Comment by Kaare Bivin-Pederson — May 27, 2009 @ 5:01 pm

  4. I second Adam’s first question

    Comment by Zom — May 28, 2009 @ 5:39 am

  5. a) What are DC doing right at the moment?

    b) How could the Titans books get worse?

    The first question is serious and I have my own definite opinions. The second is for my amusement. The titans books are the new Countdown, and your articles were never more exhilaratingly fun than when Downcounting was in full swing.

    Comment by Paul Hicks — May 28, 2009 @ 6:22 am

  6. What’s work by your favourite writer do you absolutely abhor?

    Is there something out there you wish you could get your hands on but can’t?

    Why is Pedro so dreamy?

    Comment by Pedro Tejeda — May 28, 2009 @ 10:23 am

  7. a) nothing.

    b) Geoff Johns could return to the title.

    Comment by Dan Coyle — May 28, 2009 @ 10:46 am

  8. As commentators of comic books, where do you see the industry? The beginning of the millenium had so much promise kind of dashed with 9-11 and later with economic downturns that are forcing publishers to look more at the bottom line and pushing more product in book stores rather than in comic shops. Where do you see the industry in the next decade? What do you see as the one thing that could be the “Game Changer” in the industry?

    Comment by gary — May 29, 2009 @ 8:31 am

  9. Are you ever going to post anything non-podcast related again? Some of us like to read our comics analysis.

    Comment by Nick Whitman — May 29, 2009 @ 8:28 pm

  10. Pudding anyone?

    Comment by Vivek — May 30, 2009 @ 2:51 am

  11. I second Paul Hicks’ comment that “your articles were never more exhilaratingly fun than when Downcounting was in full swing”. I was sincerely disappointed when Chris decided that he had better things to do with his time that tear the latest issue of the worst book on the stands to shreds.

    What follows is some straight talk.

    I skip over most of the articles/podcasts reviewing indie books that I’ll never care about. I only moderately enjoy the many articles/podcasts that serve little purpose beyond sucking Grant Morrison’s dick online. The only time that I’ve actually loved this blog was when it was tackling Countdown week after week.

    I realize that this blog is produced for fun, not for money, so you guys don’t need to give your fans what they actually want, as opposed to whatever you feel like giving them. All I’m saying is that when this blog used to cover Countdown, I could not stop raving about it to my friends. These days, I don’t recommend this blog to anyone.

    Tear the next issue of Ultimatum to shreds, and make me love you again! I’ll be sure to tell my friends!

    Comment by Rand — May 30, 2009 @ 2:17 pm

  12. What do you guys think about Didio and, to a lesser extent I think, Quesada’s tendency to revert/regress characters back to their ‘iconic’ status?
    When I read Morrison’s JLA as a 6 year old I though anyone could be Green Lantern or Flash or Green Arrow. Hell, reading the Death of Superman or Knightfall I thought anyone Clark Kent need not be Superman and the same with Bruce Wayne. This does not seem to be the case anymore and, in fact, I feel that the only really forward thinking decision in comics – BuckyCap – may be reverted back to RegCap?
    What do you think?

    Comment by fayzan — June 1, 2009 @ 8:22 am

  13. Have you guys read “I Shall Destroy All the Civilized Planets?” Are there any works from the early Golden Age that would also be considered “lost works?”

    Comment by Brian Taylor — June 2, 2009 @ 3:44 pm

  14. Wow, some bold words and questions being slung around here. Personally, I’m a big fan of the blog and the podcasts. The FBB podcast is pretty much the only comics-oriented podcast I listen to, so I’m kind of biased. I find the show really enjoyable, cerebral and hope you all keep it up until you have to be rolled in wheelchairs and fall asleep mid-sentence. Since question time seems to be over and done with, I’ll only ask these as passing thoughts comics-wise the last few days.

    (1. With the recent surge in prices for monthlies, how successful do you think DC has been in marketing their current Vertigo line? A lot of these books, Young Liars, Scalped and Northlanders in particular don’t seem like they get a lot of readers month-by-month but they’re all priced so attractively in trade. I’m just curious on your takes of how effective they’re been at pushing these and how that might take greater shape with Marvel and to a lesser extent DC taking aim at my already stretched dollar.

    2. I just found a copy of the Susan Putney and Berni Wrightson Spider-Man graphic novel from ’86, HOOKY, which I always assumed was just a Photoshop cover. So, HAVE YOU GUYS READ THIS MOTHERFUCKING THING? It’s absolutely insane, Spider-Man in high-fantasy all the way to the rafters. I’m talking about Peter Parker fighting dragons and wearing a flying poncho insane.

    3. I’ve found it hard to get a hold of good coverage of Mike and Laura Allred’s new Madman Atomic Comics and buying the first two trades I’m blown away by the lack of talk this book is getting. It’s beautiful, intelligent, exciting and funny, but it feels like it’s a sleeper title. I haven’t got any numbers for it’s sales, but I feel like this is a book that really deserves a show or maybe just a trade feature. What are the chances of you all taking a look at this series on the site?

    That’s all crew, can’t wait for the next episode!

    Comment by Jess Mutter — June 3, 2009 @ 3:11 pm

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