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May 27, 2009

Question Time!

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We’re quickly approaching the summit of the [Batmaan Death] March to One Hundred! This Momentous Occasion will be celebrated with Funnybook Babylon’s first Listener Mailbag segment! And like the British Parliament, no questions will be barred!

So whether you want to vent about how the gentleman from Bay Ridge is a simpering idiot for not liking Casanova, ask for clarification re: a wrestling joke, promote your new mixtape – all comments are welcome!

We’ll be recording some time this weekend, so get your questions in to EDITORS at FUNNYBOOKBABYLON dot COM by… let’s say Saturday morning! And then thrill to one of us mispronouncing your name on our epic ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE!

Funnybook Babylon: We’re at least 1/3 as dedicated as Dave Sim!

May 19, 2009

FBBP #99 – Three Number Ones

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Just one episode until the momentous Episode 100! This week we take a look at three first issues fresh off the rack:

Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #1 by Ivan Brandon & Marco Rudi
Astro City: The Dark Age: Book Three #1 by Kurt Busiek & Brent Anderson
Unwritten #1 by Mike Carey & Peter Gross

At least one of these is probably worth your time!

May 4, 2009

FBBP #98 – Blood and Thunder

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Thor has NEVER BEEN MORE METAL! Except maybe from 1976-1985, apparently.This week, we review the stories that will comprise the upcoming Thor: Ages of Thunder, Matt Fraction‘s multi-artist journey through Marvel/Norse mythology. Fraction’s claimed he listen to a lot of heavy metal to pump himself up to write these stories, and it shows. We can’t recommend you listen to Slayer and Manowar while listening to this podcast, but let us know how it works out if you do!

Just two more until the big Episode #100 (which is technically something like the 108th podcast we’ve done, but if it’s good enough for The Hulk…) and we’re still soliciting ideas for it, general feedback, and gently begging for iTunes reviews. You don’t even have to be nice! We can take it! Joe’s getting quite good at editing out our sobbing fits.

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