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February 24, 2009

FBBP #92 – Et in Academia Ego

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The gang welcomes special guest A. David Lewis onto the show to discuss Comics and Academia! Also, to make dick jokes about Watchmen. We contain multitudes!

Lewis is the author of swell comics like The Lone and Level Sands and Some New Kind of Slaughter, both in conjunction with artist mpMann. Harvey nominators (and everyone else) take note: you can read the first two issues of Slaughter absolutely free online!

February 17, 2009

FBBP #91 – A Thick Line Between Love and Hate

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This week, Chris gets glum about the catalog of atrocities that is Terror Titans, but Pedro and Joe valiantly attempt to cheer him up by talking up the fun of Captain Britain and MI-13. Then everyone fights over whether David Lapham’s Young Liars is brilliant or banal. In the spirit of bipartisanship these shownotes will not take a side, but let it be known that the majority of FBB voters believe Young Liars is pretty great. But you don’t have to take our word for it! Gamble a stamp!

February 16, 2009

FBB Valentine’s Day Weekend: 25 Things Chris Loves About Comics

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What? It’s President’s Day, there’s no school, people are off work… it’s still Valentine’s Day Weekend!


February 15, 2009

FBB Valentine’s Day Weekend: 25 Things Matt Loves About Comics

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All of the smaller images are thumbnails, so click if you’d like a better look.

1. Hellcat

2. Liver Blow!

3. Thing’s Trenchcoat, Hat and Glasses

February 14, 2009

FBB Valentine’s Day Weekend: 25 Things Jon Loves About Comics

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Since it’s close enough to Valentine’s Day for government work, some of us at FBB have decided to once again put aside the women in our lives to reflect on our true passion: comic books. We decided to each list twenty-five things we love about comics, be they creators, characters, moments, plot devices, instances in time, whatever. Mine follow. (more…)

FBB Valentine’s Day Weekend: 25 Things Pedro Loves about Comics

On the worst day of the year for single people and absent-minded married men, Team FBB stood back and thought of the things that we love about comics. We capped it at 25 so that this series of articles would be completed sometime this year. One interesting thing that I came across while compiling my list was how many of these selections were based on visual storytelling moments. I’m starting to realize that I enjoy the art side of comics more than the writing.

February 13, 2009

Waited for the Trade: Eternals – To Slay a God

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Eternals: To Slay a God
Collects: Eternals #1-6 and Annual
Writers: Charles Knauf, Daniel Knauf, Fred Van Lente, Jack Kirby
Artists: Daniel Acuna, Pascal Alixe, Jack Kirby
Marvel Comics


Only slightly delayed due to NYCC!

The works of Jack Kirby are among the most influential ever produced in the comic book industry. He created characters as diverse as the New Gods, the Challengers of the Unknown, the Fantastic Four, and Black Panther, characters that have remained popular until the present day, though some of them have undergone several iterations. Marvel’s most recent re-imagining of Kirby’s work is the Eternals revamp, started by Neil Gaiman in 2006 and continued in their current series by Charles and Daniel Knauf, previously of Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.

February 11, 2009

The Banality of Evil: Kobra

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Faces of Evil: KobraFaces of Evil: Kobra came out two weeks ago, and if you’ve forgotten about it already, or never knew about it in the first place, that’s forgivable. A book like this would have normally passed us by more or less unnoticed, but we’ll be giving it a more extended look than usual, because it’s somewhat of a perfect storm of poor conception, execution, and quality control, and while we usually try to stick to the realm of discussion-broadening, constructive criticism here at FBB, there’s at least one thing in the issue about which little positive can be said.

FBBP #90 – Convention Wrap-Up Edition

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David Brothers joins us for a post-Con recap. It’s really just a collection of anecdotes, but it’s better organized than last year’s Posse Cut. In keeping with our co-option of rap tropes, here are our linernote shoutouts:

February 10, 2009

The Banality of Evil

Even now I curse the day–and yet, I think,
Few come within the compass of my curse,–
Wherein I did not some notorious ill,
As kill a man, or else devise his death,
Ravish a maid, or plot the way to do it,
Accuse some innocent and forswear myself,
Set deadly enmity between two friends,
Make poor men’s cattle break their necks;
Set fire on barns and hay-stacks in the night,
And bid the owners quench them with their tears.
Oft have I digg’d up dead men from their graves,
And set them upright at their dear friends’ doors,
Even when their sorrows almost were forgot;
And on their skins, as on the bark of trees,
Have with my knife carved in Roman letters,
‘Let not your sorrow die, though I am dead.’
Tut, I have done a thousand dreadful things
As willingly as one would kill a fly,
And nothing grieves me heartily indeed
But that I cannot do ten thousand more.

Titus Andronicus is a play so nasty that some scholars question whether the Bard could have lowered himself to write such venom. But it’s still pretty awesome, and Aaron is undoubtedly a Bad Dude. His hardcore BADNESS is exciting, almost refreshing when set amongst all of the more nuanced characters that populate Shakespeare’s other plays. But just like the kid who decides he would love to eat nothing but Fluffernutter, or the first man to edit together an All-Climax porno tape, the creative minds at DC have decided that it would be awesome if every antagonist in their comics were as evil and crazy as Aaron (or more likely the Joker).


February 8, 2009

UPDATED WITH SCORECARD: No Really, DC Still Doesn’t Think You Care About Creative Teams

I’ve said it before! Are they trying to make each book seem soulless and artistically uninspired at this point?

This weekend DC announced ten new titles, exactly one of which (Keith Giffen’s new Doom Patrol) was announced with a creative mind in tow.

February 7, 2009

NYCC 09: DC Universe Panel – Tape-Delay Liveblog

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It is said you must blog a mile in a man’s shoes before you may criticize his convention panel reports. So today, I have laced up another blogger’s shoes and covered the DCU panel yesterday at the New York Comic Con. Circumstances mean this is not nearly as timely as a professional site’s coverage, but there you go. Editorialization will come later.

February 6, 2009

The Banality of Evil: Prometheus

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I was chatting with Chris Eckert and David Brothers about how a lot of villains in comics seem to have no plausible motivation for doing what they do. This seems pretty obvious; for every Dr. Doom, who has an overabundance of motivation, you have a Bullseye who is just CRAZY and HARDCORE. If you’ve listened to last week’s podcast, you’ve heard the crew talk about Prometheus, who got a revamp last week as part of the Faces of Evil pseudo-cover theme. Here’s why that revamp sucked.

Prometheus, in Morrison’s JLA, was the kind of one-dimensional badass that worked for that title. He was a murderer and a villain, but it was implied that there was something a bit deeper to him. prometheus1He, for example, knew enough super-science to build his signature goofy helmet and build a house in limbo. Morrison, for better or worse, never really got around to fleshing him out, so that job falls to Sterling Gates, writer of Supergirl.

Gates blames Prometheus’s parents for his character traits. They stole stuff and shot cops, so Prometheus does too. That’s what you get as far backstory goes. Being a part of this family made him irrevocably, completely crazy. So crazy that he spends years going on the exact same journey as Batman, meeting (evil) monks, honing his (evil) skills. Only he kills a bunch of cops first. And then kills a bunch of cops after he’s done with the journey. Why? Because they’re cops and cops shot his parents while they were resisting arrest and shooting back.

February 5, 2009

New York Comic Con is Upon Us

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FBB will be attending the New York Comic Con, and with any luck will be posting coverage throughout the weekend. We’ll also be wrapping up the con with a special podcast, which we promise will not be a posse cut this time, though we’re not ruling out guest stars.

If you’re attending the show would like to meet with us for any reason, you can contact us at editors at funnybookbabylon dot com.

The FBB Gang camping outside the Javits

February 2, 2009

FBBP #89 – Final Audio Crisis

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Joining us for our final Final Crisis podcast is resident Annotation Ace David Uzumeri, broadcasting himself across nations on THE UNTERNET!

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