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January 21, 2009

Scrabble for Cheaters!

Filed under: Blurbs — Chris Eckert @ 11:47 am

Not really comics-related, but here goes:

This weekend 826NYC is holding a benefit event, its second annual “Scrabble for Cheaters” tournament. All proceeds go to 826NYC, a nonprofit writing lab and tutoring center in Brooklyn where I’ve volunteered for the past few years.

This year I am also competing in the SFC tournament as part of Team My Other Blog is About Scrabble. In order for Team MOBIAS to effectively compete, we need to cheat, and in order to cheat, we need sponsors. Cheating doesn’t come cheaply, as you can see from the Cheat List. That’s where everyone else comes in.

I fully realize we are in the midst of Financial Crisis, a years-long crossover event with more tie-ins than we can possibly catalog. I’m certainly not expecting anyone to have especially loose pursestrings at the moment. But if your heart is bursting with hope after yesterday, or if you’re feeling guilty about turning a grotesque Obama profit on eBay, then 826NYC is just the charity for you! I can speak from experience that 826NYC runs a lean and efficient machine, and any donations you make will go directly towards funding programs: keeping afterschool tutoring in pencils and protractors, publishing student work, buying equipment for more student-generated audio-visual projects, and all sorts of other projects to help cultivate expression and creativity in local youth.

Even if you’re not feeling charitable right now, you can help. There are 826 chapters across the country, and they’re always looking for volunteers. And to slowwwwwly turn this around to relevant FBB material, 826NYC affiliate the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. is finally entering the world of e-commerce. A selection of items should be available on the site soon, and all proceeds from BSSCo., both in Brooklyn and the virtual world, benefit the programs at 826NYC too.

Don’t worry, we’ll be talking about good ol’ fashioned funnybooks again soon, not all this sociopolitical activism that seems to have raised everyone’s hackles. But thanks for reading our charity pitches too. Go Team Comics! Go Team MOBIAS!

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