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December 8, 2008

FBBP #82 – A Podcast of Northern Aggression

This week: Two podcasts! Two first issues! One long Astonishing X-Men dissection!

Previous “Yes, This is Being Published” subject The Haunted Tank is now amongst the ranks of Has Been Published, and we discussed whether or not “A Racist-Ass Old Confederate Ghost teams up with a multi-ethnic group of wisecrackers to murder a lot of Iraqis” is everything it promised to be.

We also checked out the David-approved debut of X-Men Noir, one of Marvel’s latest iteration of Don’t-Call-Them-Elseworlds titles. X-Men Noir seemed better thought out than a lot of “Justice League Pirates” type stories, but is that enough?

Finally, this is so weird we want to throw it out here for people who don’t listen to the podcast to the end: it looks like Adam Felber, Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me panelist, is writing a Skrull Kill Krew mini-series for Marvel. Why? We’re not upset. We just want an explanation.

Check back on Wednesday for an in-depth look at Joss Whedon’s Astonishing X-Men. Two podcasts! Both under an hour! Will this trend continue? Will spring see dozens of podcasts, each a few minutes long? Stay tuned!


  1. Here’s my idea for a Film Noir inspired Elseworld: The racist-ass ghost of Jim Corrigan partners up with a (living) Crispus Allen.

    Comment by HitTheTargets — December 9, 2008 @ 2:57 pm

  2. Just something I remembered hearing in the past. General Robert E. Lee believed in the abolition of slavery. He fought on the southern side because patriotism to his state (virginia) was more important to him. He was made a general because he was a brilliant strategist not because of his strong feelings towards the political implications of the war.
    I just say that because it did seem to be a valid feeling during that time.

    Comment by Shawn — December 9, 2008 @ 5:02 pm

  3. About X-Men Noir: Why the hell would you take a cliché ridden genre book and dress it in another cliché ridded genre, and then rely on your characters foreknowledge of the characters to eschew the need for any character development?

    It made Powerless seem really cool in retrospect.

    What a terrible book. I didn’t hate the art as much as Jamaal though.

    Comment by Joseph — December 9, 2008 @ 11:49 pm

  4. Oh, also about the Civil War, just as Robert E. Lee supposedly belived in Abolition (although I think that it is apocryphal there’s no hard evidence). Maryland and W. Virginia were also slave states that fought for the Union.

    Also the original Emancipation Proclamation didn’t initially apply to slave states that fought for the Union. Some say that it was a ploy to destabilize the south and to re-energize support for the war in states that had a big abolitionist base.

    Comment by Joseph — December 9, 2008 @ 11:55 pm

  5. Oh and there were thoughts among some factory workers and abolitionist movements that there was a conspiracy between factory bosses and plantation owners. It was called the “Slave Power” conspiracy. They claimed that the factory owners were using racism to distract the workers from their inequities.

    Wierd stuff happened in the civil war.

    Comment by Joseph — December 10, 2008 @ 12:01 am

  6. good job as usual guys. i do already miss the longer nature of past shows. there was nothing better than joe going on and on about something while jamaal waits till he stammers a bit..then calls bullshit. longer form worked better for me..but i’m sure i’m the minority here.

    haunted tank was really suprisingly i went in like i have been with books these days mostly vertigo..where i buy and issue or 2 and really give it a shot. IR lost me in one issue..but really i’m suprised how vertigo is coming back..after all the great series of old died out i kind of left. so i have to really praise them for finally bringing out things that hold my interest.

    which is good small bits of solace in recent days as my father wa just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after he collapsed..lots of insane things going on that i know you guys give fuck all about. but yeah..between making comics..trying to find work..and of course trying to be there for my father in what looks to be his last days..comics is all i got right now. so haunted tank and the originals (i picked it up after your review) it kind of helps in the dealing with so much shit. and i have to say the podcast is helping me deal too. so really thanks guys. lifes just…bad right now..apocalyptic…so the few comics i read and this podcast is just keeping me moving.

    if you get a chance..check out some of my work..i left a link. also is the stories of the tale going on if you are at all curious.

    Comment by Robert McCue — December 10, 2008 @ 8:19 am

  7. Joe,

    I love the little history lessons you’re dropping in the comments section! As far as the art goes, it just struck me as really lifeless. What did you like about it?

    Comment by Jamaal Thomas — December 10, 2008 @ 8:29 am

  8. One thing: The whole “(filthy phrase in foreign language)!” “What’s that mean?” “It means he does improper things to watermelons!”

    That’s kind of a fallback of hack comedy writers. It’s like, haha, ironic juxtaposition, gritty street-level ethnic behavior followed by urbane sophistication! This is humorous, right?

    It’s the same idea as having a Vulcan hear “go fuck yourself” and claim that it’s “a physiologically impossible action”.

    Comment by DensityDuck — December 15, 2008 @ 8:02 pm

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