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August 5, 2008

Relax, Internet: Runaways’ Karolina Still a Lesbian

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Recently there was some controversy over new Runaways writer Terry Moore’s choice of words when discussing his view of the team. Moore repeatedly used the pronoun “he” to describe gender-bending Skrull Xavin, and new artist Humberto Ramos mentioned in his blog comments that he was “told” to redraw Xavin as a male. This led to speculation as to what this might mean for the nature of Xavin’s relationship to fellow Runaway Karolina Dean and what this said about Moore’s handling of Karolina and Xavin’s respective sexual preferences.

AfterEllen feared that the switch in Xavin’s gender was a move to “heterosexualize” Karolina, while some fans remained hopeful that even if Xavin is rendered fully male, the plot development would eventually rekindle a teased relationship between a still-lesbian Karolina and teammate Nico Minoru. In response to the controversy, Humberto Ramos posted clarification on his comments. Ramos attributes the controversy to “language difficulties”.

Hey guys, it has come to my attention that some comments I made about my designs for Runaways have been misinterpreted, a common mistake when your first language is not English, so bear with me to make it right this time. The confusion started when I blogged, “Xavin won’t be a girl Skrull, editorial make a note on that already, that one will change completely.” What I was trying to say is that I was redesigning the kids in order to get approval from the editorial staff, nothing more. In issue one, we will see Xavin in his boy shape, so when he is with the boys he is shaping to male, but mainly Xavin remains in her girl shape, because of her relationship with Karolina, which takes a pretty interesting direction (sorry, no spoilers today). This comment was in response to DAVID who wrote me, complaining that that SHE looked “too hot,” saying, “Less boobs, please. I’ve seen your art for years and you can do better than these spandex versions of Xavin (not “the Skrull girl”) and Nico. Otherwise, welcome aboard.

So good news for those concerned about Karolina getting “straightened”, Xavin’s gender sounds like it will still be primarily female, with the occasional mission-based swap. But bad news for all the Karolina and Nico shippers out there, they’re gonna have to stick to homemade slash for now.

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