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July 26, 2008

SDCC Linkblog News Round-Up Extravaganza: Day 2, Evening Edition!

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I guess everyone is out drinking tonight, so not a lot of news trickling out of San Diego. Here’s what we have, though. Eisner results and grousing coming soon!


A Batman panel! Grant Morrison makes some bold claims

What’s the most twisted bad guy we could put up against Batman? Nobody’s guessed it yet… I can’t believe it, nobody’s guessed it–it’s so up front, right there in every issue we tell you who we’re dealing with. And it’s a villain everybody knows.

I’m going to assume you don’t read our site, Grant.

More Morrison quotables:

Darkseid, when he falls backwards through time, it’s the first time he’s ever physically been here. Every time you’ve seen him, he’s been a projection. I wanted to do ‘Mister Miracle’ as everyone is all Black, I wanted to do Metron as Sun Ra. They shouldn’t be white. It all makes sense when it starts in my head, and then reality strikes.

At least, I assume that’s what he said. The only “Final Crisis Counselling” report I can find is Hannibal Tabu’s CBR recap and it’s about as easy to follow as Countdown on an off-week. Regardless, it looks like Chris Randle’s Afro-Futurism take on Morrison’s New Gods was right on the money. Space-B is the Place-B!

There was a Keith Giffen spotlight panel but the only person who seems to have covered it was a Legion of Superheroes fan, and consequently the only news item is that Giffen would be willing to reunite with Paul Levitz on Legion, continuing the trend of Legion as The Book about Teenagers Written by People Who Could be Grandpas.


Over at an Image panel, the big news is that the Four Remaining Image Founders (Erik Larsen, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Jim Valentino), a Guy Who Was Kind of an Image Founder but Dropped Out (Whilce Portacio), an Image Founder Who Got Kicked Out But is Now Back but Not a Partner Anymore (Rob Liefeld) and Guy Who Just Became an Image Partner (Robert Kirkman) will team up for a book called Image United. Given the checkered past of Image team-ups (Deathmate, Image Comics #0, The Image 10th 13th Anniversary Hardcover) it should prove interesting to see when this actually comes out, and who ends up actually working on the project. But assuming this actually comes out, and the previously announced Kirkman/McFarlane collabo Haunt actually materializes, we may be experiencing a new dawn of Todd McFarlane, Guy Who Does Comics Once in Awhile!

Perhaps buried in all of Image United hubbub, busy Darwyn Cooke will be writing and drawing an issue if Mike Allred’s Madman. Exciting!

Hey! Cosplayers! Would-be-vigilantes! Here’s your chance to make your dreams come true! Over on the TCJ message boards, Brian Doherety’s reporting that the following pieces of art were stolen from him today!

1) Jack Kirby Jimmy Olsen #144, p. 23
2) Frank Thorne “Tomahawk” page, don’t know issue or page—guys fighting with axes
3) Gene Colan Dracula #66, page with Drac meeting woman in single’s bar.
4) J Buscema rough pencil sketch Conan page
5) Kirby pencil sketch character study says “Super Friend” “Black Cop on prowl” or somesuch.

Be vigilant!


From visionary director Zack Snyder: My Chemical Romance will perform “like a cover of [Bob Dylan’s] “Desolation Row,” or something like that” for the end titles of Watchmen ! Are you excited yet?

Ludacris is at Comicon, I guess? And he wants to be in the next Batman film? MTV has a subsite dedicated to comic book films now? I am so confused by this brave new world.

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