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July 25, 2008

SDCC Linkblog News Round-Up Extravaganza: Day 2, Morning Edition!

Yes, I know that it’s practically quitting time here on the East Coast. But out in San Diego, our decadent western cousins are barely done with lunch right now. To keep the lists from becoming leviathan-like, here’s a rundown of what people have said this morning.


First thing’s first: Marvel is trying really hard to avoid courting religious controversy!

“Buckley stepped in, and said that Mephisto wasn’t the devil, he’s a Marvel supervillain, with no religious connotations.”

[A fan] asked if Thor will be treated like a “god” in his movie, and Feige said “They’re not gods in the comics, they’re extremely long lived multi-dimensional beings.”

Then again, they’re letting Cebulski straight-up call S’ym and company “demons” in the promotion for Ex Infernus so maybe this is just a weird coincidence.

Danny Miki, Koi Pham and Paolo Rivera are all Marvel exclusives. That really runs along a spectrum of people I am excited/not-excited to see working on comics I enjoy. I’ll let Pedro doing the hating.

More on the David Mack/Philip K. Dick thing: it sounds like the announced “Electric Ant” adaptation is the potential tip of the iceberg, and that Jonathan Lethem and Brian Michael Bendis are likely to get involved further along the line. It also sounds like French artist Pascal Alixe will be on art, rather than (in addition to?) Mack. Lots more background and preview art here.

If anyone got excited about Brubaker and Fraction revisiting Kitty Pryde as reported in various spots, cease your excitement!
mattfraction “”Uncanny” #504 will address the fate of Kitty Pryde, as seen in “Giant Size Astonishing X-Men,” Fraction said.” No I didn’t. Sorry.”


Seeley changed subjects and began talking about the Hack/Slash Annual which featured the comic book debut of Missy Suicide and some of her friends at—who are prominently featured as the victims of a mysterious slasher capable of killing his victims via the internet.

– Funnybooks have run out of fictional women to kill, so Devil’s Due Publishing gives us a landmark: actual women in virtual refrigerators! Eat your heart out, DC!


Aziz Ansari is taking pictures of Human Giant director Jason Woliner hugging every cosplayer he can.

This is probably the most unfortunate costume yet recorded, though the weekend is young!

Marvel is jumping on the ridiculous “Motion Comics” bandwagon, with both the Web 2.0 Mobisode Stephen King thing, but also apparently some sort of BET Black Panther project? Or is it a full-on animated series? I can never make sense of panel reports.

DC has a for-sure animated Batman: Brave & the Bold series coming out, but when I’m not sure; my understanding is that the licensing angle was announced prematurely, and so they’re rushing material to promote it. This might be why the series promises “countless” team-ups but thus far has only shown Plastic Man, 1950s Green Arrow and Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle. I think it looks pretty neat though, and hope it doesn’t fall victim to the knee-jerk “BUT IT’S NOT LIKE THE PAUL DINI/BRUCE TIMM UNIVERSE” criticisms every other DC animated project has gotten.


  1. I like how Marvel wants to have their cake and eat it too by insisting that One More Day has no religious connotations but still tries to justify the story literarily by saying it’s a ‘classic Faustian bargain.’

    Comment by Aaron Poehler — July 25, 2008 @ 6:53 pm

  2. There was a guy dressed as Solid Snake, complete with cardboard box, sneaking around the Cartoon Network booth. He got under the box, waiting a minute, then sprang up and scared the bejeezus out of some kids.

    Comment by Liz — July 26, 2008 @ 3:12 pm

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