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April 28, 2008

This Month in FBB on PopCultureShock

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As Jamaal pointed out a few weeks ago, we’ve shared some talent with PopCultureShock. David Brothers and his people have borrowed our best writers and let them go all out on their site.

I’m still trying to figure out how this deal benefits FBB, but David distracted me with oversized hardcovers and the promise of original art of gay mutants. When Jamaal gets free from his other legal duties, he’ll have to look into this. In the meantime, here are some links to work that the FBB crew has on PCS. I highly recommended the rest of their content too, even though ours is the flyest.

David is now in the Picks and Pans regular rotation. Here is his latest.

We’re apparently been drafted for Secret Invasion Braintrust duty:

Joe, Jamaal, Chris, and David talked about the first issue of Secret Invasion, and Joe, Jamaal, Chris, Pedro, and David followed up on Captain Marvel #5 and Mighty Avengers #12 here.

For a deeper read on the whole thing, Jamaal touched upon the similarities between Skrulls in the Marvel Universe and Muslims in America.

Finally, several of our writers have taken part in a new feature at PCS called Alternate Current, a rotating selection of thinkpieces about comics. David did one exploring the properties of long term serial narratives, Jon defended the honor of All-Star Batman and Robin, and David returned to talk positively of FBB Podcast whipping boy, Geoff Johns.

Keep an eye out for more FBB on PCS Secret Invasion Discussion this week, as New Avengers #40 drops, and stay tuned for more FBB/PCS collabos in general.

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