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April 17, 2008

The Javits Center Invasion Force! FBB Activate!

Filed under: Blurbs — Pedro Tejeda @ 4:11 pm

Tomorrow is the big day!

    The whole crew is off to the Javits Center to wade among the throngs of Wolf T-shirts. We’ll be attempting to bring some sort of coverage from the show, we will be hitting panels, talking to people getting pictures and giving you the classic FBB tough love approach on the con. If you’re there, you’ll recognize us by our dapper appearance, as our comic-con dress code is in effect. Every other con is attended by slightly drunk guys in business casual wearing too much cologne, and as Chris has said “we should we be any different?”.

    We will be there with members of the FB4L army, and we will try to get podcasts and posts throughout the con, so if you’re in a far away land, STAY TUNED!

PS: If you are a creator/artist and are a fan of the show and the site, drop us a line at joseph at funnybookbabylon dot com, and we will try to swing by your table! If you’re just a fan and you’re in town, drop us a line so you can buy us a drink.

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