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March 25, 2008

Oldest Rookie in the Game

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Wizard is doing an online poll for their annual fan award. They state it’s the only place online where fans pick their favorites in comics and pop culture. Yeah, Wizard is a pop culture magazine on the level of Maxim. Don’t think about it, it’s as stupid as it sounds. Besides we here at FBB like to question Wizard on its quality as an institution in just the comics industry.

For the most part awards can be popularity contests and don’t do as much for the winners as you would expect in the comic industry.  After Bendis won one, the Eisner Awards’ Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition used to mean that your talent would be less recognized. Sometimes the category is lock down so hard that no one else has a chance. That is the case of Todd Klein, who has won the Best Letterer/Lettering every single year except for that one time Stan Sakai had the audacity to compete against him. Stan’s never been the same man since. You kind of question the nominees in some categories, wondering what someone was smoking when they came up with them. This year, the Wizard poll is no exception with 4 head shaking listings.

David Aja (Immortal Iron Fist) (Details)
Shane Davis (Mystery in Space) (Details)
Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League of America) (Details)
Khoi Pham (X-Factor) (Details)
Stjepan Sejic (Witchblade) (Details)

At first glance this listing looks pretty solid, and I for one can’t argue with the talent listed in this category. Each one of these guys has been delivering, however in the case of Dwayne McDuffie, the guy has been delivering for almost 20 years. Now, you may be saying, well it’s not as if he has had solid comic work before 2 years ago… oh wait wasn’t he the producer for all of the Justice League episodes since forever? The guy created Deathlok for godsakes. I’m surprised George Perez and Lee Weeks aren’t in this category. Shit, too bad Stan Lee Meets the Marvel Universe came out in 2006. A couple of months and he would have had this category on lock.

Jim Lee (All Star Batman and Robin) (Details)
Steve McNiven (Civil War) (Details)
Frank Quitely (All Star Superman) (Details)
Alex Ross (Justice) (Details)
Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern) (Details)

The selections here are okay. I like other artists, but there are so many different artists with styles and even if this leans much more to the school of most lines is the best type of artist, they are the best artists in that particular school. The big issue I do have here is the fact that Alex didn’t draw Justice by himself, he pained over Doug Braithwaite’s pencils. I kind of have a soft spot for Ross, but his art style changes completely when he draws over his own pencils vs. when he draws over someone else. His covers and his work in Justice don’t look the same in a way that I think is much different than what happens with different inkers.

Moose Baumann (Green Lantern) (Details)
Frank D’Armata (Uncanny X-Men) (Details)
Richard Isanove (Amazing Spider-Man) (Details)
Laura Martin (Astonishing X-Men) (Details)
Alex Sinclair (Justice League of America) (Details)

This list is full of quality guys, I’m not even so mad that Richard Isnaove, who did two issues of Amazing Spider-man in his entire career is listed for those issues instead of the Gunslinger mini which is the reason why he’s on the nod. It’s just the fact that these guys got listed over other names that kind of win Eisners, like Patricia Mulvihill, Matt Hollingsworth or Dave Stewart. Shit, Dave McCaig turned this into this! Maybe we just have way too many good colorists out there and if you aren’t on a major book people won’t see it? But then you look at Dean White on Iron Man and Christina Strain on World War Hulk and the list kind of makes you just wonder what’s up with the choices.

I leave you with a category that bugs me to no end but not enough to write about.

Batman offered Sinestro Corps ring (Green Lantern #17) (Details)
Cyclops lets loose (Astonishing X-Men #23) (Details)
Death of Captain America (Captain America #25) (Details)
Multi-Lanterns revealed (Green Lantern #25) (Details)
Thor punches Iron Man (Thor #3) (Details)

I bet you guys can come up with better moments than these.

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    Dwayne McDuffie (Justice League of America) (Details)”

    I have a different problem with this one. If I were to vote on this, I would want to vote for McDuffie because he’s long been one of my favorites since the Milestone days. If I didn’t vote for him, would I be saying he isn’t my favorite talent on the list? My head hurts!

    Comment by Kenny — March 25, 2008 @ 10:28 pm

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