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March 15, 2008

An Impassioned Plea to Marvel Comics

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Please, Marvel, don’t do this to us.

CBR reports that Matt Fraction is joining Ed Brubaker on Uncanny X-Men in a cowriting capacity, swapping off arcs. This is fantastic news; these are two great talents that have worked very well together in the past, and will really kick things up a notch for the title. I was excited for about all of five goddamn minutes.

Ed Brubaker will co-write “Uncanny X-Men” with Fraction starting on issue #500. Greg Land and new Marvel exclusive Terry Dodson will rotate art chores.

Oh, come ON.

This is just awful. For a while, Marvel was keeping Land relatively compartmentalized – I would be perfectly happy if Land worked with Jeph Loeb for the rest of his career. However, Uncanny X-Men is a flagship book with two talented writers and they need an actual fucking storyteller for an artist, not an overgrown child with Penthouse and tracing paper. Storm on that cover is in the same fucking position as, like, every ‘spellcasting’ woman he’s ever drawn, traced off of some chick possibly mid-coitus. For God’s sake, Marvel, don’t do this to me, don’t make me read a comic I’m looking forward to and have half of the issues making me wince every time I turn the fucking page. I could deal with almost any artist more than this. Can’t you steal Cliff Chiang or something?


  1. Greg Land is here and he is going to ruin your summer.

    I seriously can’t understand how anyone at Marvel can think this is a good idea.

    Comment by Ryan — March 16, 2008 @ 6:34 pm

  2. Pixie……Jesus Christ…..

    Comment by Dan — March 16, 2008 @ 10:18 pm

  3. Does anyone know why he’s still such hot shit in the company? Why? How? Are they totally crooked or does he have photos of Quesada somewhere or what? He’s reviled among fans and I can’t imagine he’s popular among artists.

    Comment by Jbird — March 16, 2008 @ 10:21 pm

  4. Grargh.
    You can always tell the stuff that Land couldn’t find a good photo reference for. It’s always the weakest, least creative, and sloppiest.
    For this one, I’m guessing he couldn’t find any Beast or Colossus stuff to steal.
    I guess we should consider ourselves lucky that he doesn’t steal the men drawings from pictures of gay porn.

    Comment by John Foley — March 17, 2008 @ 12:17 am

  5. Jbird: I’ve said this elsewhere, but the draw of Land’s art is the surface appeal. It looks pretty if you just glance over it; everything is “realistic” and “detailed” and “sexy”. It’s not until you start paying attention to the actual structuring and storytelling that you notice the real problems. Plus the whole plagiarism thing might not be known to everybody, and even then not everyone seems to care.

    Comment by Hoatzin — March 17, 2008 @ 3:48 am

  6. Actually Dave nailed it when we were typing at each other earlier tonight, when he pointed out that land is essentially using Colorforms for Superheros.

    I eagerly await the landmark case of Colorform Corporation v. Greg Land. “Infringement on patent for developing a scene using a background and several punch-out figures”

    Comment by Bill Nuttycombe — March 18, 2008 @ 1:24 am

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