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March 4, 2008

FBBP #47 – A Date with Doctor Doom

Caution: The Funnybook Babylon Podcast contains mature language and content.

[00:00] :
Chris Eckert’s open letter to the New York Comic Con. He advocates the new FBB con dress code. – For further details view this educational clipmirror.

[03:50] :

This is the greatest idea that this podcast has formed.

Image provided by 4th letter‘s Hoatzin.

We expose the next big Marvel book spinning out of Secret Invasion. You better get your duct tape, Internet, cause we broke you like we were Iverson.

[09:50] :
Criminal vs. RASL vs. Kick-Ass – A discussion of 3 books with new starting off points. Do they deliver and are we classy enough to avoid saying one of these books does not fulfill its title?

Spoiler : Nah, cause the new Jeff Smith book doesn’t feature a single figure four, a chop, or WOOOOOOOO!

[23:45] :
Comic Creators’ Kids who we think are better than their parents. Eli Kolchaka, Jake Phillips, Lillian Baker, John Romita Jr. Yeah, the Super Kubert Bros not being on the list is no accident.

[37:30] :

Faceless Lesbian Omnibus: The Question : 52 Aftermath: Crime Bible: Five Lessons of Blood : Gotham Central : The Animated Series : Carriage Returns and Colons
Written by Greg Rucka;
Art and Cover by like half of DC’s Artist Pool

4 straight male comic bloggers discuss the newest chapter in Renee Montoya’s quest from background animated character to a possible Final Crisis role. Their only hope is a universe hopping sentient WordPress Install based on the memories of Jason Todd and Earth-29’s most famous blogger, Celia Cruz? Asucar.

On sale Sept 28 o 1004 pg, FC, $99.99 US

[50:40] :
This is exactly what happened when Pedro got to the end of Blue Beetle. You think I am joking. This is his reaction when we told him that the next one is John Rogers’s last.

[66:20] :

Dear Internet Best of Lists,

We are officially nominating Kenny of USM for best Supporting character of ‘08. I’m sorry all of Blue Beetle’s supporting characters. (I would normally link a youtube video to a quality portrayal of Hispanic families, but I can’t think of any.) I know you are well written and unique, but Kong is the anti-Geldoff in regards to being awesome.


The FBB Podcast Crew.

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