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February 1, 2008

Coming from one of the biggest fans of Captain America of all time…

Filed under: Blurbs — Pedro Tejeda @ 9:27 pm

There is nothing wrong with the fact the current one is strapped.

Steve Rogers has used a gun in his time. He served in WW2. There is no reason he would not have used a gun in a time of war. He however had a impenetrable shield and super human strength. He had options that most people do not have, so he took advantage of them.

This really doesn’t matter that much either way, since the current book has not been about Steve Rogers for a bit of time. It’s about James Buchanan Barnes. That man uses guns and it would be a betrayal of the character if he didn’t use them when he was Captain America. He doesn’t have a power set to fall back like Steve does. He’s a man trying to live to a legend larger than himself, and he’s going to use the tools available to do so. I know it’s passe to read the books that we are commenting on, but if you have been reading Captain America lately but this has been the theme for this character since the death of Steve.

The only thing I’m upset is he still using those WWII pistols. Seriously James, upgrade to some quality silver gats. It’s the 21st Century for godsakes.


  1. Nothing wrong with using those kraut bastard’s own lugers against them. And for christ’s sakes. It’s captain AMERICA. Can you image AMERICA without guns? It’s the fucking SECOND AMENDMENT. I don’t care how you feel about it, guns are as american as fucking apple pie. From John Wayne to Scarface, George Washington to Black Cesar, Guns are part of this country. Mickey Spillane, John Rambo, Sam Spade, Davey Crockett. Wyatt Fucking Earp, and even Steve Rogers. THEY HAVE ALL CARRIED GUNS.

    Pedro is right. Y’all need to unbunch your panties and grow the fuck up. This is America. Guns are part of the culture.

    Comment by Joseph Mastantuono — February 2, 2008 @ 2:25 am

  2. Who has a problem with Cap having guns?

    Btw Joseph, America having a gun culture isn’t a good thing

    You know what else is American as apple pie, sexism and homophobia(Y’all need to unbunch your panties)

    Comment by Panamagreen — February 5, 2008 @ 2:00 pm

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