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January 30, 2008

New Avengers Annual #2

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I ain’t saying I was right… but well…

People should have given Bendis more credit than they normally do.

January 28, 2008

FBBP #43 РControl de Da̱os

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Chris is out this week, But will be back next week…

So in the mean time, Pedro, Jamaal and I talk about McDuffie’s awesome debut issue of Damage Control, the announcement of the spanish issue of Blue Beetle, and a bit about movies and what’s on our minds at the moment. Enjoy.

January 23, 2008

FBBP #42 – Pros & Gods

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Pedro’s read Manga, and we weigh in on the ComicPRO’s debate. All under the shadow of having listened to The Loeb Report. We truly have traveled into the heart of darkness my friends, and we’re all a little shell shocked.

January 16, 2008

Pull List Reviews for January 16, 2008

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Hey, look, it’s my thoughts on this morning’s books! More, of course, after the fold.

Booster Gold #6: Basically everyone has been looking forward to this specific issue, and I assure you, it doesn’t disappoint. The series’s high quality standard continues, it’s rather funny – it’s hard to review this book, because I just enjoyed it so much. My only complaint would be that it was rather heavy on the recap, but considering the circumstances I understood, and it’s not like the issue leaves you hanging too much.

Robin #170: It’s… Chuck Dixon’s Robin. Issue 170. It’s not much different in tone from issues 0-100. Dixon is a slow-burn plotter, and he puts a lot on the stove here. Batista’s art is great. A good start, but we’ll have to see how the book continues.

January 13, 2008

FBBP #41 – Orphans

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The usual. It’s our podcast. enjoy.

January 11, 2008

Rambling and Linkblogging

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Here at Funnybook Babylon, we try to avoid linkblogging in favor of middlebrow thinkpieces about the comics industry (or if we’re being honest with ourselves, the superhero genre). We try to educate as well as entertain. But sometimes we break our own rules. Plus, I’m distracted by the presidential campaign and new gadgets, so I haven’t had the chance to finish Countdown…pt. 2 (which is eagerly awaited by the two three people who read the first one!)

January 9, 2008

Hits off the Source, Part Two: Hyper-Crimes in Hyper-Time with Superboyman-Prime

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In August 2002, on the middle of his run on New X-Men, Grant Morrison did an interview with the always-insightful Sequential Tart that had what was, at the time, a discussion of a project unlikely to see the light of day. The entire excerpt is relevant to this discussion, so see below:

January 7, 2008

Hits off the Source, Part One: Kirby, Evil and the Invisibles

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It’s no secret Grant Morrison brings his pet themes to everything he does.

At the end of the day, from the Filth to New X-Men to Seven Soldiers to Seaguy, his stories are epic sci-fi action yarns – usually, superficially, about good versus evil – underscored by an impassioned plea for mutual respect and tolerance. It’s a testament to the man’s craft that his work is so diverse despite the shared thematic underpinnings. His “villains” tend to be portrayed, in the end, as either pathetic and pitiful such as Sir Miles Delacourt from the Invisibles and Magneto from New X-Men, or natural processes that should be overcome or embraced such as Sublime from New X-Men, the Sheeda from Seven Soldiers or himself from Animal Man. However, I’d like to take a look for a minute at the Outer Church from what’s probably his defining statement, The Invisibles.


January 6, 2008

Downcounting: A Guide for the Perplexed: OMNIBUS EDITION! (Part 3)

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Jeez o Pete, just call me a Writer from Television and Film Writing a Funnybook, because I have been LATE. Work was hellish for a couple of months, and I prompted came down with some sort of ebola/OMAC virus the moment I had time off for the holidays. But that’s no excuse! Every day that I don’t post Downcounting is another day someone might be tempted to pick up the book for themselves. Thankfully, it seems like the message is coming through — no one seems to be bothering with the plethora of Countdown tie-ins — and that’s good! I’ll be doing a big summary of all those many books shortly, but trust me: you’re missing very little.

This post is going to wrap up our DC Omnibus recap of Countdown issues 27-22, and I’ve got issue-by-issue recaps of 21-18 in the pipeline for the next few days. After that, I hope to be able to adhere to my New Year’s Resolution: “Downcounting: Not Quite So Late in ’08”

January 5, 2008

To Catch a Comics Reader…

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Chris outlines comics he likes, but can’t read on the train.

Aaaand I’m spent. So ends round one of our Video Podcasts. Maybe you’ll see more, maybe you won’t.

January 4, 2008

ATTN: Blogosphere. Other comics came out last week besides OMD, and they were good.

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The ‘blogosphere’ was up in arms over the dissolution of a marriage that may or may not be everything wrong with the comics industry. I personally couldn’t even notice in between the bounty of amazing books last week.

The thing that blows my mind about this conversation is that there were tons of great books that were lost over in between the shuffle of useless year end lists and debates over comics that most of the people talking about comics were reading.

Jamaal and myself are here to rectify that situation. There was an insanely great book by Jonathan Hickman that came out last week called Pax Romana. No one is talking about it at all. Hopefully, next month people will. Do yourself a favor and grab that book during this quite weak week and enjoy one of the freshest books out there.

You won’t regret it.

Nightly News

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Jonathan Hickman
Nightly News
Image Comics

There is a lot of negative things going on in Nightly News. It’s heavily photo referenced art, nearly every alternate page features an info chart, a heavy handed political message, the ending feels very underwhelming and a little cliche, even down to the “it was me all along moment”. It’s very similar to the reasons of why I don’t care for Brian Wood’s debut work on Channel Zero. However, Hickman does a lot of good stuff here that overcomes these shortcomings. The opening issues were strong and told a type of story that I haven’t seen done elsewhere. His admits to the photo referencing but makes each of the shots his own. A contest he runs to find a scene referenced from a movie proves tough. In the end, there is more promise in this book than I originally thought. I wouldn’t recommend this at the full price, but cop it off amazon and also keep an eye out for other work by this writer.

Nightly News is pretty decent.

and Pax Romana is awesome

Preview available here.

January 3, 2008

Lifestyles of the Rich and Ballin’

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Pedro comes at ya with the top 5 comics that you can kill a man with…

January 1, 2008

FBBP #40 – Year-End Bonanza!

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Thanks to everyone who’s been listening this year, enjoy national hangover day, and enjoy our epic year-end podcast where we discuss the year’s events, and make wild predictions about 2008, and manage to reference wu-tang & countdown:arena together. One of our better efforts, so listen up!

Check out Huggabroomstik the awesome band that’s provided all our music for the year.

Let us know your predictions for 2008. Especially the ones that involve Darvel…

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