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December 5, 2007

Pull List Reviews for December 5, 2007

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1969new_storyimage6697920_full.jpgUncanny X-Men #493: Brubaker still isn’t the best writer for this title, but the overall coolness of Messiah CompleX is beginning to eclipse that. This issue follows up satisfactorily on last week’s cliffhanger(s) and sets up the next issue rather well, but something still seems intangibly off about Brubaker’s handling of the characters. Still, it’s an awesome mystery set up so far that only continues to unravel in interesting ways, so B for the issue but a solid A for the event so far.

8505_400×600.jpgRobin #169: Okay, this event has officially lost me. This story is requiring me to accept that Tim Drake is a complete fucking idiot, and I’m just finding it way too difficult to believe. This is still the best Bat-event since Officer Down, but that’s pretty damn sad company, and I really hope this issue stands out as a fluke much like Milligan’s last issue of this did. Perhaps a different writer could have sold me on this turn of events, I don’t know, but Milligan completely failed and it sinks not just the issue but almost the whole story. A sad C-. Competently enough told, I guess, but I just can’t accept the plot.

8340_400×600.jpgJustice League of America #15: It’s a big dumb fight issue. McDuffie knows it’s a big dumb fight issue, he knows there’s no way characters this intelligent would participate in this — it’s part of the story. So it’s a smart, self-aware big dumb fight issue, but it is what it is, and that’s frankly a disappointing start to McDuffie’s run on DC’s flagship book. I’ve been given to understand McDuffie originally pitched a Black Canary story for his first arc, but it got vetoed because she’d be preoccupied with the wedding, which I guess is fair enough, but it still doesn’t feel like a story McDuffie was dying to tell. Ed Benes’s pin-up ass-shot-filled crap on every page certainly doesn’t help – superhero comics simply can’t look more generic than this. I certainly haven’t given up on this run yet, but after a stellar first issue this is really weak. C+

8448_400×600.jpgJustice Society of America #11: This arc has been top-class Johns-style superhero work each month, and the trend continues. This arc has gone a long way in my eyes towards selling me not only on the concept of Kingdom Come Superman on New Earth, but also that the new multiverse can lead to really great stories that illuminate the regular cast as long as it’s used correctly (which, well, it mostly isn’t). It’s not the best issue of this book so far, but it keeps up the book’s quality and that’s enough. B+

8521_400×600.jpgSupergirl #24: Okay, now I get it. Last issue really was just that simple – while this one is way more complex, using a very dialogue-light script to tell what’s actually a pretty damn emotional story that finally starts treating the relationship between Kara and Kal, well, like it should be treated — both in the present and in the past. Guest co-artist Lee Ferguson’s renditions of Krypton work well in contrast to Drew Johnson’s present-day, with a number of very amusing moments. This is fixing Supergirl. Thank God. A-

wwhasmash.jpgWorld War Hulk: Aftersmash: Hey, kids! More comics to buy! Also, the war took a little while to end but now it’s over and shit. I was hoping due to Pak’s involvement it’d be something different, but this is really the same catchall cleanup crap we saw in 2005’s Decimation one-shot and the Bendis/Silvestri Civil War: The Initiative. Recommended for completists, I guess, and it’s certainly a lot of pages, but I don’t really know if it’s all that much story. C+

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  1. I haven’t been enjoying McDuffie’s take on the JLA so far, but I have been enjoying Benes’s work. I’m still hoping McDuffie pulls out one of his Milestone-level scripts. I know it’s in him….

    Comment by Kenny — December 6, 2007 @ 10:45 am

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