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November 28, 2007

Pull List Reviews for November 28, 2007

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Happy Wednesday morning from Canada, where we actually get our comics! Here’s some nice, spoiler-free thoughts on the stuff I’ve read this morning.

senssm41.jpgSensational Spider-Man #41
J. Michael Straczynski & Joe Quesada

If you were down on this story so far, don’t expect this to change your mind. This story arc is turning out to be about as lame and hackneyed as everyone feared, consisting of a series of unpredictable deus ex machinas to bring about a status quo change. I doubt it’s all said and done just yet, and there’ll be some twist in the fourth installment, but as a story this really kind of sucks. D+

8444_400×600.jpgBatman #671
Grant Morrison & Tony Daniel

On the other side of the crossover spectrum, Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul reaches its midpoint with tons of revelations within. It seems odd that the event’s architect, Grant Morrison, would make this halfway point his final issue of the crossover, but this does serve as a sort of thematic climax and it could all be pieces falling into place from here. This crossover is nothing if not unpredictable, though, so all bets are off — which, combined with Morrison’s usual deft skill with complex superhero action, makes this issue an A-

0564632001194295890image_big.jpgX-Men #205
Mike Carey & Chris Bachalo

It’s a Mike Carey fight issue, which means it’s filled with quips that seem somewhat more droll than the characters usually exhibit, and it also doesn’t matter because the fight is usually creative. Except here. It’s a pretty standard superhero fight, through and through, with an appropriate (if somewhat predictable) reveal ending to cap off the crossover’s first month. Not a weak installment if you’re invested in this story, but it’s not a standout high point, either. B

Green Lantern Corps #18
Peter J. Tomasi & Patrick Gleason w/Jamal Igle

Sodam Yat: Now somewhat less of a random cipher! This is the Superman-Prime/Ion fight we’ve been promised for a while, except it really just uses that as a framing device for fleshing out who Sodam Yat is. The art’s very pretty, with Patrick Gleason handling the fight in the present day and a Jamal Igle/Jerry Ordway tagteam handling Sodam’s rather interesting past. Apparently, Daxamites are assholes. I’m warming up to Tomasi. B+

8443_400×600.jpgSuperman Annual #13
Kurt Busiek & Carlos Pacheco
Kurt Busiek, Fabian Nicieza & Renato Guedes

This is the much-delayed end of “Camelot Falls,” and, well, honestly, it’s kind of a letdown. I loved the holy hell out of this arc back when it was something that came out on a semi-regular basis, but the incessant delays really hurt the story’s momentum until it seems almost like a curiosity now that it’s finally out. Some stuff happens, Superman punches people, ominous ending. Busiek, Nicieza and Renato “Healthy Supergirl” Guedes contribute a very wholesome backup story about the entire extended Kent/El family going on a trip to some alien planet. It’s fun, but not gun-to-your-head required-reading. B- overall

8320_400×600.jpgAll Star Batman & Robin, the Boy Wonder #8
Frank Miller & Jim Lee

Somehow, every issue of this series takes what we thought was 11 on the previous issue, recalibrates it to 10, and then, once again, Spinal Tap style, takes it to 11. This is completely, awesomely ridiculous. A

52 Aftermath The Four Horsemen #4 $2.99
52 Part 1 Audio CDs $19.99
52 Part 1 MP3 CD $12.99
All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #8 Incentive Neal Adams Variant Cover $10.00
All Star Batman And Robin The Boy Wonder #8 Regular Jim Lee Cover $2.99
American Virgin #21 $2.99
Authority Prime #2 $2.99
Batman #671 (Resurrection Of Ras Al Ghul Part 4) $2.99
Batman And The Outsiders Vol 2 #2 $2.99
Batman Rules Of Engagement HC $24.99
Blue Beetle Vol 7 #21 $2.99
Countdown Presents Lord Havok And The Extremists #2 $2.99
Countdown To Adventure #4 $3.99
Countdown To Final Crisis #22 $2.99
Crime Bible The Five Lessons Of Blood #2 $2.99
Crossing Midnight #13 $2.99
Death Of The New Gods #3 $3.50
Deathblow Vol 2 #8 $2.99
DF Booster Gold Vol 7 #1 Signed By Dan Jurgens $29.99
Elfquest Archives Vol 4 HC $59.99
Faker #5 $2.99
Freddy vs Jason vs Ash #2 $2.99
Gen 13 Armageddon #1 $2.99
Gotham Underground #2 $2.99
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #18 (Sinestro Corps War Part 10) $2.99
Hawkgirl Hawkman Returns TP $17.99
Jack Of Fables #17 $2.99
JLA Classified #47 $2.99
JSA Classified #32 $2.99
Key To The Kingdom Vol 2 TP $9.99
Midnighter Vol 1 Killing Machine TP $14.99
Orfina Vol 1 TP $12.99
Showcase Presents Supergirl Vol 1 TP $16.99
Supergirl And The Legion Of Super-Heroes #36 $2.99
Superman Batman #43 $2.99
Superman Vol 3 Annual #13 $3.99
Teen Titans Go #49 $2.25
Teen Titans Vol 3 #53 $2.99
Tenjho Tenge Vol 16 TP $9.99
Testament Vol 3 Babel TP $12.99
Trials Of SHAZAM #10 $2.99
Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters Vol 2 #3 $2.99
What Would Wonder Woman Do TP $15.95
Wonder Woman Journal $9.95
Wonder Woman Mix And Match Stationery $8.95

DC Direct Merchandise
SHAZAM Series 1 Billy Batson & Hoppy 2-Pack Action Figure $14.99
SHAZAM Series 1 Captain Marvel Jr Action Figure $14.99
SHAZAM Series 1 Complete 6-Figure Set $89.99
SHAZAM Series 1 Dr Sivana With Mr Mind Action Figure $14.99
SHAZAM Series 1 Mary Marvel Action Figure Regular Red Edition $14.99
SHAZAM Series 1 Mary Marvel Action Figure Variant White Edition $17.99
SHAZAM Series 1 SHAZAM Action Figure $14.99

IDW Publishing
Complete Chester Goulds Dick Tracy Vol 3 HC $29.99
Gene Simmons Dominatrix #4 $3.99
Transformers Devastation #3 Incentive Nick Roche Sketch Cover $20.00
Transformers Devastation #3 Regular EJ Su Cover $3.99
Transformers Devastation #3 Regular Nick Roche Cover $3.99

Age Of Bronze Vol 3 Betrayal HC $27.99
Age Of Bronze Vol 3 Betrayal TP $17.99
Archibald Saves Christmas #1 $3.50
Bad Planet #4 $2.99
Bomb Queen IV #3 $3.50
Casanova #11 $1.99
First Born #3 Cvr A $2.99
First Born #3 Cvr B $2.99
Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #5 Incentive Nat Jones Variant Sketch Cover $25.00
Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #5 Regular Cover A Frank Frazetta $3.99
Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #5 Regular Cover B Nat Jones $3.99
Madman Atomic Comics #5 $2.99
Popgun Vol 1 GN $29.99
Proof #2 $2.99
Savage Dragon Vol 2 #134 $2.99
Tech Jacket Vol 1 Boy From Earth TP $14.99
Unique TP $12.99
Witchblade Takeru Manga #10 $3.99

Art Of Vintage Marvel Notebook Set $9.95
Avengers The Initiative Vol 1 Basic Training HC $19.99
Black Panther Vol 4 #32 $2.99
Cable Deadpool #47 $2.99
Captain America By Ed Brubaker Omnibus Vol 1 HC Direct Market Edition $74.99
Civil War Script Book TP $24.99
Daredevil Vol 2 #102 $2.99
Essential X-Men Vol 8 TP $16.99
Foolkiller Vol 2 #2 $3.99
Jack Kirbys Galactic Bounty Hunters HC $24.99
Magician Apprentice #11 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Iron Man #7 $2.99
Marvel Atlas #1 $3.99
Marvel Previews #52 December 2007 $0.99
Marvel Zombies 2 #2 $2.99
Moon Knight Vol 5 Annual #1 $3.99
Sensational Spider-Man #41 Joe Quesada Cover (One More Day Part 3) $3.99
Sensational Spider-Man #41 Marko Djurdjevic Cover (One More Day Part 3) $3.99
Spider-Man Address Book $13.95
Spider-Man Deluxe Notecards $13.95
Spider-Man Fairy Tales TP $10.99
Spider-Man Fold And Mail Stationery $8.95
Spider-Man Journal $9.95
Sub-Mariner Vol 2 #6 (The Initiative Tie-In) $2.99
Ultimate Marvel Sampler – FREE TBA
Ultimate Spider-Man #116 $2.99
World War Hulk Front Line #6 $2.99
X-Men #205 Incentive J Scott Campbell Variant Cover (X-Men Messiah CompleX Part 5) $25.00
X-Men #205 Regular David Finch Cover (X-Men Messiah CompleX Part 5) $2.99
X-Men First Class Vol 2 #6 $2.99
X-Men Messiah CompleX One Shot 2nd Ptg (X-Men Messiah CompleX Part 1) $3.99
Zombie Simon Garth #1 $3.99

Dark Horse
Berserk Vol 20 TP $13.95
Criminal Macabre My Demon Baby #3 $2.99
Cut GN $9.95
Fear Agent Hatchet Job #1 $2.99
MPD-PSYCHO Vol 3 TP $10.95
Shaman Warrior Vol 5 TP $12.95
Speak Of The Devil #3 $3.50
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #23 $2.99
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 3 #107 $2.99

Independents 803 Studios
Knowledge Is Power The World Askew #3 $2.95

Independents ADV Manga
Gunslinger Girl Manga Vol 6 TP $9.99

Independents Adventure House
Walter Baumhofer Pulp Art Masters TP $20.00

Independents After-Shock Comics
Sire Revelations #3 $3.50

Independents Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Gargoyles Bad Guys #1 $2.95

Independents Arcana Studios
Dark Horrors Anthology Vol 2 GN $9.95
Kade Shivas Sun #0 Incentive Greg Horn Variant Cover CGC Graded $50.00

Independents Aurora Publishing
Nightmares For Sale Vol 1 GN $10.95

Independents Avatar Press
Night Of The Living Dead Hunger Burrows Sketch Cvr $24.99

Independents Basement Comics/Amryl Entertainment
Cavewoman Pangaean Sea #10 Special Edition $9.99

Independents Black Boar Press
Springheeled Jack Vol 1 Strange Visitor HC $20.00

Independents Bluewater Productions
Ray Harryhausen Presents #1 $0.99
Ray Harryhausen Presents 20 Million Miles More #3 $3.50

Independents Bongo Comics
Simpsons Winter Wingding #2 $4.99

Independents BOOM! Entertainment
Potters Field Mark Waid Signed Con Exclusive $6.99
Talent Vol 1 TP $14.99
Two Guns #3 Cvr A $3.99
Warhammer 40K Vol 1 Damnation Crusade Limited Edition HC $49.99

Independents Broadsword Comics
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #47 $2.95

Independents Broccoli International
Coyote Ragtime Show Vol 2 GN $9.99

Independents Burlyman Entertainment
Doc Frankenstein #6 Cvr A $3.50
Doc Frankenstein #6 Cvr B $3.50

Independents Chronicle Books
Art Of Bee Movie HC $40.00
Art Of Beowulf HC $40.00
How to Draw Superheroes Kit TP $16.95
Japanese Schoolgirl Inferno TP $16.95

Independents Cinebook
Lucky Luke Adventure Vol 8 Calamity Jane TP $11.95
Melusine Halloween TP $11.95

Independents Del Rey Manga
Air Gear Vol 6 GN $10.95
Aventura Vol 1 GN $10.95
ES – Eternal Sabbath Vol 7 GN Del Rey $10.95
Gacha Gacha The Next Revolution Vol 5 GN $12.95
Genshiken Vol 9 GN $10.95
Mamotte Lollipop Vol 4 GN $10.95
My Heavenly Hockey Club Vol 3 GN $10.95
Pumpkin Scissors Vol 1 GN $10.95
Sugar Sugar Rune Vol 7 GN $10.95
Suzuka Vol 6 GN $13.95

Independents Devils Due Publishing
Hack Slash #6 Cvr A Seeley $3.50
Hack Slash #6 Cvr B Campbell $3.50
Independents Digital Manga Publishing
After I Win GN $12.95
Ai No Kusabi The Space Between Novel Vol 1 $8.95
Cute Beast GN $12.95
Dash GN $12.95
From Up Above GN $12.95
Glass Sky GN $12.95
Invisible Love GN $12.95
Ka Shin Fu GN $12.95
Laugh Under The Sun GN $12.95
Little Darling Novel $8.95
Love Bus Stop GN $12.95
Vanilla Vol 1 GN $12.95

Independents Dorchester
Deadly Beloved MMPB $6.99

Independents Dynamite Entertainment
Army Of Darkness From The Ashes #4 Regular Arthur Suydam Cover $3.50
Army Of Darkness From The Ashes #4 Regular Fabiano Neves Cover $3.50
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #3 Incentive Frank Cho Virgin Cover $10.00
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #3 Regular Adriano Batista Cover $2.99
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #3 Regular Frank Cho Cover $2.99
Highlander The Coldest War TP $19.99
Mercenaries #1 Incentive Michael Turner RRP Cover $35.00
Mercenaries #1 Incentive Michael Turner Virgin Cover $15.00
Mercenaries #1 Regular Michael Turner Left Side 2 Guys Cover $3.99
Mercenaries #1 Regular Michael Turner Right Side Woman Cover $3.99
Red Sonja Vol 2 Arrowsmith TP Previews Exclusive Jim Lee Cover $14.99
Red Sonja Vol 2 Arrowsmith TP Regular Adam Hughes Cover $14.99
Terminator 2 Infinity #5 Incentive Stjepan Sejic Virgin Cover $8.00
Terminator 2 Infinity #5 Regular Nigel Raynor Cover $3.50
Terminator 2 Infinity #5 Regular Pat Lee Cover $3.50
Terminator 2 Infinity #5 Regular Stjepan Sejic Cover $3.50

Independents Eureka Productions
Graphic Classics Vol 8 Mark Twain GN New Ptg $11.95

Independents Fanfare/Ponent Mon
Ice Wanderer GN $21.99

Independents FWD Books
Everyman Vol 1 Be The People GN Signed By Dan Goldman $6.00

Independents Grand Central Publishing
Shooting War HC Signed By Anthony Lappe & Dan Goldman $21.99

Independents Infinity Studios
Chun Rhang Yhur Jhun Vol 4 GN $10.95
Kyohaku Dogs Vol 1 GN $10.95
Unbalance Unbalance Vol 2 GN $10.95

Independents Insight Editions
Hanna-Barbera Treasury HC $45.00

Independents Japanime
Harvey And Etsukos Manga Guide To Japan TP $9.99

Independents Kenzer & Company
Knights Of The Dinner Table #133 $4.99
Knights Of The Dinner Table Bundle Of Trouble Vol 23 TP $11.99

Independents MacMillian Publishing Services
I Am Legend TP $14.95

Independents Mammal Publishing
Mammal Vol 1 First Times All The Time Newness And Never Before GN $9.99

Independents Markosia
Beowulf GN (By Markosia) $8.95
Flying Friar Color Edition SC $8.95
Hill TP $14.95
Hope Falls #1 Incentive Boultwood Variant Cover $10.00
Hope Falls #1 Regular Cover $3.50
Kong King Of Skull Island #1 Cvr A $3.99
Kong King Of Skull Island #1 Cvr B $4.50
Lexian Chronicles Full Circle Vol 2 TP $16.95
Of Bitter Souls Vol 2 Reunification TP $9.95

Independents Misc.
Robert E Howard & Two-Gun Bob Drawings By Jim & Ruth Keegan TP $10.00

Independents Moonstone
Moonstones Holiday Super Spectacular $5.99
Phantom Vol 6 #20 $3.50

Independents Osprey Graphics
Graphic History Vol 9 The Tide Turns SC $9.95

Independents Panini Books
Doctor Who Vol 1 Voyager TP $31.95

Independents Pure Imagination Publishing
Complete Jack Kirby Vol 1 TP $25.00

Independents Quirk Books
Spys Guide Office Espionage TP $14.95

Independents Random House
Best of Robert E Howard Vol 2 Grim Lands TP $15.95
Blade Runner (Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep) MMPB 25th Anniversary Edition $7.50
Down Home Zombie Blues MMPB $6.99
Dreamsongs Vol 2 HC $27.00
Star Wars Jedi vs Sith The Essential Guide To The Force TP $25.95
Star Wars Legacy Of The Force Vol 7 Fury MMPB $7.99

Independents Rebellion
2000 AD #1561 $4.10
2000 AD #1562 $4.10

Independents Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 11 $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 12 $12.95

Independents Seven Seas Entertainment
Amazing Agent Luna Vol 4 GN $10.99
Destinys Hand Vol 2 GN $10.99
Last Uniform Vol 2 GN $11.99
Tetragrammaton Vol 2 Labyrinth GN $11.99
Venus Versus Virus Vol 2 GN $9.99

Independents Simon & Schuster
Star Trek Titan Sword Of Damocles MMPB $7.99

Independents Terminal Press
Phoney Baloney Phony Island Phiasco $3.50

Independents Titan
Shaun The Sheep Comic #9 $4.99

Independents Vanguard Productions
Mythos Fantasy Art Realms Of Frank Brunner SC $24.95

Independents Vertical
Lets Make Cute Stuff By Aranzi Aronzo Cute Dolls TP $14.95
Lets Make Cute Stuff By Aranzi Aronzo Fun Dolls TP $14.95

Independents Virgin Comics
Dan Dare #1 Bryan Talbot Cover $2.99
Dan Dare #1 Greg Horn Cover $2.99
Dock Walloper #1 $2.99
Gamekeeper Vol 1 Tooth & Claw Limited HC $29.99
Masked Magician One Shot $4.99

Independents W.W. Norton & Company
Frankenstein A Cultural History HC $25.95
Killed Cartoons TP $15.95
Will Eisners City People Notebook TP WW Norton Edition $16.95
Will Eisners Invisible People TP WW Norton Edition $17.95
Will Eisners New York The Big City TP WW Norton Edition $17.95
Will Eisners The Building TP WW Norton Edition $16.95

Independents Wizards Of The Coast
Dragonlance The Black Talon Ogre Titans Vol 1 MMPB $6.99
Dragonlance The Secret Of Pax Tharkas Dwarf Home Vol 1 MMPB $6.99
Forgotten Realms The Citadels Neverstall MMPB $6.99
Forgotten Realms The Dungeons Crypt Of The Moaning Diamond MMPB $6.99

Young Readers Archie Comics
Archie #580 $2.25
Archie Double Digest #184 $3.69

Young Readers DC
Cartoon Network Block Party #39 $2.25

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