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November 16, 2007

Red Eye, Black Eye

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Cross country in the worst possible way.

K. Thor Jensen
Red Eye, Black Eye
Alternative Comics

In the first 3 pages of the book, Thor’s life falls apart in a humorously tragic way. Even though it’s all very sad shit, he depicts it so well that you can’t help laugh when you see him purchase an Ameripass, the greyhound version of an unlimited bus pass for all of America, and decides to get the fuck out of town. What follows is a 60 day trip of the United States by what has to be the shittiest form of transportation a human being can submit themselves to. Almost everyone he runs into has some short story that takes 2 pages of space that rarely connects with the ongoing narrative but tells us a lot about these people and where they live. They remind me of the fun origin stories that popped up in Sleeper and add flavor to an already enjoyable story. There has been a lot of play about “the memoir” lately. Even though I got burned out on them, Red Eye was a blast to read. Thor’s book doesn’t try to tell you this life altering experience to teach you some grand moral or attempt to take this deep analytical look of his life to dissect why he may be fucked up. It instead gives you a rather in depth look at this period in his life and just like Thor does, you end up taking what you want from it. It’s a ride that’s worth it if you can get a discount.


Preview available here.

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