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October 23, 2007

Pull List Analysis for October 24, 2007

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8135_400×600-1.jpgBlue Beetle #20
John Rogers & Rafael Albuquerque

Blue Beetle, my favorite DC ongoing, ties in with Sinestro Corps War, easily the most intelligently-planned writer-driven crossover of the summer (which is much like winning the best evolutionary theory award at Bob Jones University), and somehow I’m still scared shitless for this book’s longterm success. Everyone loves it, other writers love it, the industry loves it, it got a major push from an epic DC crossover – and it sells, frankly, like crap, not even in the top 100. Next to DC’s Checkmate, this is such an awful miscarriage of justice.

8120_400×600.jpgGotham Underground #1
Frank Tieri & J. Calafiore

Do you like Countdown? Do you think the current Batman books are too shitty? Is Jim Gordon not a huge enough douchebag for your liking? Well here is the book for you! If you thought War Games and War Crimes were the pinnacle of modern Bat-literature, and not that gay shit by Lapham or Morrison or Winick or Dini, then here is the down-and-dirty, Bat-book for you.

8147_400×600.jpgSuperman #669
Kurt Busiek & Rick Leonardi

This arc is setting up the “new history of the Kryptonian Empire” that, from comments from both writers, is going to drive the Super-books for the next while, with Johns making comparisons to the work he and Gibbons did with Green Lantern in 2007. And, uh, if that’s true, that’s pretty awesome, especially with the teases provided in Action Comics #850 regarding logical additions to the character’s mythology, and the stuff that occurred in #668. With DC’s “spine” going to Hell in a handbasket, it’s kind of hysterical that the ribs and ligaments are doing so goddamn well.

tscsmp_cv1.jpgTales of the Sinestro Corps: Superman-Prime
Geoff Johns & Pete Woods w/Jerry Ordway

This looks like a surprising amount of fun. Johns was, a while ago, a talented writer on the rise up, before the taint of public perception of Infinite Crisis started to reek on his character. He basically went from comics’ new golden boy to the latest whipping boy, and in the period since that disaster of a mega-event he’s regained a huge amount of good faith with his previous audience as well as skeptical new readers who couldn’t stand Infinite Crisis but loved 52. He’s done very well for himself. And with this special, he’s basically returning to the character that caused fan revolt in the first place, and cementing his bizarre but appropriate take in an almost career-defining manner. For a random crossover one-shot, returning to Super#*@-Prime is a pretty big moment in the dude’s career, and the preview on Newsarama bodes some pretty good things, at least in my opinion.

cabdpl46.jpgCable & Deadpool #46
Fabian Nicieza & Reilly Brown

I’m really worried about this book. I mean, I know it’s already cancelled, but considering the total aimlessness of this book so far… why keep publishing it? Is it killing time for #50? Messiah Complex? Both? This used to be one of Marvel’s most unexpectedly intelligent books, and the status quo provided for Cable via Mike Carey’s X-Men just seems to have killed it midstream — and yet, hardcore Deadpool fans are celebrating, I guess. I dunno. Maybe it’s just not for me, but I thought Nicieza was doing something really cool here, and I hope that whatever Messiah Complex holds it allows him to keep doing that. He’s an unfair and undeserved casualty of ’90s blowback.

mnknt13.jpgMoon Knight #13
Charlie Huston & Tomm Coker

Huston’s last solo issue, featuring the legendary Tomm Coker on art with the most hilariously disastrous premise ever: Moon Knight’s psych eval for Initiative membership. Considering the strong degree of understanding and characterization Huston has brought to this book so far, there’s no reason to think this swan song issue would be anything less than definitive — and he’s co-writing from here on out, so it’s not even like he’ll be gone.

whatifph.jpgWhat If? Planet Hulk
Greg Pak & Various

I’m not usually very big on What If?s, and I haven’t bought one since I saw a badass foil cover with Wolverine when I was, like, nine. However, I would be completely and totally down for the concept — and would buy basically every installment — if they followed the supremely logical philosophy of putting the original fucking writer on it. This issue features three tales of the Hulk — what if Hulk died instead of Caiera (with Leonard Kirk), what if Hulk made it to the original peaceful planet (with World War Hulk: Aftersmash artist Rafa Sandoval), and what if Bruce Banner landed on Sakaar instead of the Hulk (illustrated by the venerable Fred Hembeck). I don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about the possible outcomes of Planet Hulk except Greg Pak, and with Greg Pak on board, hell, I’m curious.

xm204.jpgX-Men #204
Mike Carey & Mike Choi

The calm before the Messiah Complex storm, featuring no less than sixteen pages of Endangered Species backup this week, since last week’s New X-Men was late. Carey has been pretty superb on this series, mixing X-continuity wanking with new ideas and smart character drama reminiscent of what Milligan tried to do in his run. The crossover comes last week, and this is really the final note of calmness before that… considering the intelligence and care with which this story seems to be constructed, I’m more than willing to give Brubaker, Carey, Yost, Kyle, David and co. the benefit of the doubt against the storied stigma of being an X-book crossover.

Action Comics #857 $2.99
Authority Prime #1 $2.99
Blue Beetle Vol 7 #20 (Sinestro Corp War Tie-In) $2.99
Countdown #27 $2.99
Countdown Special The Flash 80-Page Giant $4.99
Flash Vol 2 #233 $2.99
Gen 13 Vol 4 #13 $2.99
Gotham Underground #1 $2.99
Green Arrow Black Canary #1 Signed By Cliff Chiang $3.50
Green Arrow Year One #6 $2.99
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #17 (Sinestro Corps War Part 9) $2.99
Green Lantern Vol 4 #23 2nd Ptg (Sinestro Corps War Part 6) $2.99
Hellblazer #237 $2.99
Jack Of Fables Vol 2 Jack Of Hearts TP $14.99
JLA Classified #45 $2.99
Justice League Elite Vol 2 TP $19.99
Legion Of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century #7 $2.25
Loveless #20 $2.99
Red Menace TP $17.99
Robin Vol 4 #167 $2.99
Spirit Vol 1 HC $24.99
Superman Batman #41 $2.99
Superman Vol 3 #669 $2.99
Tales Of The Sinestro Corps Presents Parallax #1 2nd Ptg (Sinestro Corps War Tie-In) $2.99
Tales Of The Sinestro Corps Presents Superman Prime #1 (Sinestro Corps War Tie-In) $3.99
Teen Titans Vol 3 #52 $2.99
Uncle Sam And The Freedom Fighters Vol 2 #2 $2.99
VS (Versus) Vol 7 TP $9.99
Wetworks Vol 2 #14 $2.99

DC Direct Merchandise
DC Minimates Wave 6 Battle-Damage Wonder Woman With Modern Cheetah 2-Pack $7.99
DC Minimates Wave 6 Bizarro With Supergirl 2-Pack $7.99
DC Minimates Wave 6 Complete Set $29.99
DC Minimates Wave 6 Sgt Rock With Blackhawk 2-Pack $7.99
DC Minimates Wave 6 STRIPE With Stargirl 2-Pack $7.99
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Blood Elf Rogue Valeera Sanguinar Action Figure $14.99
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Complete 4-Figure Set $54.99
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Dwarf Warrior Thargas Anvilmar Action Figure $14.99
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Orc Shaman Rehgar Earthfury Action Figure $14.99
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Undead Warlock Meryl Felstorm Action Figure $14.99

IDW Publishing
30 Days Of Night Red Snow #3 Incentive Ben Templesmith Variant Cover $10.00
30 Days Of Night Red Snow #3 Regular Ben Templesmith Cover $3.99
Beowulf Movie Adaptation #4 Incentive Gabriel Rodriguez Variant Cover $15.00
Beowulf Movie Adaptation #4 Regular Mark A Nelson Cover $3.99
Beowulf Movie Adaptation TP $17.99
Gene Simmons Dominatrix #3 Incentive Fernando Goni Variant Cover $10.00
Gene Simmons Dominatrix #3 Regular Alex Garner Cover $3.99
Metal Gear Solid Sons Of Liberty #12 $3.99
Transformers Devastation #2 Incentive Nick Roche Sketch Cover $20.00
Transformers Devastation #2 Regular EJ Su Cover $3.99
Transformers Devastation #2 Regular Nick Roche Cover $3.99
Transformers Megatron Origin #4 Incentive Alex Milne Sketch Cover $10.00
Transformers Megatron Origin #4 Regular Alex Milne Cover $3.99
Transformers Megatron Origin #4 Regular Marcelo Matero Cover $3.99

Astounding Wolf-Man #3 2nd Ptg $2.99
Casanova #10 $1.99
Crawl Space XXXombies #1 $2.99
Glister #2 $5.99
Madame Mirage #3 $2.99
Proof #1 $2.99
PvP #35 $3.50
Velocity Pilot Season #1 $2.99
Walking Dead #43 $2.99

All New Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe A To Z Update #4 $3.99
Annihilation Conquest Wraith #4 $2.99
Avengers Assemble Vol 5 HC $39.99
Black Panther Four The Hard Way TP $13.99
Black Panther Vol 4 #31 $2.99
Cable Deadpool #46 Regular Skottie Young Cover $2.99
Cable Deadpool #46 Zombie Variant Cover $2.99
Daredevil Vol 2 #101 $2.99
DF Order Vol 2 #1 Signed By Matt Fraction $19.99
Foolkiller Vol 2 #1 $3.99
Legion Of Monsters HC $24.99
Magician Apprentice #10 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Iron Man #6 $2.99
Marvel Illustrated Man In The Iron Mask #4 $2.99
Marvel Masterworks Nick Fury Vol 1 HC Regular Dust Jacket $54.99
Marvel Masterworks Nick Fury Vol 1 HC Variant Dust Jacket $54.99
Marvel Spotlight Marvel Zombies $2.99
Marvel Zombies Covers HC $19.99
Moon Knight Vol 5 #13 (The Initiative Tie-In) $3.99
She-Hulk 2 #22 Incentive Ed McGuinness Variant Cover $15.00
She-Hulk 2 #22 Regular Mike Deodato Jr Cover $2.99
She-Hulk 2 #22 Zombie Variant Cover $2.99
She-Hulk Vol 5 Planet Without A Hulk TP $19.99
Thunderbolts #117 $2.99
Ultimate Spider-Man #115 Regular Stuart Immonen Cover $2.99
Ultimate Spider-Man #115 Zombie Variant Cover $2.99
What If Planet Hulk $3.99
X-Factor Vol 3 Many Lives Of Madrox TP $14.99
X-Men Die By The Sword #2 $2.99
X-Men First Class Vol 2 #5 $2.99
X-Men Vol 2 #204 (X-Men Endangered Species Parts 16 & 17) $2.99

Dark Horse
Bride Of The Water God TP $9.95
Chronicles Of Conan Vol 13 Whispering Shadows And Other Stories TP $16.95
Conan And The Midnight God TP $14.95
Conan The Phenomenon HC $29.95
Criminal Macabre My Demon Baby #2 $2.99
Fear Agent Last Goodbye #4 $2.99
Lankhmar Novel Book 3 Swords In The Mist TP $12.95
Serenity Those Left Behind HC $19.95
Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection Vol 9 Boba Fett Death Lies And Treachery HC $24.95
Star Wars Dark Times #6 $2.99
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #21 $2.99

Independents ADV Manga
Cromartie High School Manga Vol 12 TP $10.95

Independents Adventure House
Secret Agent X Dec 1936 Replica Ed $14.95
Spicy Adventure Stories Dec 1940 Replica $14.95

Independents Alternative Comics
Pictures Of You GN $11.95

Independents Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Jellyfist $8.95

Independents Antarctic Press
Ghost Pirates vs Ghost Ninjas Bride Of The Dead Sea $2.99
Gold Digger Halloween Special 2007 $2.99

Independents Archaia Studios Press
Killer #5 $3.95
Killer #6 $3.95

Independents Avatar Press
2001 Maniacs Hornbook Gore Cvr $4.99
2001 Maniacs Hornbook Reg Cvr $4.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Warrior Temptress Royal Blue Cvr $75.00
Doktor Sleepless #1 Auxiliary Edition $3.99
Doktor Sleepless #3 Incentive Warning Sign Variant Cover $6.99
Doktor Sleepless #3 Reg Cvr $3.99
Doktor Sleepless #3 Wrap Cvr $3.99
Garth Ennis Streets Of Glory #2 Incentive Platinum Foil Edition $8.99
Garth Ennis Streets Of Glory #2 Reg Cvr $3.99
Garth Ennis Streets Of Glory #2 Wrap Cvr $3.99
Lady Death Shi #0 Deadly Blades Cvr $5.99
Lady Death vs Pandora #1 Cat Fight Cvr $5.99
Night Of The Living Dead Just A Girl Red Foil Cvr $4.99

Independents Bandai
Eureka Seven Gravity Boys & Lifting Girl Vol 1 GN $9.99

Independents Black Library
Warhammer Blackhearts The Omnibus TP $11.99

Independents Bongo Comics
Bart Simpson Comics #38 $2.99
Simpsons Classics #14 $3.99

Independents BOOM! Entertainment
Fall Of Cthulhu #7 Cvr A Mavillain $3.99
Fall Of Cthulhu #7 Cvr B Walpole $3.99
Potters Field #2 $3.99
Warhammer 40K Blood & Thunder #1 Cvr A $3.99
Warhammer 40K Blood & Thunder #1 Cvr B $3.99
Warhammer 40K Blood & Thunder #1 Cvr C Incentive Sketch Cover $15.00
Warhammer Forge Of War #4 Cvr A $2.99
Warhammer Forge Of War #4 Cvr B $2.99
Warhammer Forge Of War #4 Incentive Painted Variant Cover $15.00

Independents Broadsword Comics
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose #46 Dlx Ed $19.99

Independents Broccoli International
Es Vol 4 GN Broccoli $9.99

Independents Checker Book Publishing Group
Growing Old With BC A Celebration Of Johnny Hart GN $19.95
Scion Vol 6 Royal Wedding TP $17.95
Sigil Vol 5 Death Match TP $17.95
Way Of The Rat Vol 3 Haunted Zhumar TP $17.95
Winsor McCay Early Works Vol 9 TP $19.95

Independents Comicbook Artists Guild
Comicbook Artists Guild #5 $5.95
Comicbook Artists Guild #6 $5.95
Psychosis #2 King Of The Realm Cover $5.95
Psychosis #2 Meth Trail Of Blood Cover $5.95

Independents Devils Due Publishing
Hack Slash #5 Cvr A Crank $3.50
Hack Slash #5 Cvr B Seeley $3.50
Hack Slash #5 Cvr C Incentive Tim Seeley Cover $5.00

Independents Dynamite Entertainment
Adventures Of Red Sonja Vol 3 TP $19.99
Lone Ranger Vol 4 #9 Incentive John Cassaday Virgin Cover $10.00
Lone Ranger Vol 4 #9 Regular John Cassaday Cover $2.99
Red Sonja Vol 4 #26 Ron Adrian Blood Red Foil Cover $19.99
Savage Tales (DE) #4 Incentive Stjepan Sejic Virgin Cover $10.00
Savage Tales (DE) #4 Regular David Michael Beck Cover $4.99
Savage Tales (DE) #4 Regular Stjepan Sejic Cover $4.99
Sword Of Red Sonja Doom Of The Gods #1 Foil Cover $24.99
Witchblade Shades Of Gray #3 Incentive E-Bas Black And White Cover $12.00
Witchblade Shades Of Gray #3 Regular Adriano Batista Cover $3.50
Witchblade Shades Of Gray #3 Regular E-Bas Cover $3.50
Witchblade Shades Of Gray #3 Regular Stephen Segovia Cover $3.50

Independents Fantagraphics
Mineshaft #20 $6.95
Usagi Yojimbo Book 3 The Wanderers Road TP New Printing $15.95

Independents Go! Comics
Black Sun Silver Moon Vol 3 GN $10.99
Night Of The Beasts Vol 5 GN $10.99
Train Plus Train Vol 4 GN $10.99

Independents Graphitti Designs
Southland Tales The Prelude Saga TP $29.95

Independents Harper Collins
Beowulf Scriptbook TP $16.95
Family Guy Peter Griffins Guide To The Holidays TP $18.95
Last Days Of Krypton HC $24.95
M Is For Magic HC Limited Signed Edition $60.00

Independents Last Gasp
Original Art Of Basil Wolverton HC $35.00

Independents Manga University
Kanji De Manga Vol 5 TP $9.99

Independents Markosia
Kong King Of Skull Island #0 $1.99

Independents Mirage Studios
Tales Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #39 $3.25

Independents NBM
Boneyard Vol 6 TP $9.95

Independents Picturebox
Maggots GN $21.95
New Engineering GN $19.95
Powr Mastrs Vol 1 GN $18.00
Storeyville GN $24.95

Independents Portfolio Hardcover
Stick To Drawing Comics Monkey Brain HC $24.95

Independents Pure Imagination Publishing
Basil Wolverton Agony And Ecstasy TP $25.00

Independents Rebellion
2000 AD #1557 $4.10
2000 AD #1558 $4.10
2000 AD Extreme Ed #25 $5.99

Independents Red 5 Comics
Neozoic #1 $2.95

Independents Titan
Shaun The Sheep Comic #8 $4.99
Spider-Man Icon Stan Lee HC Signed Previews Exclusive Variant Cover Edition $100.00
Stargate SG-1 Illustrated Companion Season 9 TP $16.95

Independents Tool Publications
Into The Dust #2 $2.99

Independents Virgin Comics
India Authentic #6 Vishnu $2.99
Ramayan 3392 AD Reloaded #2 Kang Cvr $2.99
Ramayan 3392 AD Reloaded #2 Starlin Cvr $2.99

Independents Viz Media
Art Of Angel Sanctuary 2 Lost Angel HC $19.99

Independents Watson-Guptill Publications
Swords & Sorcery How To Draw Fantastic Fantasy Adventure Comics TP $19.95

Young Readers Archie Comics
Betty #169 $2.25
Jughead And Friends Digest #24 $2.49
Pals N Gals Double Digest #116 $3.69
Sonic The Hedgehog Vol 2 #181 $2.25

Young Readers DC
Scooby Doo Vol 6 #125 $2.25

Young Readers Papercutz
Hardy Boys Vol 10 A Hardy Days Night HC $12.95
Hardy Boys Vol 10 A Hardy Days Night TP $7.95

Young Readers Scholastic
Star Wars A Pop-Up Guide To The Galaxy HC $32.99

Adventures Of Aquaman The Complete Collection DVD $26.99
Art Of Shunya Yamashita Shion Fine Art Bust $59.99
Bowman 2007 NFL T/C Box TBA
Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #19 Punisher $12.00
Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #20 Black Cat $12.00
Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine #50 Hawkeye $12.00
Classic Marvel Figurine Collection Magazine Spider-Man Black Costume Special $29.00
Daredevil Cold-Cast Porcelain Statue $199.99
Daredevil Yellow Hard Hero Dealer Exclusive Cold-Cast Porcelain Statue $225.00
DC Minimates Wave 6 Battle-Damage Wonder Woman With Modern Cheetah 2-Pack $7.99
DC Minimates Wave 6 Bizarro With Supergirl 2-Pack $7.99
DC Minimates Wave 6 Complete Set $29.99
DC Minimates Wave 6 Sgt Rock With Blackhawk 2-Pack $7.99
DC Minimates Wave 6 STRIPE With Stargirl 2-Pack $7.99
Fathom Kiani Statue $349.99
Ghost Rider Ghostly Head Black T/S Lg $16.99
Ghost Rider Ghostly Head Black T/S XL $16.99
Gundam Extended MSIA RX-78 Gundam Real Color Action Figure $13.99
Gundam Extended MSIA Wing Gundam Zero Action Figure $18.99
Gundam Nu Gundam SP HCM Pro Action Figure $55.99
Gundam Turn-A Gundam MG Model Kit $44.99
Halo 3 Master Chief ARTFX Statue $99.99
Marvel Minimates Marvel Zombies Giant Man & Daredevil 2-Pack $6.99
Neon Genesis Evangelion EVA Unit-01 HCM Pro Action Figure $44.99
Queens Blade EX Model Erina PVC Statue $69.99
Queens Blade EX Model Tomoe PVC Statue $69.99
Spawn Series 32 The Adventures Of Spawn Series 2 Action Figure Assortment Case TBA
Star Trek II The Wrath Of Khan USS Enterprise Replica $45.00
Star Wars Boba Fett Bobblehead $11.99
Star Wars Darth Vader TIE Fighter Bobblehead $25.99
Star Wars Yoda Bobblehead $11.99
Super Powers Team Galactic Guardians DVD $26.99
Topps 2007 Finest NFL T/C Box TBA
Transformers Autobot Hat $18.99
Transformers Decepticon Hat $18.99
Upper Deck 2007 08 Artifacts NBA T/C Box TBA
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Blood Elf Rogue Valeera Sanguinar Action Figure $14.99
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Complete 4-Figure Set $54.99
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Dwarf Warrior Thargas Anvilmar Action Figure $14.99
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Orc Shaman Rehgar Earthfury Action Figure $14.99
World Of Warcraft Series 1 Undead Warlock Meryl Felstorm Action Figure $14.99

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