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September 18, 2007

Pull List Analysis for September 19, 2007

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Catwoman 70Catwoman Vol 3 #71
Will Pfeifer & David Lopez

CHRIS: Will Pfeifer and a variety of talented artists have been putting out a solid book in Catwoman, and as near as I can tell no one has really noticed. After a year or so of stories involving improbably-cool-revamped-D-list-villains trying to get revenge on Catwoman by going after her infant child, this issue promises to address this, thankfully before such a plot device got tiresome. It’s a shame that more people know him as the guy that did triage on Amazons Attack than a fitting replacement for Ed Brubaker on this book. Lopez’s art on this title is a lot more polished and less rubbery on this book than it was in his Countdown issue, although I am starting to worry there is some sort of aura around that book that just makes me find flaws with things that aren’t terrible. Then I read another issue of Countdown.

7983_400×600.jpgCheckmate Vol 2 #18
Greg Rucka & Joe Bennett

DAVID: Greg Rucka’s final solo arc on the title (before the advent of new series co-writer Eric S. Trautmann, from last month’s one-off “Firewall”), “Fall of the Wall,” begins as the Suicide Squad are “introduced” for the third fucking time this month, months after they were unofficially introduced in Countdown and All Flash, and then Mike Carlin denied they were the Suicide Squad.
But anyways.
This book continues to fulfill its mandate as the Queen & Country of the DC Universe while still maintaining its own flavor and the kind of strong character work Rucka is known for, scans_daily coal-rakings be damned. This book has had a bad track record of intrusive fill-ins, but this seems to be largely curbed with this arc and the arrival of Trautmann, so it’s a tentative strong point of DC’s upcoming week.

Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding SpecialGreen Arrow Black Canary Wedding Special
Judd Winick & Amanda Conner

CHRIS: This is it! Green Arrow dies! I mean, uh, gets married! Or apparently just kidnapped. BY DARKSEID! Or something. I don’t know, at least the art by Amanda Conner should be good, though the previews I’ve seen aren’t as enjoyable as most of her other recent work. Maybe it’s some sort of looming joykiller casting a pall over anything related to Countdown.
DAVID: Winick’s Green Arrow run really found new life after One Year Later, and although it kind of dropped off after that I think there’s still enough juice left in Winick’s take on Ollie to justify another few issues. Then again, there’s the blatantly telegraphed threat of death, offset by the implication of kidnapping via this week’s solicits. So although this is a wedding issue, I really have absolutely no fucking idea what to expect from its contents at this point — or, well, an idea, but certainly nothing predictable and concrete. And I’m sure it’ll suffer from people who bought last week’s Justice League Wedding Special and got frustrated, because of the numerous people who thought that was the wedding special — and the people who didn’t buy it because they thought it had nothing to do with Justice League. Ah well. A total wildcard.

Hitman JLA #1JLA Hitman #1
Garth Ennis & John McCrea

CHRIS: Hey, it’s a two issue mini-series reuniting the Hitman creative team! Awesome! Maybe now DC will get the rest of the original series in print! I am pretty sure this doesn’t tie into Countdown but at this point I’m not certain I can make any promises about that.

Captain America 30Captain America Vol 5 #30
Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting & Mike Perkins

CHRIS: Thanks to Marvel’s First Look program, I got a chance to read this over the weekend. If this issue was recapped by R. Kelly, there are four moments, bare minimum, that would warrant R. to materialize and go “ohh shit”. If you haven’t been reading this run on Captain America, this is your lucky week as you can pick up the Captain America Omnibus featuring this team’s first twenty five issues this week, too. It’s consistently been one of the most entertaining superhero/action comics of the past few years, and is chock full of dramatic moments that are actually earned by the story, not just by in-built nostalgia.
DAVID: This series has been exemplary from the get-go, and really, Chris’s vetting alone is enough to justify this in my eyes.

Marvel Comics Presents v2 #1Marvel Comics Presents Vol 2 #1
Marc Guggenheim & Dave Wilkins, Richard Koslowski & Andrea Di Vito, Stuart & Katherine Immonen, Stuart Moore & Clayton Henry, Nelson

CHRIS: Marvel returns to the anthology stakes this week. The two stories here that stick out for me are the Immonens’ Hellcat serial, which has been previewed here and there and looks like a lot of fun. Also of note, perhaps more as a curiosity than a surefire crowd pleaser is Rich Koslowski’s maiden voyage into big-time superhero publishing, a twelve-part story following up on the new Guardian character from Omega Flight and New Avengers. An odd choice for someone better known for doing comedic material like 3 Geekls/Geeksville, but it could prove interesting. In the main slot is another Marc Guggenheim Wolverine story for fans of that sort of thing, and there are some one-off Spider-Man and Thing stories from Moore/Henry and Nelson that look kind of cute. It’s not a bad lineup, but for anthologies are always a tough sell, especially in an era where more and more people (including myself) are shifting towards purchasing trades.

wwhulk004.jpgWorld War Hulk #4
Greg Pak & John Romita Jr.

DAVID: This incredibly strong mainstream event – and breakout work for writer Greg Pak – reaches its penultimate installment in an issue that, from all appearances, at least seems to have massive repurcussions on Doctor Strange, not to mention the titular Hulk himself. Speaking of whom, recent news indicates that he’s going to get two stories come the beginning of 2008, published in vague formats — one the third part of Greg Pak’s “Hulk trilogy”, a 12-part epic with Carlo Pagulayan; the other, likely a visceral smashfest by Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness. The character’s future aside, given Marvel’s lack of complete overstatement recently, I’d say their promises of a major event in this issue are pretty likely to be delivered on.

Apocalypse Nerd #5Apocalypse Nerd #5
Peter Bagge

CHRIS: This is Peter “Hate” Bagge’s latest series, which is coming out really sporadically from Dark Horse. Two normal schlubs head out to the woods for a relaxing long weekend, and then there’s a huge nuclear war. The two attempt to survive, in the least heroic ways possible. I am behind on this series, and have only picked up the first two issues (which came out like two years ago!) but they were fun, and I have faith in Bagge for just about anything.

Streets of Glory #1Garth Ennis’s Streets Of Glory #1
Garth Ennis & Mike Wolfer

CHRIS: Everything Garth Ennis writes seems to neccesarily be full of ultraviolence. I’m okay with that. Sometimes the ultraviolence is straight, sometimes it’s mixed with grossout potty humor, and sometimes it’s mixed with sort of “male bonding” sort of sentiment. I have a lot of time for the latter, not so much for the former. The preview for this sort of suggests it might veer towards sentiment rather than having a dude whose face looks like a tit or something, so I’m cautiously optimistic. I say that a lot on here, don’t I?

52 Vol 3 TP $19.99
Aquaman Sword Of Atlantis #56 $2.99
Army At Love #7 $2.99
Batman Lobo Deadly Serious #2 $5.99
Birds Of Prey #110 $2.99
Catwoman Vol 3 #71 $2.99
Checkmate Vol 2 #18 $2.99
Countdown #32 $2.99
Countdown To Mystery #1 $3.99
Dr Thirteen Architecture And Morality TP $14.99
Ex Machina #30 $2.99
Flash Vol 2 #232 $2.99
Green Arrow Black Canary For Better Or Worse TP $14.99
Green Arrow Black Canary Wedding Special #1 $3.99
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #14 3rd Ptg (Sinestro Corps War Part 3) $2.99
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #15 2nd Ptg (Sinestro Corps War Part 5) $2.99
Green Lantern Vol 4 #22 2nd Ptg (Sinestro Corps War Part 4) $2.99
Hellblazer #236 $2.99
Hellblazer The Gift TP $14.99
Highwaymen #4 $2.99
JLA Hitman #1 $3.99
Justice Society Of America Vol 1 The Next Age HC $19.99
Key To The Kingdom Vol 1 TP $9.99
Legion Of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century #6 $2.25
Moon Child Vol 8 TP $9.99
Programme #3 $2.99
Robin Vol 4 #166 $2.99
Shadowpact #17 $2.99
Superman Batman #40 $2.99
Tales Of The Sinestro Corps Presents Parallax #1 (Sinestro Corps War Tie-In) $2.99
Testament #20 $2.99
Texas Chainsaw Massacre TP $14.99

IDW Publishing
30 Days Of Night Beyond Barrow #1 Incentive Signed By Steve Niles And Bill Sienkiewicz $25.00
30 Days Of Night Beyond Barrow #1 Incentive Virgin Cover $10.00
30 Days Of Night Beyond Barrow #1 Regular Cover $3.99
30 Days Of Night Red Snow #2 Regular Cover $3.99

After The Cape Vol 1 How Far To Fall TP $12.99
Compass #1 $2.99
Consumed #3 $2.99
Cyblade Pilot Season #1 $2.99
Dynamo 5 #7 $3.50
Ghosting #2 $2.99
Gutsville #2 $2.99
Madman Atomic Comics #4 $2.99
Repo #4 $3.50
Spawn #171 $2.95
Spawn Collection Vol 4 TP $29.95
Witchblade Takeru Manga #8 Cvr A Sumita $3.99
Witchblade Takeru Manga #8 Cvr B Kirkham $3.99

Annihilation Conquest Quasar #3 $2.99
Avengers Classic #4 $2.99
Captain America By Ed Brubaker Omnibus Vol 1 HC $74.99
Captain America Vol 5 #30 (The Initiative Tie-In) $2.99
Daily Bugle Newspaper October 2007 $0.25
Irredeemable Ant-Man #12 $2.99
Jack Kirbys Galactic Bounty Hunters #6 $3.99
Marvel Adventures Avengers #16 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #28 $2.99
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man Vol 7 Secret Identity TP Digest $6.99
Marvel Adventures Two-In-One #3 $4.99
Marvel Comics Presents Vol 2 #1 $3.99
Marvel Illustrated Treasure Island #4 $2.99
New X-Men Vol 2 #42 (X-Men Endangered Species Part 12) $2.99
Penance Relentless #1 $2.99
Silent War TP $14.99
Spider-Man Red Sonja #2 $2.99
Terror Inc Vol 2 #2 $3.99
Thunderbolts By Warren Ellis Vol 1 Faith In Monsters HC $24.99
Wolverine Origins #17 $2.99
Wolverine Origins Vol 2 Savior TP $13.99
World War Hulk #4 Incentive John Romita Jr Variant Cover $20.00
World War Hulk #4 Regular David Finch Cover $3.99
World War Hulk Front Line #4 $2.99
World War Hulk Gamma Corps #3 $2.99

Dark Horse
Apocalypse Nerd #5 $2.99
Banya The Explosive Delivery Man Vol 5 TP $12.95
Criminal Macabre My Demon Baby #1 $2.99
Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection Vol 8 Splinter Of The Minds Eye HC $19.95
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic #20 $2.99
Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #1 Incentive Gerard Way Variant Cover $12.00
Umbrella Academy Apocalypse Suite #1 Regular James Jean Cover $2.99
Zero Killer #2 $2.99

Abstract Studios
Strangers In Paradise Pkt Vol 6 TP $17.95

AC Comics
Crypt Of Horror Vol 4 TP $24.95
Men Of Mystery #67 $9.95

Active Images
Moritat Elephantmen Sketchbook $20.00
Tim Sale Blues Sketchbook TP $20.00

Adhouse Books
Johnny Hiro #2 $2.95

Adventure House
Phantom Detective Dec 1933 Replica $14.95

Amaze Ink/Slave Labor Graphics
Emo Boy Vol 2 Walk Around With Your Head Down GN $13.95

Antarctic Press
Gold Digger Sourcebook The Official Handbook To The Gold Digger Universe #9 $3.95
Gold Digger Swimsuit End Of Summer Special 2007 $4.50
How To Draw Manga DVD-ROM Vol 2 $29.95
Ninja High School #153 $2.99
Sky Sharks #2 $3.50

Ape Entertainment
Cereal And Pajamas GN $19.99

Atomic Book Company
I Keee You Collection Of Overheards GN $7.95

Avatar Press
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Sacrilege #2 Art Nouveau Cvr $3.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Sacrilege #2 Incentive Cvr $8.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Sacrilege #2 Martin Cvr $3.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Sacrilege #2 Premium Cvr $9.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Sacrilege #2 Reg Cvr $3.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Sacrilege #2 Ryp Cvr $3.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Sacrilege #2 Wrap Cvr $3.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death vs War Angel #1 Gold Foil Cvr $19.99
Brian Pulidos Lady Death Wicked #1/2 Royal Blue Edition $75.00
Garth Ennis Streets Of Glory #1 Reg Cvr $3.99
Garth Ennis Streets Of Glory #1 Wrap Cvr $3.99
Lady Death vs Pandora #1 Auxiliary Cvr $2.99
Night Of The Living Dead Hunger #1 Dont Peek Cvr $5.99

Bluewater Productions
Ray Harryhausen Wrath Of The Titans #1 Sketch Edition $3.50

Bongo Comics
Simpsons Comics #134 $2.99

Broadsword Comics
Tarot Witch Of The Black Rose Vol 5 TP Previews Exclusive Limited Edition $34.99

Classics Illustrated Jr. Publications
Classics Illustrated Special Issue Story Of America SC $14.99

Desperado Publishing
Abandoned Color Edition GN $5.99

Devils Due Publishing
Hack Slash #4 Incentive Tim Seeley Sketch Cover $5.00
Sheena #3 Cvr A Alex Horley $3.50
Sheena #3 Cvr B Mike Bear $3.50
Sheena #3 Cvr C Tim Seeley $3.50

Digital Or Not
Scribblin A – Z Sketchbook By Rik Maki $19.99
Scribblin On Scrap With Rik Maki Sketchbook $19.99

DK Publishing
Warrior A Visual History Of The Fighting Man HC $40.00

Dynamite Entertainment
Battlestar Galactica Season Zero #1 Blank Cover $4.99
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #0 Incentive Frank Cho RRP Cover $50.00
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #0 Incentive Frank Cho Sketch Cover $10.00
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #0 Regular Frank Cho Cover $0.25
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #1 Incentive Frank Cho Sketch Cover $25.00
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #1 Incentive Frank Cho Virgin Cover $15.00
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #1 Regular Adriano Batista Cover $2.99
Frank Chos Jungle Girl #1 Regular Frank Cho Cover $2.99
Red Sonja Vacant Shell Foil Cover $29.99
Red Sonja Vol 4 #25 Blank Cover $4.99

Pussey TP New Printing $9.95

Gagne International Press
Zed #8 $3.50

Gingko Press
Heart And Torch Rick Griffins Transcendence TP $29.95

Guardian Line
Code #4 $2.99
Genesis Five #4 $2.99
Joe & Max #4 $2.99

Harris Comics
Vampirella Quarterly #2 Summer 2007 Limited Al Rio Edition $19.95
Vampirella Quarterly #2 Summer 2007 Limited Dan Brereton Edition $19.95

Hatherleigh Press
Sluggy Freelance Megatome Vol 2 Little Evils TP $24.95

Heroic Publishing
Liberty Comics #1 $4.50

Hero HC $16.99

Instant Press Comics
Distant #1 $2.99

Lightspeed Press
Finder Vol 1 Sin Eater 10th Anniversary HC $29.95

Mad Yak Press
Anarchy For The Masses The Disinformation Guide To The Invisibles TP New Printing $19.95

Witness #1 Cvr A $3.50
Witness #1 Cvr B $5.95

Microcosm Publishing
Distance Makes The Heart Grow Sick SC $16.00
DIY Screenprinting GN $13.00
Invincible Summer An Anthology SC $14.00

Kingdom Hearts Characters Report Vol 2 TP $18.99

Phantom Chronicles Limited Signed & Numbered HC $46.99

Nickelodeon Magazines
Avatar The Last Airbender Magazine #2 Sept Oct 2007 $4.99

Oni Press
Wasteland (Oni Press) #12 $3.50

2000 AD #1551 $4.10
2000 AD #1552 $4.10
Slaine Books Of Invasions Vol 3 HC $27.99

Sanctum Productions
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 9 $12.95
Shadow Double Novel Vol 10 $12.95

Seven Seas Entertainment
Dead Already Manga Vol 1 GN $9.99
He Is My Master Vol 2 GN $9.99
Mr Grieves Vol 1 GN $9.99

Silver Phoenix Entertainment
Mystery Manor Haunted Theatre #1 $2.95

Simon & Schuster
Say Hello To My Little Friend The Quotable Scarface TP $9.95

Stone Bridge Press
Anime Classics Zettai 100 Must See Masterpieces SC $18.95

Studio E3
Gods Of Asgard GN $14.99

Andromeda Stories Vol 1 TP $11.95

Viz Media
Case Closed Vol 19 GN $9.99
Naruto Anime Profiles Episodes 38-80 TP $17.99
Shojo Beat Vol 3 #10 Oct 07 $5.99
TEKKONKINKREET Black & White TP $29.95

Yen Press
With The Light Vol 1 Raising An Autistic Child GN $14.99

Young Readers Archie Comics
Betty & Veronica Boy Trouble Vol 1 TP $7.49
Betty & Veronica Digest #178 $2.49
Jugheads Double Digest #134 $3.69
Sabrina Vol 2 #88 $2.25

Young Readers DC
Scooby Doo Vol 6 #124 $2.25

Young Readers Papercutz
Tales From The Crypt Vol 1 Ghouls Gone Wild HC $12.95
Tales From The Crypt Vol 1 Ghouls Gone Wild TP $7.95

Beast Avengers Statue By Bowen $200.00
Bome Vol 24 Gunbuster 2 Nono PVC Figure $29.99
Classic Peanuts Character #9 Marcie Mini Statue $39.95
Doctor Who Cyber Controller With Guards Gift Set $50.99
Doctor Who Regeneration Action Figure Twin-Pack $25.99
Gundam HCM Pro Akatsuki Complete Set Action Figure $60.99
Marvel Comics Presents Campbell Poster $6.99
Marvel Origins Doctor Doom Statue $70.00
Marvel Select Marvel Zombies Spider-Man Action Figure $19.99
Marvel Super Hero Squad Collectors Pack $39.99
Marvel Super Hero Squad Mega-Pack Assortment Case 200701 TBA
Rocky And Bullwinkle Teeny Weeny Mini Maquette $79.99
Smallville The Complete 6th Season DVD $59.99
Spawn 3-Inch Trading Figures Series 2 Assortment Case TBA
Spider-Man 3 Death Of Eddie Brock Statue $250.00
Spider-Man 3 Super Hero Squad 2-Pack Action Figure Assortment Case 200704 TBA
Star Wars Clone Trooper Wacky Wobbler $11.99
Star Wars Darth Vader Wacky Wobbler $11.99
Star Wars Dejarik Holochess Set Expansion Pack $49.99
Star Wars Hits Basic Action Figure Assortment Case 200704 TBA
Superman Doomsday Animated Movie DVD $19.99
Topps 2007 08 NBA T/C Box TBA
Topps Wacky Packages Series 6 Sticker T/C Box TBA
Transformers Bumblebee Bust $50.00
Transformers Grimlock Bust $60.00
Upper Deck 2007 Legendary Cuts MLB T/C Box TBA

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  1. I am looking for the statuette, below, which was manufactured by Dark Horse c. 2006. Can you provide any suggestions for finding one? Much appreciated.

    Classic Peanuts Character #9 Marcie Mini Statue $39.95

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