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September 27, 2007

Downcounting Presents: Upcatching: A FBB Event in Three Parts (Book I: #32: “Girls Gone Wild”)

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So much to do, so much to say… again, apologies for the delays, I hope no one got bored and bought these books instead of being patient. Welcome to UPCATCHING: A Funnybook Babylon Event in Three Parts!!! For this article, we’ll be catching up with issue 32 is titled “Girls Gone Wild”. Yeah, if they’re not going to put any thought into their titles, neither am I. Part II will take a look at today’s Countdown #31, and Part III this weekend will be a massive exploration of Countdown Tie-In books, aka the Comics Where Things Happen Sometimes. Part III will be exploring two of the most hilarious twist endings of recent memory, so if you haven’t spoiled yourself, get on a search engine or ask at your local comic shop about what happened at the end of Amazons Attack #6 and the Green Arrow/Black Canary Wedding Special. That should give you just about enough time to wrap your head around how ridiculous both of these were, and be prepared to read more about them this weekend. So now, let’s get down to it, Downcounters – MOUNT UP!

September 26, 2007

FBBP #30 – Joeless

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This week we discuss Daniel Clowes, pornographer and how herpes is just not as good thematic device as murder.

This podcast was mixed by Pedro and Fixed by Joe.

September 25, 2007

Pull List Analysis for September 26, 2007

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Not a lot new going on this week; books that you may or may not like continue to come out, and are in the middle of various arcs. I couldn’t think of anything to say about any Marvel books, so Pedro’s gonna pinch-hit on that beat.

Batman 669 coverBlue Beetle 19 coverBatman #669
Grant Morrison & JH Williams III
Blue Beetle #19
John Rogers, Keith Giffen & Rafael Albuquerque

Hey, here are two really enjoyable DC books. Neither are really at a good jumping-on point, but collections are available for both, and Blue Beetle in particular could use the support. I’m just saying, if there’s money burning a hole in your pocket, these books don’t tie into Countdown. I hope.
Superman Confidential #6 (not #7, #6) coverSuperman Confidential #6 $2.99
Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray & Koi Turnbull

Looking for the conclusion of Darwyn Cooke and Tim Sale’s “Kryptonite” story? Sorry, it’s been Heinberged! Apparently we’ll see the final chapter of “Kryptonite” at a later date (possibly in an annual?) while the actual contents of issue six will be what was previously solicited for issue seven, some Graymiotti story about Superman banging a mermaid or something.

September 20, 2007

Trading for the Wait – September 19, 2007

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Not too long ago, the preferred way to reading any comic series was hitting the store every Wednesday to pick it up sequentially. The store had stacks of floppies and if you wanted to catch up to a series, you’ll have to dig into the back issue bin, hopefully finding the issues you needed. However, more and more stuff is getting reprinted in trades to the point that you can wait til a story arc is done to read it. To give you an idea of what’s out there, we present, Trading for the Wait, a weekly round table of reviews on trade paperbacks that you may have missed on your weekly visits. This inaugural version features Funnybook Babylon’s newest addition, Jonathan Bernhardt and reviews for Captain America Omnibus, Justice Society of America, Doctor Thirteen, Silent War and 52 Volume Three.


September 19, 2007

FBBP #29 – Podcast: Arena!

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We got a bit of a surprise for you this week, so even if you don’t like to hear us blather on and on about comics, you absolutely have to listen to the opening of this week’s show, I spent waaaay too much time on it.
Also, we talk:

DC & Random House BFF!
X-Factor: Bitches get Cut edition!
And the Jeph Loeb Happy Hour!


-your friendly neighborhood editor.

September 18, 2007

Downcounting – A Guide for the Perplexed: #33, “Let’s Make a Deal”

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So anyone looking at the August sales charts (shh — don’t tell Jamaal!) might notice that Countdown has experienced an unexpected sales bump. In an even more shocking twist, it turns out that it’s no sales bump — Countdown has been selling better than reported ALL ALONG!

I hear JSA is crossing over with Kingdom ComeAs discussed in the comments of Jamaal’s article, apparently Diamond was underreporting the sales of Countdown because the initial issues were returnable; now that it’s not returnable, we see that it’s actually solidly in the top 20, and one of DC’s only bonafide top-sellers. People, I thought we had a deal. On the subject of Countdown, To paraphrase Jay-Z, Hov’ reads that, so hopefully you won’t have to go through that. And now I find out that there are theoretically another ten thousand or so people who are buying this thing… I know I am but one small voice, but I know I am not alone. It’s harder to find someone who avowedly enjoys this book than someone who trashes it on a regular basis. But there’s clearly a Silent Majority buying this every week, and thrilling at the suspense of whether or not Mary Marvel will Go Evil or Not, whether Anyone Will Ever Find Ray Palmer, and Whether or Not Forerunner is Ever Going to Appear Again. I don’t know what to say. What more can I say?

Too often this is the only “positive” thing people think of when discussing DCWell, I do know one thing to say; let’s keep things positive, and point out that DC released a big chunk of books this week that ranged from decent to really quite good. Black Adam and Booster Gold follow up on characters from the actually-entertaining 52 in ways that might border on “continuity porn” but are at least enjoyable. Kurt Busiek continues his oft-sidetracked “Camelot Falls” story in Superman alongside Carlos Pacheco, and John Ostrander shows that the 1980s are back — in Countdown related mini-series with Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag. Best of all, Dwayne McDuffie makes his in-comic-Justice-League debut on JLA Wedding Special, which does not contain a wedding, but does contain some characterization and set-up that makes me excited to read the next issue of a Justice League comic for the first time since Joe Kelly left. And hell, they just put out Jack Kirby’s Fourth World Omnibus v.2 a couple of weeks ago — not only is it great, but it’s the foundation of half of what DC is doing right now. Why not pick up any of these books next week, in lieu of Countdown? I’ll be right here for you.

Pull List Analysis for September 19, 2007

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Catwoman 70Catwoman Vol 3 #71
Will Pfeifer & David Lopez

CHRIS: Will Pfeifer and a variety of talented artists have been putting out a solid book in Catwoman, and as near as I can tell no one has really noticed. After a year or so of stories involving improbably-cool-revamped-D-list-villains trying to get revenge on Catwoman by going after her infant child, this issue promises to address this, thankfully before such a plot device got tiresome. It’s a shame that more people know him as the guy that did triage on Amazons Attack than a fitting replacement for Ed Brubaker on this book. Lopez’s art on this title is a lot more polished and less rubbery on this book than it was in his Countdown issue, although I am starting to worry there is some sort of aura around that book that just makes me find flaws with things that aren’t terrible. Then I read another issue of Countdown.

7983_400×600.jpgCheckmate Vol 2 #18
Greg Rucka & Joe Bennett

DAVID: Greg Rucka’s final solo arc on the title (before the advent of new series co-writer Eric S. Trautmann, from last month’s one-off “Firewall”), “Fall of the Wall,” begins as the Suicide Squad are “introduced” for the third fucking time this month, months after they were unofficially introduced in Countdown and All Flash, and then Mike Carlin denied they were the Suicide Squad.
But anyways.
This book continues to fulfill its mandate as the Queen & Country of the DC Universe while still maintaining its own flavor and the kind of strong character work Rucka is known for, scans_daily coal-rakings be damned. This book has had a bad track record of intrusive fill-ins, but this seems to be largely curbed with this arc and the arrival of Trautmann, so it’s a tentative strong point of DC’s upcoming week.

Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding SpecialGreen Arrow Black Canary Wedding Special
Judd Winick & Amanda Conner

CHRIS: This is it! Green Arrow dies! I mean, uh, gets married! Or apparently just kidnapped. BY DARKSEID! Or something. I don’t know, at least the art by Amanda Conner should be good, though the previews I’ve seen aren’t as enjoyable as most of her other recent work. Maybe it’s some sort of looming joykiller casting a pall over anything related to Countdown.
DAVID: Winick’s Green Arrow run really found new life after One Year Later, and although it kind of dropped off after that I think there’s still enough juice left in Winick’s take on Ollie to justify another few issues. Then again, there’s the blatantly telegraphed threat of death, offset by the implication of kidnapping via this week’s solicits. So although this is a wedding issue, I really have absolutely no fucking idea what to expect from its contents at this point — or, well, an idea, but certainly nothing predictable and concrete. And I’m sure it’ll suffer from people who bought last week’s Justice League Wedding Special and got frustrated, because of the numerous people who thought that was the wedding special — and the people who didn’t buy it because they thought it had nothing to do with Justice League. Ah well. A total wildcard.

Hitman JLA #1JLA Hitman #1
Garth Ennis & John McCrea

CHRIS: Hey, it’s a two issue mini-series reuniting the Hitman creative team! Awesome! Maybe now DC will get the rest of the original series in print! I am pretty sure this doesn’t tie into Countdown but at this point I’m not certain I can make any promises about that.

Captain America 30Captain America Vol 5 #30
Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting & Mike Perkins

CHRIS: Thanks to Marvel’s First Look program, I got a chance to read this over the weekend. If this issue was recapped by R. Kelly, there are four moments, bare minimum, that would warrant R. to materialize and go “ohh shit”. If you haven’t been reading this run on Captain America, this is your lucky week as you can pick up the Captain America Omnibus featuring this team’s first twenty five issues this week, too. It’s consistently been one of the most entertaining superhero/action comics of the past few years, and is chock full of dramatic moments that are actually earned by the story, not just by in-built nostalgia.
DAVID: This series has been exemplary from the get-go, and really, Chris’s vetting alone is enough to justify this in my eyes.

Marvel Comics Presents v2 #1Marvel Comics Presents Vol 2 #1
Marc Guggenheim & Dave Wilkins, Richard Koslowski & Andrea Di Vito, Stuart & Katherine Immonen, Stuart Moore & Clayton Henry, Nelson

CHRIS: Marvel returns to the anthology stakes this week. The two stories here that stick out for me are the Immonens’ Hellcat serial, which has been previewed here and there and looks like a lot of fun. Also of note, perhaps more as a curiosity than a surefire crowd pleaser is Rich Koslowski’s maiden voyage into big-time superhero publishing, a twelve-part story following up on the new Guardian character from Omega Flight and New Avengers. An odd choice for someone better known for doing comedic material like 3 Geekls/Geeksville, but it could prove interesting. In the main slot is another Marc Guggenheim Wolverine story for fans of that sort of thing, and there are some one-off Spider-Man and Thing stories from Moore/Henry and Nelson that look kind of cute. It’s not a bad lineup, but for anthologies are always a tough sell, especially in an era where more and more people (including myself) are shifting towards purchasing trades.

wwhulk004.jpgWorld War Hulk #4
Greg Pak & John Romita Jr.

DAVID: This incredibly strong mainstream event – and breakout work for writer Greg Pak – reaches its penultimate installment in an issue that, from all appearances, at least seems to have massive repurcussions on Doctor Strange, not to mention the titular Hulk himself. Speaking of whom, recent news indicates that he’s going to get two stories come the beginning of 2008, published in vague formats — one the third part of Greg Pak’s “Hulk trilogy”, a 12-part epic with Carlo Pagulayan; the other, likely a visceral smashfest by Jeph Loeb & Ed McGuinness. The character’s future aside, given Marvel’s lack of complete overstatement recently, I’d say their promises of a major event in this issue are pretty likely to be delivered on.

Apocalypse Nerd #5Apocalypse Nerd #5
Peter Bagge

CHRIS: This is Peter “Hate” Bagge’s latest series, which is coming out really sporadically from Dark Horse. Two normal schlubs head out to the woods for a relaxing long weekend, and then there’s a huge nuclear war. The two attempt to survive, in the least heroic ways possible. I am behind on this series, and have only picked up the first two issues (which came out like two years ago!) but they were fun, and I have faith in Bagge for just about anything.

Streets of Glory #1Garth Ennis’s Streets Of Glory #1
Garth Ennis & Mike Wolfer

CHRIS: Everything Garth Ennis writes seems to neccesarily be full of ultraviolence. I’m okay with that. Sometimes the ultraviolence is straight, sometimes it’s mixed with grossout potty humor, and sometimes it’s mixed with sort of “male bonding” sort of sentiment. I have a lot of time for the latter, not so much for the former. The preview for this sort of suggests it might veer towards sentiment rather than having a dude whose face looks like a tit or something, so I’m cautiously optimistic. I say that a lot on here, don’t I?

September 13, 2007

Sales Figures: Threat or Menace?

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Numbers make everything appear more concrete. We can all have positions on subjects or opinions about issues, but with data that could be interpreted to confirm our conclusions, our complaints as fans magically transform into sober critiques by objective analysts. This behavior is most prevalent in our cultural industries, where fans are constantly struggling to find tools to assess the quality of and understand the product in an objective manner. We all want to say more than “I don’t like that movie/book/comic because it didn’t appeal to me.” We want to be able to judge the product in a manner that is superficially fair and disinterested, especially if the facts just happen to correlate with our deeply held beliefs.

September 11, 2007

FBBP #28 – Review: Jason Aaron at Vertigo

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theotherside.jpgThis weekend I was working on a cooking show, Jamaal and Pedro were watching the Flamingos win a championship and Chris was landing in Sunset Park. So we decided to treat you guys to a review recorded a few weeks ago. We discuss two books recent Vertigo titles by Jason Aaron: Scalped The Other Side.Scalped

September 10, 2007

Pull List Analysis for September 12, 2007

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CHRIS: Not a lot to talk about this week. A couple of new creative teams, a couple new series, but for the most part books are just chugging along — and speaking of chugging along, you may have noticed that there has been some slightly spotty output here at FBB. Part of the blame for that falls on both David and I moving at the beginning of the month. We’re both settled in now, so for the foreseeable future there AIN’T GONNA BE NO STOPPIN’ US! We puttin’ the pull list analysis down!

7938_400×600.jpgBooster Gold #2
Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz & Dan Jurgens

DAVID: The last issue of this was a huge hit with fans and, well, pretty much everybody, a textbook example of how to do a big-scope DC book while keeping style, heart and flava – as well as how to write a fun continuity romp without it turning into an exercise in masturbation. This issue looks to continue the trend. Good on you, DC – for once.

7945_400×600.jpgJLA Wedding Special
Dwayne McDuffie & Mike McKone

DAVID: The preview of this is up on Newsarama, and it looks fantastic — however, I don’t think it’s going to receive the popularity or sales it deserves, because DC for some inconceivable reason married it to the Green Arrow/Black Canary wedding, ensuring tanked sales because a lot of people who like JLA don’t give a fuck about no wedding. And since this is really just the first issue of McDuffie’s run, a whole bunch of people will miss it because of wedding apathy. Awesome, DC!
CHRIS: I am going to savor every non-Benes drawn page of McDuffie JLA, even if it ties into the White Man’s Answer to Storm/Black Panther.

Suicide Squad: Raise the Flag #1
John Ostrander & Javier Pina

CHRIS: After pretending they weren’t back for months, DC revealed that those guys running around together, who all used to be members of the Suicide Squad, taking missions the Suicide Squad would take, and working for the former head of the Suicide Squad are in fact… THE SUICIDE SQUAD! This went down in Outsiders #50, which was more pleasant than it had any right to be, stuck in the mire of Countdown. And now, a week later, comes an eight issue series from the fellow who wrote the original Suicide Squad series, John Ostrander. That gives me hope this will rise above the muck of the books it’s associated with, as Ostrander can spin a ripping yarn. But then I remember that Ostrander’s most recent work has been “Grotesk” in Batman and a couple of really mercenary World War III one-shots. Still, I’m cautiously optimistic — prove Sick Boy wrong, Jon! Show him you’ve still got it!
FAKE UPDATE: I just re-read the preview where it talks about how “a new Suicide Squad is created to play a key role in the DCU’s ever-evolving future!” and noticed the tag-line for the posters for the series say that “SOME VILLAINS TAKE DIFFERENT PATHS ON THE ROAD TO SALVATION” — I just hope that this set-up for Countdown/Salvation Run doesn’t overwhelm the rest of the story.

dd100.jpgDaredevil #100
Ed Brubaker & Michael Lark w/Everyone

DAVID: Brubaker’s fourth arc, “Without Fear,” kicks off in high gear spinning straight out of the shocking events at the end of #99, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Recent Wikipedia search-criteria champion Mr. Fear is gonna fuck Matt Murdock up, and his emotions, and his wife, and he’s bringing like every good Daredevil artist with him to make you nostalgic while he does it. Likely to be a fantastic read.

thor003variant.jpgThor #3
J. Michael Straczynski & Olivier Coipel

DAVID: In this issue, the God of Thunder fights poverty, government inaction, apathy and the spectre of Hurricane Katrina. Also, some douchebag in a metal suit. I’ve always thought that addressing real-world issues in a fictional universe where a stretchy grey-haired dude can threaten to kill himself and a purple planet-eater at the same time was kind of stretching things, but hey, JMS doesn’t agree. Basically, this looks to be more of the same hamfisted political “commentary” that permeated his Civil War books. Hopefully, it’ll quickly switch back to the far more interesting Asgardian God-search thing JMS has going on, because I care about that fantastical shit a lot more than Thor pretending to be Kanye West.
CHRIS: Copiel’s art is gorgeous, and the whole new status quo for the Asgardians is intriguing (although who knows if that credit goes to JMS or to Gaiman/Millar/whoever else was slated to write this book over the past couple of years). But if someone could put a moratorium on JMS writing anything even remotely related to Civil War or political allegories, I will give them a free punch at me at the next comic convention. This offer extends to you, JMS!

ultpwr7.jpgUltimate Power #7
Jeph Loeb & Greg Land

DAVID: The most disastrous creative team in history begins the ruination of the Ultimate Universe HERE! Get on board, fanboys!
CHRIS: After six pornface-filled issues of middling story success, the two architects of the Ultimate and (current) Squadron Supreme universe step aside for what Jeph Loeb is describing as a “great jumping on point” for those who don’t want to wait for the trade, a “passion project”, “fun” and “Return of the King, not Return of the Jedi”. I predict a lot of big splash pages and some “homages” to classic scenes for Land to trace.


September 7, 2007

Downcounting – A Guide for the Perplexed: #35 & #34 DOUBLESHOT

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SPECIAL DOWNCOUNTING NOTE OF APOLOGY: Time waits for no man — and Countdown is certainly a relentless juggernaut, not unlike Time. In the past week I’ve moved and had my desktop computer die in transit. On top of traditional Labor Day festivities, this has made for an unconscionably late Downcounting. For reasons I do not fully understand, people are reading Downcounting, and I would hate to see people get frustrated by the pecadillos of my personal life and break down and actually buy Countdown, so I am posting a doubleshot right now, quick and dirty – no awesome Deviantart images, no satellite titles – that will all come later this weekend. I am posting this from Union Square! It’s so futuristic, I should be eating Dippin’ Dots while I post this! So enjoy this doubleshot of recapping THE NARRATIVE SPINE OF THE DC UNIVERSE! I know I am using a lot of all-caps, but that’s just to cover up for the fact that I won’t get a chance to talk about all of the other issues that tie into Countdown and the larger issues they raise until later. Look, more ALL-CAPS!


September 5, 2007

FBBP #27 – This Comic Shop is Unicorn Accessible

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This Week!

We play, Save the Comics industry! (from who?), We pontificate about numbers a bit, and manage to do the IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

*spoiler alert*

We DON’T TALK ABOUT DC EDITORIAL! At least not directly. Well, sorta.

Jamaal: “Let’s assume for the sake of the argument that they’re reasonable people who actually want to sell their comics and that they’re really trying.”

Enjoy. Let us know what you think.

September 4, 2007

Pull List Analysis for September 6, 2007

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We got a sweet delay until Thursday this week thanks to Labor Day and the resulting postal holiday. So.

7954_400×600.jpgInfinity Inc. #1
Peter Milligan & Max Fiumara

This is a really intriguing book for a number of reasons. First of all, Max Fiumara is a relatively unknown talent with a pretty strong portfolio and track record. Second of all, this is a really offbeat title from Peter Milligan, who excels at this shit far more than his more-widely-read mainstream work on X-Men and last week’s Batman Annual might make you believe. On top of all of that, it’s a 52 followup, and we’re about 3.5 to 4 on those (the .5 for Black Adam), so it’s in tall company. This could be a by-the-numbers superhero book or a unique, eclectic addiction to the DC Universe. It all depends on how much freedom Milligan gets.

7985_400×600.jpgMetal Men #2 (of 8)
Duncan Rouleau

The last issue of this was an incredibly pleasant surprise – a fun, far-out sci-fi epic with a taut emotional center. Rouleau’s art, while sometimes unpopular on other books, is a perfect fit on this material and the veteran artist’s mainstream outing as a writer was really impressive, effectively building on the vision of Magnus in 52. More than any other book with the credit, this one actually feels – in a good way – like the ideas had contributions from Grant Morrison.

7989_400×600.jpgOutsiders #50
Tony Bedard & Matthew Clark

This is really a #0 issue for next month’s new ongoing Batman and the Outsiders, with former writer Judd Winick going off to do Teen Titans East. It’s also, probably, a sort of epilogue to last month’s Outsiders: Five of a Kind “event.” As such, it’s likely to be a transitory issue where Bedard’s Batman continues to be more of a dick (I thought we were going to fix this problem?) and maybe lets Aquaman back in or something, who knows. Winick’s take on this book was at least entertaining in its shameless sleaziness; this new direction looks like another highway straight into Countdown hell.

azmsm544.jpgAmazing Spider-Man #544
J. Michael Straczynski & Joe Quesada

Oh snap, it’s the 400-pound-gorilla! The second genie! The most foreshadowed and hyped event since House of M #3! In all seriousness, this is easily the biggest release of the week in terms of visibility and, God knows, possibility for controversy. They should have published this at the same time as Zimmerman’s Rawhide Kid; I’d be interested to see whether they got more hate mail from Spidey-Marriage fans or gay-bashers. Anyways, this is the first part of the final chapter of Straczynski’s pretty damn epic run – six years, an impressive feat for the first mainstream work from a TV crossover – and it’s been hyped as having huge repurcussions for Spidey’s world, likely to “fix” Quesada’s “problem” with the marriage. Whether this is telegraphing of an obvious event or an elaborate fakeout remains to be seen, but there’s no doubt that this is going to be – at least in the short-term – a pretty important event, leading to the thrice-monthly Brand New Day initiative.

shehulk021.jpgShe-Hulk #21
Dan Slott, Ty Templeton & Rick Burchett

The final issue of Slott’s fairly epic and character-reinvigorating run finally arrives before Peter David & Shawn Moll (could this be the beginning of Marvel stealing DC’s standout 52 pencillers much like they did with Seven Soldiers?) take over the book next month. Last issue, She-Hulk saved the regular Marvel Universe from being replaced by the Ultimate, and this issue appears to center around using alternate universe tourists to solve continuity problems. Methinks Slott has taken continuity humor too far.

d_9781427754943.jpgKaplan SAT ACT Psycomm Vol 1 TP $9.99
Kaplan SAT ACT Van Von Hunter Vol 1 TP $9.99
Kaplan SAT ACT Warcraft The Sunwell Trilogy Vol 1 Dragon Hunt TP $9.99

I’d just like to mention that these are, from what I could gather, manga and videogame novels with SAT vocabulary words highlighted and sold by Kaplan. Honestly, I’d love to have been at the meeting where this was proposed. If fifteen- and sixteen-year-olds can’t learn SAT words without having them narrated by Bath’szfor, Grand Orc Wizard, our society is fucked.

Full list after the jizzump.

September 2, 2007

A Random Comic off the Rack, or Adventures as a Mythical Unicorn.

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Usually, I only buy trades by big name authors and artists, and can’t be bothered to care about which alien species tried to conquer Earth 72 in a comic published twenty years ago.

On a whim, I decided that this week I would pick up a random comic. If you’ve listened to the podcast, you’ll know that Pedro acts as a filter, pointing me towards the comics that he believes that I’m most likely to enjoy. Unfortunately, he seems to think that I’m some sort of crazy snob, so he usually gives me highbrow comics with lesbians pontificating about Joyce when my only wish is that Busiek and Nord never left Conan in the hands of creators who were less than capable. Thankfully Greg Pak took over, cut Conan’s Hair and sent him to some weird planet, it’s just too bad the colorist fucked up and made him green.

So I closed my eyes and grabbed a comic. In my hands materialized Wetworks #12 by J.M. DeMatteis and Joel Gomes, coming from the Wildstorm imprint.


I became the Mythical Unicorn that is the new comic reader grabbing some comic and reading it… and I was surprised.

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