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August 14, 2007

Pull List Analysis for August 15, 2007

Filed under: Pull List Analysis — David Uzumeri @ 11:31 am

CHRIS ECKERT: Whoomp, there it is — a Tag Team Pull List Analysis! Sadly, this is not a day simply for Miami Bass nostalgia…

DAVID UZUMERI: Rest in peace, Mike Wieringo. Your work is going to influence generations of writers and artists to come. From everything I’ve read, you were too humble to realize your own influence — I think now it’s too obvious to deny.

7820_400×600.jpgBlack Canary #4
Tony Bedard & Paulo Siqueira

DAVID: This issue is either going to be boring or incredibly, incredibly creepy. The last issue ended in a cliffhanger with Sin, Dinah’s adopted daughter/sister, seemingly dead. The cover of #4 is Sin’s gravestone. Now, this could be a gigantic fakeout — or they actually could be killing off a six year old kid to facilitate Dinah and Ollie’s marriage, making it the funniest/meanest/most unnecessary Didio Wall of Death addition ever.

7778_400×600.jpgBooster Gold #1
Geoff Johns, Jeff Katz & Dan Jurgens

DAVID: Creator Dan Jurgens draws the triumphant return of Booster Gold to, well, I guess pi-list status? I don’t even know what to call him anymore. Either way, this looks to be a pivotal book that reintroduces something long gone from the DCU (outside of a Gail Simone or John Rogers book): fun.

CHRIS: I’m not sure why it has taken DC so long to capitalize on the success of 52 with genuine follow-ups to the series’s concepts (as opposed to just making another weekly comic), but after last week’s Black Adam: The Dark Age here is another one, The whole “Hero of the Timeline/Multiverse” angle they’re pitching in interviews sounds like it could be ripping fun, or it could be a string of fan-service guest appearances and silly retcons. I am hoping for the former, but with comics newcomer Jeff “I still admit to producing Snakes on a Plane” Katz on board, I fear it will veer into the latter. But then again John Rogers went from Crappy Movies to Fun Comics, so maybe there are a bunch of talented young souls out there in California, getting their souls ground down by The Hollywood Machine, and funnybooks are a window into their heartlights.

8059_400×600.jpgFlash #231
Mark Waid & Daniel Acuna

DAVID: Mark Waid is back, motherfuckers, for… an indeterminate amount of time… to tell some stories about Wally West and his kids, who (judging from the preview at Newsarama) totally steal the show. This is likely to be the most talked-about book of the week, judging by the buzz around All Flash — I guess tomorrow we’ll find out how much more Mark has to say about these characters. Probably quite a bit. And hopefully he can stick around — or, if not, give the book to his buddy John Rogers.

CHRIS: I had a big explanation of how we came to Flash v2 #231 written up, but then I realized that no one is paying attention now that wasn’t a year ago. I’m not really sure why DC felt all this jumping around was a good idea, but this is effectively the first issue of a new run by Mark Waid, who is usually good for some entertaining and accessible superduping. Of course, he’s also rumored to only be writing Flash for four issues. And it’s got the vagina monster cover that had the blogosphere talking a few months ago. But it could be good! Perhaps even as good as Lily!

Good as LilyGood as Lily
Derek Kirk Kim & Jesse Hamm

CHRIS: Haw haw, I am a regular Alan Moore! Here’s a Minx book I read awhile ago. I think I liked it better than my fellow FBB editors, although clearly none of us (and probably no one reading this site) is the target audience. I don’t think Jesse Hamm’s art conveys the core conceit of the book quite as well as it ought to, or as well as Kim’s cover, but overall it was a pretty fun YA story with a relatively original twist on that forgotten genre of age/body swapping comedies. When I was a kid there was a whole rash of them: Big, 18 Again, Vice Versa, Like Father, Like Son… holy crap, there were a lot of them. Where did they go? If you miss this type of film, Good as Lily is better than any of them. Except maybe Big. I miss FAO Schwartz.

7825_400×600.jpgJustice League of America #12
Brad Meltzer & Ed Benes

DAVID: Thank the Lord, the Year of Boredom is over. Maybe next month the JLA can finally hit somebody — but this week, more of Red Tornado’s Robot Emo Festival. Maybe eventually he can get Magnus to fit him some emo glasses.
CHRIS: You’re forgetting the best part, the solicitations promise that the Year of Boredom will end in a cliffhanger! Seriously, Meltzer is ending his run on a cliffhanger, after eleven issues where practically nothing has happened. How does he get away with this? Anyway, I am betting the number of crying superheroes in this issue will be under five, but over two. Red Tornado is a given. Next issue, Dwayne McDuffie takes over, which excites the old Milestone fanboy in me.

frndsm023.jpgFriendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #23
Peter David & Todd Nauck

DAVID: This is the last “real” issue of the title (#24 is a One More Day installment), so adios to PAD. This is rendered way more sad by the fact that this was the late Mike Wieringo’s book at launch. Again — you’ll be missed.
CHRIS: Peter David, who has been “Good Peter David” over in X-Factor lately has never really gotten out of his “Bad Peter David” groove in his two years on FNSM. That’s a shame, as Good Peter David can be quite good superhero fare, while Bad Peter David is full of self-indulgent continuity porn, grating in-jokes and pop culture references, and an overall air of dispiritedness due to editorial interference. His run has certainly been hit with a series of editorial mandates — The Other, Iron Spider, Civil War, Peter Parker Unmasked, and now Back in Black — but even when he’s had some leeway to do his own thing, his own thing has tended to be dredging up Spider-Man 2099 supporting characters, Deb Whitman, and trying to sort out what happened to Mysterio III, a question that literally no one was asking. This final issue’s concept suggests we might get a shot at some Good Peter David: Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson have their first real encounter after Peter’s gone public as Spider-Man. I mean, it may devolve into Tobey Maguire jokes, I have no idea. But if it doesn’t, it could be nice.

Spider-Man Family #4Spider-Man Family #4
Jeff Parker & Leonard Kirk

CHRIS: Jeff Parker writes fun comics. He’s been writing most of those goofy-in-a-good-way issues of Marvel Adventures books like the one where all the Avengers became MODOKs, and he also wrote last year’s largely unappreciated Agents of Atlas mini-series. The lead story in this comic re-teams Parker with his Agents collaborator Leonard Kirk, as Spider-Man meets up with the Agents of Atlas. Then the rest of it is a bunch of unidentified reprints, I guess? The lead story should be fun.

terrorinc1.jpgTerror, Inc. #1
David Lapham & Patrick Zircher

DAVID: David Lapham (Stray Bullets, Tales of the Unexpected) brings his unique writing sensibilities to the most dapper and fucked-up mercenary/bounty hunter/whatever alive/dead/undead, chops off some whiskers, and brings a monumentally improved and self-inked Patrick Zircher (Cable & Deadpool, Iron Man) with him. This looks to be a complex, dirty and fun miniseries that unfortunately nobody will read.

CHRIS: I wish Lapham would get back to doing Stray Bullets, I love that series. I also don’t fully understand how Terror, Inc. — who spun out of the all-but-forgotten Shadowline series of comics at EPIC, and couldn’t really support a series back when Grim N Gritty sold like hotcakes — is really crying out in need of a revamp. That said, good to see Lapham getting his bills paid, and this looks like it’s going to be enjoyable.

ultsm_112.jpgUltimate Spider-Man #112
Brian Michael Bendis & Stuart Immonen

DAVID: Immonen and von Grawbadger’s first full issue as “The Death of a Goblin” starts up. The Ultimate Universe is going through a number of changes in the future; will any of them start here or affect this book? I guess we get to find out…

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