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July 27, 2007

8 Comic Series that should be collected/reprinted long before Monolith.

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I just don’t get DC at all lately. Yesterday at DC’s Countdown Panel a fan asked Palmiotti about Monolith, who had a short lived series in 2004. Palmiotti let us know they were hopeful to use him in another book down the line. However, Dan DiDio said they’re hoping to collect the Monolith series sometime soon.


Are you fucking mental? Don’t you realize there is a ton of material out there that has sold better or has a higher cult status than Graymiotti’s insanely obscure pet character? It started at 16,640 issues and the last issue sold 7,753. That’s horrible. For gawd sakes, Omega Man did better than that.

But we’re all here to help Dan and the gang out. So that’s why I’m suggesting 8 separate series that they should try to collect before Monolith. I assure you’ll that they will sell better than two trades of that book would.

1) Hitman #28-60.
The number one eye roller on this list. The fan base is demanding that they finish collecting the series. The fact that you can’t even pick up the Eisner award winning issue in trade is horrible. Hitman is getting another chance with the 2 issue mini that costars the JLA but more trades are still up in the air.

2) Starman : Wicked Inclination and Starman #36, 42, 44, 46, 54, 74, 80-page Giant.
A beloved fan favorite that is completely in trade except… well trade 3 is out of print. Dc has a preview of the trade on their site but good fucking luck tracking down a copy that sells for less than 40 dollars. I can’t get anyone into this series since the third trade is unavailable, it feels a bit wrong to suggest a book they cannot conceivably own. I lucked out and own all 10 of the books but there seems to be about a trades worth of stuff that I may never get to read.

3) Justice League International #13-50 and Justice League Europe #1-28.

This one is a head scratching too, considering that DC has been teasing us with these characters for the last 2 years. That Maxwell Lord guy who was evil, that Fire chick who is a Knight in Checkmate, that Booster Gold who is getting his own ongoing, or that Guy Gardner Lantern who is a featured player in Green Lantern Corps all started here. Even Lord Havok, who is a big to do in Countdown, had a first appearance in the JLE series! DC is strip mining both these books for ideas and they don’t even think the fans are interested in reading this stuff? This is why people pirate comics DC, to read things like this that they have no access too. You are throwing away good money.

4) Major Bummer #1-#15.
This book is not only a cult classic but also the art is done by an artist that is doing work on a high profile Black Adam series.

5) Firestorm vol. 4 #14-22, #28-32.
This one sold tons better than Monolith through its whole run. The character is going to get a bigger role on one of the team books very soon, so I can see renewed interest.

6) Chase #1-9.
JH. Williams the III does the interiors in a self contained story that is actually really important to the current Manhunter series.

7) Aztek: The Ultimate Man #1-10.
Mark Millar and Grant Morrison. Two of the best selling authors of the last year have a book out that you will never ever be able to read.

8) Plastic Man vol. 2 #15-20.
The number of Eisner’s this series has won doesn’t explain why we’ll never see this arc in trade. One of the most fun things that’s been out for years.

I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. I imagine the rest of you guys can suggest some other books for DC to print before Monolith.


  1. Nice article. I’d also suggest some good old Ostrander stuff, like volume 3 of Firestorm, his Spectre series, and the Suicide Squad. Not to mention v3 and 4 of LSH, but I imagine that the only other fans of those runs are Keith Giffen’s family (especially volume 4).

    Comment by Jamaal Thomas — July 27, 2007 @ 3:41 pm

  2. Ostrander’s Suicide Squard is actually getting a Showcase edition, the first volume comes out November 14.

    Comment by Hoatzin — July 27, 2007 @ 8:53 pm

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