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July 22, 2007

The Numbers…

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So, I was looking at the DC Numbers sales for the Blue Beetle are down, and the ‘cross over’ with a lackluster series that Chris is currently reading for all of us (much like Christ died for our sins), and I had an strange reaction.

06/2006: Blue Beetle #4 — 38,622 (- 7.4%)
07/2006: Blue Beetle #5 — 35,490 (- 8.1%)
08/2006: Blue Beetle #6 — 33,181 (- 6.5%)
09/2006: Blue Beetle #7 — 29,079 (-12.4%)
10/2006: –
11/2006: Blue Beetle #8 — 25,861 (-11.1%)
11/2006: Blue Beetle #9 — 23,785 (- 8.0%)
12/2006: Blue Beetle #10 — 21,358 (-10.2%)
01/2007: Blue Beetle #11 — 19,865 (- 7.0%)
02/2007: Blue Beetle #12 — 18,555 (- 6.6%)
03/2007: Blue Beetle #13 — 17,653 (- 4.9%)
04/2007: Blue Beetle #14 — 17,167 (- 2.8%)
05/2007: Blue Beetle #15 — 16,906 (- 1.5%)
06/2007: Blue Beetle #16 — 17,016 (+ 0.7%)
6 months: -20.3%
1 year : -55.9%

The series, despite being very very good, has had the usual attrition rate on sales, is teetering on that magic number where the series doesn’t seem likely to continue for too long, if the usual attrition rates continue. While this recent crossover, seems to have stopped the hemorrhaging of readers, or (hopefully, but not likely) the book is just hitting the the bottom of the sine-wave of the continuing books.

So, I guess I just want to say, which is probably a very common lament, is how could a well thought out fun superhero comic be so completely overshadowed by such a god awful crossover?

While it may not be fair, and at the risk of sounding like a rabid fanboy, I’m going to join the chorus of people blaming DC editorial. Why are you pushing a book so incomprehensible, and so bad, and letting your only good ones languish? Why is it that you have ads allover your books pushing a incomprehensible awful weekly (ok that part I somewhat understand) and it’s awful tie ins (that part I don’t).

To the editors I say this: I think you are mis-understanding what your jobs are as editors. You are not ‘show runners’ of the DC Universe TV show, and you are not . You are EDITORS, your job is to find talented writers and artists, hire them, and let them do what is interesting. You are not ‘grand designers of the DC universe’ and in fact it’s not your job to be.

Your job is to make sure that the writing and art is good, coherent, on schedule and free from too many continuity errors. I know finding (and keeping!) competent writers and artists, getting books on time, and keeping quality and continuity isn’t a glamorous job, but someone’s gotta do it.

Dan Didio really is the Brian Cashman of the Comic World.

PS: It is quite possible that there’s something I’m missing here…

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