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July 9, 2007

I’m so happy Blue Beetle is in that other 25%.

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It’s A me Dan Didio

We’re really not a linkblog but reading this interview with Dan Didio at The ComicBloc, I’m left speechless. I’m also technically not supposed to gripe about Didio publicly after my promise on the podcast. I’m just gonna hit you with this quote.

ELM: Before the interview, I went back to look at the press release from when you were hired in 2002, part of your job description was going to be “story development.” Touching on your previous statement, would you say that this entails more general, overall development regarding the DCU line?

DD: Yeah, we are in a position right now where we have a direction in what we are trying to do for the DCU and we have an overarching story that we’re trying to tell. I’d say about 75% of the concepts that are being created are editorially driven. And realistically, at that point, we are trying to figure out bringing in the best people for the job. One of the tougher aspects of the job is waiting for people to pitch you ideas, you know? And I’ve found that a lot of times some people hesitate to pitch me an idea because they think somebody else might be working on it, so, you might miss out on an idea there. And then you also might miss out when a character comes free, you might get four to six different pitches from four to six really incredible and competent writers and they all might be slight variations from each other so you’re always left in the position of trying to determine what is the better one. It just turns into a pushing and pulling match. And, we look at it this way, we know we have certain characters and certain ideas, this way we can really just go out and hire the best people for the job and that is something that I really look forward to.

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  1. Since we’re retracting things, I have to retract some of the things that I’ve said on the podcast about the whole Didio situation. It is rapidly becoming clear that he has a completely inappropriate level of involvment in the titles that he oversees. Although I’m always interested in evaluating the “Big Two” in a balanced way, Didio makes it really difficult. We all know that editorial involvement in storylines is a feature of corporate comics, but he’s establishing a system where he’s writing the DC Universe by proxy. The worst part is that he doesn’t see anything wrong with this.

    Comment by Jamaal — July 9, 2007 @ 2:05 pm

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